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Tovuti is an award-winning LMS that comes with all the features users want and much more. The system is versatile, with many ways to create a unique learning experience. Users can build lessons with 44 content creation tools. Add 360-degree images, interactive videos, whiteboards, and much more. Create user groups, resource libraries, and course catalogs with white label branding. Integrate with your favorite apps and bring in third-party content. Tovuti does it all in one user-friendly system.

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Tovuti LMS

Tovuti Learning Management System Review

Tovuti LMS is an all-in-one eLearning solution built with the user in mind. The system includes virtual classes with breakout rooms and whiteboards. Users can monetize by selling courses alone or in bundles or by charging registration fees for webinars and events. Users can issue certificates of completion, build interactive videos, and much more all without coding. The award-winning system includes top-notch support with optional services and complete white labeling. Does Tovuti LMS have what your organization needs to train better?

Tovuti LMS Puts the User and Culture First

When it comes to development, a company’s priorities show through in the finished product. This holds true with Tovuti LMS. The system feels like a platform built for the user. The features list is long and gives users plenty of room for creativity.

Customization is appealing, but only if an LMS can provide it without adding too many layers of complexity. Many of today’s professionals want a platform that lets them do it all without spending hours learning to code.

Tovuti’s website claims that the LMS is the “zenfully easy way to” engage learners, train teams, and create courses. Does it live up to those expectations while staying true to its commitment to the user experience?

What Do You Get with Tovuti LMS?

One thing that newcomers will notice is that Tovuti LMS has a generous features list. The system can do a lot, from administrative tasks to monetization and integration. There’s a lot to unpack here, and luckily, Tovuti LMS provides plenty of information and documentation for potential users who are curious. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out the features listed here to see if Tovuti has what you need.

  • Organize User Groups

User groups make it easy to organize teams and supply the right level of access to everyone. Groups can be created based on any criteria. Separate the organization by department, location, or job role. Users can also create tiers of employees within a department or team. Group membership will determine what material the user can access and what courses are delivered to them.

  • Automatically Graduate Users

Users who complete the curriculum or meet other milestones can be automatically graduated to a different user group. This creates an effortless, seamless transition as users work through the content or get promoted. Admins and trainers can spend more time doing productive tasks while the system handles the housekeeping.

  • A White Label Ready LMS

Tovuti LMS supplies the infrastructure for your training program. The team’s goal is to provide a system that works effectively but is virtually undetectable to your audience. Whether you’re selling courses online or training internally, the system will look and feel like a part of your organization. Users can add their own branding, colors, content, menus, and more.

  • Easy Monetization with No Limits

Organizations that want to generate revenue with their eLearning content will appreciate Tovuti’s monetization capability. Users can build a course catalog and sell directly to their audience.

The experience is much like shopping on well-known platforms like Amazon and Shopify. Courses can be offered individually or in bundles. Offer coupon codes, subscriptions, and more – all payable through a trusted credit card processor like Stripe or

  • Distribute Courses on Your Terms

Tovuti LMS gives the user total control over how and when they distribute their courses. Each course consists of lessons. Users can create courses that are available all the time or only during a set period. This could be a matter of days or a specific time of the year.

Lessons can be gated to ensure that the user works through them in the correct order or after finishing prerequisites. That could include completing a previous lesson, passing a quiz with a minimum score, or submitting a survey.

  • Complete Course Authoring Suite

Users can build courses in Tovuti LMS. The system is equipped with 44 unique content creation tools. Users can import existing content that can be edited or create courses from scratch. The process is easy. Users can fill in the fields with a course name, category, cover image, permissions, and more.

  • 360 Degree Tours and Images

Another way to keep audiences engaged is with 360-degree tours or images. Transport the user to a location through interactive content. The image is displayed, bringing a subject or place to life. Users can overlay hot spots here as well, adding interactivity that makes the experience more memorable. Use hot spots to share facts and information, pose questions, provide instruction, or describe features.

  • Add a File Uploader

Users can add a file uploader to content to create another way to interact and connect. The learner can submit completed assignments or a video clip demonstrating what they learned. Instructors can ensure that the learner is retaining information and provide better feedback as needed.

  • Explore Branching Scenarios

Branching scenarios let the learner follow their own path and see where it takes them. Users can create content that requires the learner’s input. They will follow a path based on their decisions to see if it gets them where they want to go. It’s the eLearning version of a choose-your-own-adventure story.

  • Custom Media Repository

Many LMS platforms have a repository for files.  Tovuti LMS does as well, but with a higher degree of customization. Users can name their repository and organize it however they like. It can serve as a central hub for everything from supplemental materials to HR forms and employee handbooks.

  • Stay on Task with Checklists

Checklists are a common find in corporate settings. Tovuti LMS includes its own version with a custom checklist for learners. These are used to keep everyone on task and moving at the right pace. Checklists can include required courses, due dates, and more. Users can also set up auto reminders.

  • LMS Gamification

Tovuti LMS includes gamification features. Users can add leaderboards, award points for tasks, and track progress. Organizations can also use points systems to award employees. The system lets users create custom badges and certificates to recognize success. Certificates can be awarded with or without an expiration date.

  • Manage All Events in One LMS

Users can support blended learning by managing events within Tovuti LMS. The system lets users organize self-paced and instructor-led courses as well as webinars and in-person events. These can be set up with a registration fee, participant limit, waiting lists, and more. Send reminders for upcoming events or offer coupon codes for registration discounts.

