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Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to Edmego. The LMS has compiled a list of powerful tools that help users streamline training and save time in the process. Create and send out policy changes instantly, build effective courses, setup automated learning plans and browse a library of AICC and SCORM compliant content. Edmego gives trainers, managers and admins the ability to effortlessly reach out to and manage training for all employees within an organization.

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Edmego LMS

LMS.org’s Edmego LMS Review

Edmego has created an intuitive LMS that offers everything a small to mid-size business needs to manage and track training. Users can build new courses, schedule instructor-led classes or reach into the Edmego library and add pre-made content that’s SCORM and AICC compliant. The features list also includes global calendars, HRIS integration and goal setting tools that help organizations find success in their employee training.

Edmego LMS Combines eLearning with Flexibility & Versatility

Edmego LMS was created to cater to small and medium-size businesses as well as educational institutions. The system manages to combine flexibility with versatility in a way that works well. User friendly course authoring tools are provided along with social features and access to a course library. SCORM content can be uploaded as well. Organizations can handle everything they need including reports, admin tasks and learning plans. The system also supports instructor-led training. What can Edmego do for your organization?

What Do You Get with Edmego LMS?

Edmego LMS has put together a collection of tools that not only function effectively but do so seamlessly within the corporate environment. Users will find a number of ways to save time on daily tasks. The system may not be custom built, but it manages to offer enough flexibility to cater to almost any industry and situation.

  • Automated Learning Paths That Streamline Employee Training
    Managers and trainers can create automated learning paths that direct each employee to the course material they need to work through. Everything is available on the web and can be customized to the needs of the business. The hands off approach allows trainers to spend more time improving course material and less time micromanaging their trainees.
  • Instantly Distribute Company Policy Updates
    Edmego offers a unique set of features that allow administrators to manage policy changes and updates. The user can make any changes as needed then instantly present the updated document to all employees that need to sign it. It’s a far more efficient system than printing off hardcopies and going from one desk to the next.
  • Access Plug and Play Course Content with One Click
    Users can build new courses or take advantage of Edmego’s course content marketplace. The market offers a long list of AICC and SCORM courses that cover many important areas. Users will find everything from sexual harassment training, communication courses and courses that teach employees how to use MS Office. Pre-made content can be added with the click of a button.
  • Assessment Management Tools
    Trainers can track progress with Edmego’s assessment management tools. The system provides users with a way to create an automated delivery schedule for assessments then instantly compile results once the assessment is completed. All data is saved to make reporting easier.
  • All Training Documents in One Place
    A document storage repository is provided so organizations can store all their docs in one convenient place. The repository includes both personal and company-wide documents. Users can access their personal storage or retrieve things that are publically available to everyone in the organization.
  • Goal Setting & MyCoach
    Edmego provides valuable goal setting tools along with its MyCoach feature. This gives users a way to determine what they are working towards and how to get there. MyCoach provides a direct link to superiors so employees can ask questions to get answers and stay on track with their goals.
  • Globalized Built-in Company Calendar
    Employees can access global calendars that come with Edmego. The system makes it easier to share important dates and corporate events. Each item can be added as a one-time or recurring event.

Edmego Connects Entire Companies

One of the best aspects of Edmego’s LMS is that it manages to bring a company together in a number of vital areas. Employees can set goals and communicate directly with superiors – even if they aren’t face to face. Global calendars and policy management tools also extend the reach of administrators, managers and trainers. These features can go a long way in helping a company operate smoothly and more efficiently.

The Future of Edmego

Edmego is a newer contender in the LMS arena. The company was founded in 2014 and has, so far, earned high marks for its user-friendly design, functionality and customer support. The system has a strong foundation and intuitive interface that makes it an attractive option for a wide range of industries. The system doesn’t have any big shiny awards listed on its website, but it certainly has enough features to attract new customers and continue to grow.

Connect Employees with Edmego LMS

Edmego gives businesses a powerful way to manage and monitor employee training. The system provides access to SCORM and AICC content that can be added with a click of a button. Instructor-led training opens things up to even more valuable learning opportunities tailored to the needs of the organization. Businesses who want a professional tool that also saves time should consider giving the Edmego demo a try.

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