Do You Need a White Label LMS?

Today’s LMS platforms are packed with cutting-edge features and customization options. A company can implement a powerful computer-based training program in less time and at a lower cost compared to what was available years ago. While the functionality may be there, a good LMS needs to look and feel like it is part of the […]

eLearning Teaches Skills Healthcare Workers Need to Lower Risk of Workplace Violence

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals have a tough job. Their efforts can mean life or death for their patients. That alone can be stress-inducing, along with demanding work schedules and, in some locations, limited resources. There is another problem that plagues this industry that isn’t discussed as much as it should be: workplace violence. […]

10 Signs That Your Business Needs a Learning Management System

If you train employees, you most likely heard the term “learning management system” at some point. Also known as an LMS, this type of software is designed to handle all aspects of the training process. Features will vary from one platform to the next. Some will be more inclusive, with everything from HR-related features to […]

eLearning in the Hospitality Industry: Improve Staff Training with an LMS

Staffing hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses can be a challenge. Turnover is high in this industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee turnover is estimated at around 73.8% annually. Meanwhile, HR experts suggest that it should be somewhere between 10% and 15% for a healthy workforce. Several factors come into play to […]

10 LMS Myths That Could Be Holding Your Business Back

The gap between the technophiles and the technophobes is closing. This is especially true in the business world. There are some hold outs, but more companies are getting on the LMS bandwagon. The eLearning marketplace is vast now, with a wide range of products and features geared toward nearly every industry imaginable. And it’s all […]

Are You Leveraging Your Blended Learning Opportunities?

Blended learning presents a unique opportunity to improve the way you train. The term refers to using both online and traditional educational methods. On one end of the spectrum, you have traditional in-person classroom training where students go to the same location with a teacher. Everyone must be there, which can be difficult for long-distance […]

LMS for Non-Profits: How eLearning Cuts Costs and Increases Volunteer Engagement

There are many charitable organizations out there that do important things with the help of volunteers. Some still have paid positions to ensure that core activities and tasks are completed. Others, however, operate solely on the good graces of volunteers. Managing volunteers can be a juggling act. Non-profits need cost-effective ways to provide adequate training […]

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an LMS Now

More businesses are using learning management systems and other technology to improve the way they work. Despite the growing popularity of these kinds of tools, some are slow to join the digital crowd. In the U.K., nearly one-third of business leaders felt that their companies were slow to adopt new tech. A 2017 Senior Managers […]

5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Develop Soft Skills in the Workplace

5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Develop Soft Skills in the Workplace Soft skills are a vital but often overlooked collection of attributes that allow individuals to function harmoniously when part of a group. They are basic but necessary to form a coherent organization that is effective. Your LMS can help staff improve their […]

12 Tips for Hosting a Successful Training Webinar

12 Tips for Hosting a Successful Training Webinar Training webinars are becoming more common than they once were. The internet has created a place where geographic boundaries no longer matter. Businesses can bring employees from all over the globe together into one virtual classroom or conference. The following tips will help you get the most […]

10 Reasons Why an LMS is Necessary for Business

10 Reasons Why an LMS is Necessary for Business Every business wants to use its resources wisely. While many are willing to dive right into new technology, others are reluctant. There’s always a cost associated with buying new hardware and software. Every company should weigh their options, but also keep an eye on trends and […]

5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Engage Learners After They Finish eLearning Classes

eLearning can be a good way to generate revenue for your business. Some companies focus entirely on producing educational content to sell while others try to monetize their internal training material. In either situation, it can be very profitable to have a plan in place to engage learners after they finish a course. You want […]

6 Trendy Corporate Training Website Themes

6 Trendy Corporate Training Website Themes Are you looking for an ideal theme for your Corporate Training Website? Hundreds, literally hundreds, of WordPress themes are floating around in the ocean of themes for website building. If a Corporate Training Website theme is the demand of the day, then the options may narrow down to a […]

How Brightspace by D2L is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada

One LMS is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada One of the most appealing aspects of using an LMS is the versatility that comes with it. Many systems are adaptable, which means they are effective whether you’re training hundreds of new hires or a classroom of young students. The District School Board of Niagara […]

Why Professional Development is the “Perk” Your Employees Really Want

A few years ago, employee perks meant that once a month you could ditch your sad cubicle lunch for a tray of lukewarm deli sandwiches catered by the local grocery store. Today the employee perk game is a whole new story. Now companies are trying to top one another with ever-more outlandish additions to their […]

What’s in store for eLearning & edTech in the coming year?

What’s in Store for eLearning & edTech in the Coming Year? There’s no denying the impact that eLearning has had on students, employees and organizations. Today we can attend classes from anywhere at any time. Even oceans can no longer stand in the way of a student getting to a virtual classroom. As eLearning expands so […]

Gamification in eLearning

Gamification in eLearning Video games may seem like a waste of time to most people but in recent years, businesses and universities have taken to creating their own games to educate students and train employees. eLearning as a whole is exploding as an industry, with an estimated market of $107 billion. When you consider that […]