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KMI Learning has been named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” and is a partner for all your training initiatives. We marry technology and creativity to create award winning programs with our proprietary LMS and custom content development team. We are a technologically forward company leveraging our solutions across devices, platforms, and media. Backed by KMI’s LMS and LRS with Experience (Tin Can) API integration we provide or clients powerful and thought provoking training programs. The KMI LMS handles any course type, provides certification and CE tracking and includes powerful reporting tools in a simple interface.

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KMI Learning Review

KMI is an evolving elearning system that presents highly customizable, seamless solutions for medium to large size businesses and organizations. KMI’s primary focus is on the implementation of “extended enterprise” or outward facing learning initiatives. They offer a device-agnostic system that includes a long list of features. Instead of focusing on basic out-of-the-box development, KMI has taken eLearning to the next level with features and functionality tailored to the unique needs of different business models.

KMI eLearning: An Educational Platform Made to Order

KMI has been in the elearning business since 2000. The company is privately owned and offers a wide range of services that go far beyond anything that comes with an out-of-the-box LMS. Many well-known organizations appear on KMI’s growing customer list, including the likes of Accenture, Bloomberg, AT&T, Cisco, Unilever and the IRS. Rather than focusing on high volume sales, KMI works toward building long term business relationships with clients to develop a custom product that works for the individual organization. They continue to provide support after initial setup to help guide clients in getting the most out of their products.

What to Expect with KMI

KMI’s elearning software has enormous potential for those who are prepared to learn the ins and outs of the system. A lot can be done, which may sound intimidating to the less tech-savvy business owner. Once started, even those with little technical experience find that the system is easy to master. KMI backs up its product with excellent customer support and flexibility, so the period of implementation and adaptation is quick and painless. What should you expect when using KMI?

Superb Customization That Exceeds Anything Out-of-the-Box

KMI is a lot of things, but one thing it is not is a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all elearning product. Each client is viewed as an individual with unique needs, requirements, and expectations. To address this, KMI has produced one of the most customizable elearning systems available. They get involved by working with the client to determine what is needed and how to optimize performance and features. Everything from backend functionality to homepage design is built to the user’s specifications so even the interface looks different from one KMI client to the next.

Detailed Course Organization and Management

Course organization and management tools gives the user free reign to build individual courses and groups of courses with unique settings and requirements. Permission controls can be applied to require approval from managers or whoever is overseeing the educational process within an organization. Prerequisites can be added as well as certificates that are delivered upon successful completion of a course or set of courses. Filters allow for more efficient browsing while course pages include reviews, objectives, and session schedules.

Responsive Mobile Solution that Adds Versatility

KMI has closed the gap between mobile and desktop platforms by offering one system that works everywhere. There’s no need to install another app or software. The LMS is responsive to provide the best experience for users whether they login through a mobile device or computer. It’s a more convenient experience that adds versatility to training resources.

Scalability That Can Accommodate Success

Typically growth comes with success, which is why an elearning system should be prepared to shoulder the burden as more users access its database and utilize its features. KMI is designed with scalability in mind. The company can handle tremendous growth and has experience managing customers who serve between 1 and 2 million users.

Increase Profits with KMI’s Ecommerce Solutions

Businesses and organizations that want to cash in on their educational programs will also appreciate KMI’s ecommerce offerings. The system works for both internal training and online course sales. Clients can monetize the training they use internally or create separate eLearning products to sell to customers. An multi-tenant academy is available that lets users resell courses and programs to customers.

Integration with All of Your Systems

KMI can be used alone or in concert with your existing systems. The LMS integrates seamlessly with HR platforms and other LMS products and can be setup with single sign-on capability. It’s part of the developer’s partnership approach, which focuses on the demands of the customer’s business model.

A System without a Learning Curve

One of the first things new users notice about KMI is its simplicity and ease of use. The system has been overhauled to offer a more user-friendly experience. There’s no learning curve, so newcomers can easily dive right in. Support is available for users who would like to learn more about harnessing the full power of some of the system’s deeper features. Everything else feels like second nature as the user navigates.

Should You Give KMI a Try?

Since KMI is so customizable and flexible, there are really no limitations as far as who can use the system. No matter what an organization’s industry or overall goals may be, KMI can help users get there. Their elearning platform is best suited to users who want the full package with a custom-made product and long-term support. KMI focuses on building partnerships over making quick, one-time sales. Their hands-on approach makes it possible to provide a platform that works for just about anyone, including organizations with an unusual business model. They are available to assist with every step in the process, from integration to content development, marketing, and storyboarding. If you are just getting into elearning or are looking to rebuild an existing program, KMI has a lot to offer serious and growing companies.

The Future of KMI

KMI already offers its users many features and options. However, the company continues to evolve to present a better solution that’s in tune with today’s marketplace. The current incarnation has combined what was previously a separate mobile and desktop platform to create one responsive LMS that works across all platforms. KMI is also working on expanding its catalog to cover more users, including those that prefer a simple out-of-the-box product. This will give them impressive flexibility when serving businesses of all sizes, from the small organization to the big corporation.

The Final Word on KMI’s eLearning System

There is a lot to love when it comes to KMI’s ever-growing elearning system. As of now, the system is designed primarily for medium to large size companies that want a full-service solution. KMI has even begun to expand its offerings with language options that appeal to international businesses. Rather than being just a product provider, they treat each new client as an opportunity to build a lasting partnership. Whether your organization wants to improve employee safety and satisfaction, generate higher profits, or operate more efficiently, KMI can offer a tailored solution that will make it happen.


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