6 LearnDash Extensions to take on this 2019!

LearnDash happens to be, hands down, the most sought-after WordPress LMS out there. And rightly so. It’s easy to use, extremely flexible and comes with a bunch of really great features and integrations that allow you to effectively create and manage your eLearning portal. And, that’s not the best part. LearnDash’s real strength lies in […]

Top 8 LearnDash Add-Ons for an e-University Website

Ever since the days when the traditional education system was the only school we knew, everyone wished for a way they could get to learn the same subjects while sitting at home. High tuition fees and other expenses of traveling and accommodation had to be borne if you chose to relocate to a university far […]

You (Yes You!) Can Make a Great eLearning Video in 5 Easy Steps

You (Yes You!) Can Make a Great eLearning Video in 5 Easy Steps It’s official: video is king in nearly every aspect of our lives. We don’t just watch TV anymore; we binge watch. We share cat videos from Facebook. And if we want to learn something, we head straight to YouTube. And it isn’t […]

6 Proven Tips to Get the Most Out of Your LMS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are all the rage today with students choosing virtual classrooms over brick-and-mortar, and hundreds of websites offering thousands of courses on just about anything under the sun (sometimes even for free). But what sets a good online course apart from hundreds of others? A good LMS, yes; but more importantly, a […]

10 Ways to Incorporate Learning from Day One

10 Ways to Incorporate Learning from Day One “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” — Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO Incorporating learning and development into the work environment —especially for new hires— is essential to not only motivate employees but to also put […]