  • Make Your Own Interactive Videos

Engagement is a big deal in eLearning. The more interactive your content is, the better. Tovuti LMS includes an interactive video builder. Users can add a video and overlay activities on top. Ask questions at specific stopping points to make sure the user is paying attention and understands the material.

Questions can be set to show the correct answer if the user gets it wrong or require the user to answer correctly before proceeding. Users can also disable the time bar so that content cannot be skipped.

  • Internal Social Network

Community features let users establish an internal social network. This works much like Facebook or other social platforms. Users can post messages, images, videos, and more. Create a sense of community on a platform that you own.

  • Virtual Classrooms

Instructors and trainers can do more with their virtual classes. Add YouTube videos, presentation materials, whiteboards, and more. Administer polls with a bar graph of responses. Public and private chats are available along with breakout rooms. Instructors can divide the class into up to 8 breakout rooms to brainstorm, roleplay, work or discuss topics.

An LMS That’s True to Its Roots

The minds behind Tovuti LMS take corporate culture very seriously. It shows in everything they do. The company earned the top spot as the #1 best place to work in Idaho. They describe themselves as a culture company first and a tech company second. The website discusses their motivating goals as being “honest, moral, and ethical” with an emphasis on working as a team and overcoming challenges.

Tovuti LMS manages to do that and more. The system provides an appealing collection of features without the complexity that often comes with more options. The tools are logical and provide solutions to the problems that many professionals face when building online course content.

Sticking to its roots has given Tovuti LMS the ability to flourish as a platform without losing sight of what’s important: the user experience.

Tovuti LMS Accessibility

Tovuti LMS lists HIPAA, VPAT 508, and PCI compliance on their website including information on VPAT 2.2 2020. Visitors are also invited to contact the Tovuti team with compliance questions by sending an email to [email protected]

The Tovuti LMS Environment

Tovuti LMS offers a user-friendly environment that’s easy to navigate. Clearly labeled fields and buttons make it easy to find features and complete tasks. The system is straightforward and professional but offers a welcoming atmosphere. New users will have little trouble finding what they need when they take their first steps into Tovuti.

Tovuti LMS Integrations

For users who want even more functionality out of their LMS, Tovuti integrates with many third-party apps. The marketplace includes categories like content libraries, assessments, SSO, payments, virtual meetings, email, human resources, payments, sales enablement, and API. Users will find each app listed with a star rating and recommendation count.

Tovuti Open API is available along with Zapier and Workday. Users can also integrate with Seismic, Amazon SES, Postmark, G Suite, BambooHR, Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, OneLogin, SalesForce, Adobe Captivate, SCORM Cloud, OpenSesame, and many more.

Who Uses Tovuti LMS?

Tovuti LMS is ideal for just about anyone. The system can serve less than 50 users or thousands. The pricing system is simple with Core and Pro options. The average organization size is over 250, but there are no hard caps on how many or how few are needed to use the platform.

The Tovuti team also offers optional services that users can choose based on need and budget. These include content assembly and a readiness to launch assessment. Users who want to handle implementation themselves can use the readiness to launch assessment to make sure all aspects of their business are ready for the switch before they get started.

Versatility and optional extra services make Tovuti LMS appealing for almost any organization. It isn’t industry-specific, so users can teach any topic using its many features.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Tovuti LMS is web-based and mobile responsive. Users can access the system on any device with an internet connection. No app download is required. All the user has to do is navigate to their URL and log in.

Tovuti LMS Customer Service

Customer service is a top priority for the Tovuti team. Users are assigned a support coach who assists them from day one. Four mandatory coaching calls are required to ensure that the user gets the most out of the system. The calls cover features, best practices, use cases, and more. Even after the mandatory calls are completed, the support coach is available on an ongoing basis.

Users who prefer to do it themselves can access the support center. All features are documented with instructional videos and links. Users can also submit a support ticket to request assistance. The Tovuti website includes a convenient chat tool in the lower, right-hand corner.

There are several ways to get help when using Tovuti LMS. Documentation includes over 300 help articles with step-by-step instruction. It’s easy to see why the system won a G2 Best Support Enterprise Award in the fall of 2020.

A Truly Award-Winning LMS

Tovuti LMS isn’t as old as some of its competitors, but it’s already made an impression in the industry. The LMS is truly-award winning with an impressive list of accolades.

Along with the Best Enterprise Support award mentioned above, Tovuti has also earned Best Value 2020 and Best Ease of Use 2020 awards from Capterra, a Category Leaders 2020 award from GetApp, a Supreme Software 2020 award from FinancesOnline, and Best Learning Management System and Top Customer Experience awards from eLearning Industry.

Visitors can see the full award list here along with information on what the award says about the LMS.

The Future of Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS was launched in May of 2019. The system really took off in April of 2020. It’s currently caught the eye of ambitious investment groups looking for the next big thing. The team’s focus on being a culture company first and a tech company second appears to be paying off.

The system has much to offer users of all types. Being an all-in-one solution that’s also easy to learn is a big step up on the competition. Combine that with a dedicated support team and a company with a lot of heart, and you have a winning combination. Tovuti’s future is already starting to shine and will likely get brighter in the coming months.

An All-in-One LMS for Everyone

Tovuti LMS is an all-in-one system that can work for everyone. There are currently 60 features included with 44 unique content creation tools. Users can bulk upload profiles, administer surveys, and create engaging course content that keeps audiences hungry for more. Tovuti also integrates with popular third-party solutions, letting users add functionality or continue working with an app they already love.

A growing customer base, investor interest, and a list of awards under its belt make Tovuti a promising choice for companies in need of an all-in-one learning management system.


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