9 Things to Look For in A LearnDash Theme For Your E-Learning Site

Finding a theme for your LearnDash site can be a tricky affair. With so many options available in the WordPress market it can be daunting to hit upon the one that’s right for you.  However, differentiating between the right and wrong e-Learning themes comes down to 9 simple points.  If you know those points, you […]

Hip or Hype: The State of Chatbots for eLearning

Chatbots may sound like something from an episode of Black Mirror, but they’re much more ubiquitous than you may realize. Interacting with brands or businesses on Facebook Messenger may mean a conversation with a bot instead of a person. And the same goes for those “Chat Now” tools that pop up on the websites you […]

How to Use Your LMS to Increase Employee Retention

Organizations understand that retaining top talent is critical to their success and longevity. Several factors threaten the ability to keep employees from leaving, among them salary, poor management, and perhaps too commonly overlooked, a lack of adequate training. When employees feel that they haven’t been properly trained, their confidence in their ability to perform their […]

Why Professional Development is the “Perk” Your Employees Really Want

A few years ago, employee perks meant that once a month you could ditch your sad cubicle lunch for a tray of lukewarm deli sandwiches catered by the local grocery store. Today the employee perk game is a whole new story. Now companies are trying to top one another with ever-more outlandish additions to their […]

6 ways to jump start finding an LMS in 2016

6 ways to jump start finding an LMS in 2016 Learning Management Systems, or LMS, have become a rather efficient and popular platform for corporate training and eLearning.  With this need, an overwhelming amount of learning management systems have popped up.  They’re very complex, and it may not be apparent which one is going to work […]