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Paradiso Solutions has eLearning platform solutions for Corporate and Education sector. Our Corporate LMS solution includes gamification, performance management and integrations with other enterprise application such as HR or CRM system. Our Education LMS uses gamification, ePortfolio and flipped classroom model to enhance the online learning for the students in education sector. We also have walkthrough help to give instant help within the LMS and also provide helpdesk via chat and email within the LMS platform.

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Paradiso LMS

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Paradiso LMS takes app integration to a whole new level. Users can access all the must-have features they need, including ecommerce tools, reports, customization options and much more. The system integrates with over 100 third party applications so users can combine forces for a powerful learning management system that works the way they want and need it to. Engage students with gamification and allow for a flexible learning experience with unbridled mobile access. Paradiso offers a lot with its core features then allows the user to do even more with integration.

Paradiso LMS: A Powerful Tool with Impressive Integration Solutions

Paradiso LMS is an all-in-one tool that comes with a very impressive integration list. Users can manage learning on the cloud for greater flexibility and reach. Customization options allow companies and organization to really own their learning management system. Paradiso combines a variety of modern features that make the experience user friendly and engaging for students as well as back end users. Over 100 integrations are available with some of the top applications users and their students prefer. Users can also tap into an enormous eLearning library that contains more than 5,000 ready-to-use courses.

What Do You Get with Paradiso LMS?

Paradiso LMS contains many attractive features as well as content that can jumpstart the user’s course offerings. There’s something for everyone from corporations to educational institutions. Users can manage every part of their eLearning software, from building courses with an interface featuring the company identity to tracking performance with objectives, assessments and detailed reports. So what can Paradiso offer your organization?

  • Gamification to Encourage Student Participation
    When eLearning is treated as a fun, exciting endeavor rather than a chore, overall participation improves. It’s far more engaging to play games rather than study and complete assignments. Gamification is part of Paradiso’s well-rounded features list. Users can create mini games that allow students to earn points which translate to badges and rewards. The experience remains positive as learners discover even more reason to brush up on their knowledge.
  • Completely Customizable Interface that Feels Seamless
    Companies and organizations can create a learning environment that feels like their own with Paradiso’s custom branding options. Users can add logos, icons, images and themes so the eLearning platform matches their corporate identity. A white label version is also available for organizations that want a complete rebranding of the learning management system.
  • Offer Courses for Sale Online
    Ecommerce features are included to allow users to generate revenue with their course materials. When it comes to integration, Paradiso always goes big which is why users have many options when making money on the web. Purchases can be handled through Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce, Authorize.Net, Paypal and other trusted platforms.
  • Advanced Reporting with Dashboard Overview
    Data is what drives decisions and helps users gain valuable insight into how their courses and students or employees are doing. Paradiso offers built-in reporting tools with advanced features for a more in-depth review of all aspects of performance and activity. Users can access a clean, easily digestible dashboard that provides a quick overview of stats. Reports can also be downloaded as a PDF, CSV or Excel file.
  • Multiple Client Hosting within One Learning Management System
    Host all client organizations under one virtual roof with Paradiso’s multi-tenant capability. Each client will access their own unique content in one eLearning platform. Clients cannot view content they don’t own so everything remains private and customers or partners stay happy. Businesses can also setup separate access points for specific departments within the organization.
  • Mobile Tools for Greater Flexibility
    A good eLearning platform needs to have mobile functionality if it’s going to keep up with the demands of modern learners. Paradiso provides mobile friendly access to all learning management system features. Users can connect from anywhere with their smartphone, tablet or mobile device with no limitations. As long as they can find an internet connection, they can manage their eLearning tools.
  • Face to Face Learning with Video Conferencing
    Paradiso is making it even easier to get a face to face conversation going no matter where each participant is located. Video conferencing integration allows users to speak directly to one another. When text messages and emails are too cumbersome, this is a great way to share and discuss ideas, questions or course material without traveling to a meeting.
  • Access to an Enormous On-Demand Course Library
    Users can easily get started by browsing Paradiso’s enormous on-demand course library. Over 5,000 SCORM and AICC compliant courses are available and can be added to the user’s learning management system. The list continues to grow with more than 50 new courses added every month. The content is diverse with brief two to five minute programs, 15 to 25 minute videos and 60 minute courses.

Paradiso Integrates with the Best of Them

Paradiso LMS brings even more functionality and seamless integration with more than 100 third party applications. Users can continue using their favorite apps alongside the system. The list is extensive and allows the organization to customize tools and features based on their individual needs. Paradiso’s current integration list includes: HRIS (Human Resources Information System), SalesForce, OneDrive, Google, Shopify, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, WebEx, Dropbox, Adobe Connect, SharePoint, Woocommerce, Oracle, SAP, Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

The Complete LMS Package for Anyone

Paradiso LMS offers the complete package for almost any business or organization. The features list include popular tools that modern businesses want, like advanced reporting, blended learning and mobile access. Gamification presents a new way to engage students while Paradiso’s growing content library helps users put together a powerful course list in less time. The system’s large integration list is icing on the eLearning cake. Users can continue using their favorite applications, which makes implementation easy.

The Future of Paradiso LMS

Paradiso LMS currently offers a number of features and tools that allow users to get more out of eLearning. The company continues to grow its offerings by expanding its course library. Between the thousands-strong library and impressive integration list, the future of Paradiso is bright. New and experienced users will discover ways to improve and manage their educational offerings with one reliable system.

Expand & Educate with Paradiso LMS

The beauty of Paradiso LMS lies in its ability to play nice with many popular third party applications. Users can implement the system without giving up their favorite tools. All the basics are there so the user has everything they need and can “supplement” the LMS with whatever they like. A free demo is available for users who want to get an up close look at what Paradiso can do.


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