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Thought Industries provides the world’s #1 software platform for customer learning management (CLM). Industry leaders use CLM to grow revenue, increase customer loyalty, and ensure customer success across technology, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries with complex products and training requirements. Thought Industries was founded in 2014 around the core belief that online learning experiences should be modern, intuitive, engaging and scalable. Headquartered in Boston, Thought Industries has offices across North America and Europe.

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Thought Industries’s Thought Industries Review

Thought Industries offers a beautiful Learning Business Platform that makes it easy to sell courses on the web. Users can generate leads with conversion tools, display targeted ads, collect relevant data and apply custom branding. A drag and drop interface makes course building a breeze. Other features include certifications, discussion boards, galleries, analytics and custom CSS.

Thought Industries Brings eLearning and Business Closer Together

Thought Industries offers a Learning Business Platform that combines the convenience of the cloud with versatile training tools that cater to consumers, professional, and extended enterprise end users. The system boasts both functionality and a beautiful design that looks modern and feels fluid. Users can implement this business-focused platform without coding. Thought Industries has created a very intriguing product, but does it deliver when it comes to features and reliability?

What Do You Get with Thought Industries’ Learning Business Platform?

Thought Industries has created a selection of diverse functionality that fall into six main categories: Site Builder, Authoring, Advertising, eCommerce, Integrations and Analytics. The platform manages to cover a lot of ground to give users the power to handle all aspects of their eLearning business needs. So what should you look for when trying out Thought Industries’ online Learning Business Platform?

  • Responsive Drag and Drop Site Builder
    Drag and drop site builders are the best friend of anyone who wants a website but has little to no design experience. Users can easily position elements where they want them and see what the page will look like as they work. Create microsites that look professional but require minimal time to build.
  • Advanced Design Tools Included
    For users who have some web design knowledge, Thought Industries provides access to HTML and custom CSS editing tools. Users can work on a more advance level to create the look and layout that they want.
  • Quick Course Authoring & Publishing
    The drag and drop design also applies to the platform’s course authoring tools. Users can add videos, quizzes, flip cards, presentations, slideshows and tests easily. Course publication takes minutes and can include custom prerequisites, course collections and programs. Users can also add in galleries and discussion boards to encourage student interaction.
  • Make It Your Own
    Custom branding features are provided so users can build items within the LMS and make them look and feel like their own original product. Individual courses and entire websites can be branded based on the needs of the user or their advertisers.
  • Monetization with Options
    Moving further into the realm of business education, Thought Industries has equipped its platform with a number of advertising-related features. Users can connect advertising campaigns that reach a target demographic. Data can be collected as well as engagement metrics. Users can also utilize built-in conversion tools to generate leads that may become future sales.
  • Sell What You Know
    Generate revenue by selling courses online or licensing content and courses to other businesses. Thought Industries includes a number of ecommerce features that allow for subscription or al la carte course purchases. Users can upsell related digital products as well as physical items, and entice customers with coupon codes, discounts, or course bundles.
  • Integrate with Your Favorite Tools
    Thought Industries’ Business Learning Platform allows users to integrate with their existing CRM system and/or marketing automation tools. Single sign-on is supported along with tracking scripts.
  • View Real Time Conversion Data
    Stay up to date on what’s happening with real time data. The platform keeps users in the loop when viewing lead captures, site traffic or course sales. Funnel insight reports help break down the data into a digestible and actionable format. Reports can also be generated to track user behavior and course progress.

Thought Industries Offers an All-in-One Platform for Businesses

The combination of ecommerce and advertising features gives Thought Industries an edge when it comes to business-focused learning management systems. The interface is user friendly and doesn’t require significant technical knowledge to navigate. Anyone can build an eye-catching website or course with custom branding and unique educational elements. It’s definitely a must-try for companies who want to sell educational or training courses online.

The Future of Thought Industries Learning Business Platform

Thought Industries announced the new release of their platform back in July 2014. The system has earned high marks when it comes to usability, customer service and functionality. It’s easy to see why when exploring the visually appealing design, drag and drop interface and numerous built-in features which help users create effective courses and generate revenue through advertising and sales. The system has a lot to offer a company that wants to take its eLearning business even further, which will likely lead to a larger customer base in the coming months.

Sell More with Thought Industries

Thought Industries has created a Learning Business Platform that has everything a small to large size business could need to make money with eLearning. The system seems to cater more to users who want to offer training to external customers rather than internal staff. Users are provided access to all the basics they need plus some convenient extras that make it so much easier to monitor data and increase course sales. It’s definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to grow their profits with eLearning.


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