Tutor LMS Plugin Review by LMS.org

Tutor LMS takes education to the next level on WordPress. The plugin empowers website owners who want to teach. The user-friendly interface is adaptable and can be used in any industry or with any subject. Advance quiz options include image answers as well as classic true-false, multiple choice, short answer, and more. Generate filterable reports, gather in student forums, and sell online courses with Tutor LMS for WordPress.

Tutor LMS Brings Scalable eLearning to Your WordPress Website

Tutor LMS is another creation by the team at Themeum. The company mission is to “upgrade your WordPress experience” with themes and plugins. The official site points to Tutor LMS as an all-in-one solution designed for every type of user. WordPress is a hugely popular platform that’s attracted universities, schools, and other educational organizations. Tutor LMS brings even more to the table for those groups and anyone else who wants to train or teach. Does it hold up against the vast sea of plugin competition that’s already available on WordPress?

What Do You Get with Tutor LMS?

When most people think of a learning management system, they assume you need a standalone product rather than a plugin. Tutor LMS aims to change that belief by introducing a list of powerful features. What can you do after installing this WordPress plugin?

Tutor LMS Transforms WordPress into an eLearning Hub

Tutor LMS significantly expands WordPress website functionality for schools and educators. The plugin manages to bring many popular and needed features to the platform that are typically available in standalone products. Users can manage enrollment, build courses, customize, and track success with analytics. There’s a lot to love if you want to construct a virtual learning space that stands on a WordPress foundation.

The Tutor LMS Environment

Tutor stays ahead of the game when it comes to design. The interface is modern and user-friendly. Novices will have no problem navigating the system. It’s built to work with WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor so that users can run their sites with the most recent tools. The drag and drop course maker also adds appeal, letting content creators visualize as they build.

Who Uses Tutor LMS?

The Tutor LMS WordPress plugin is designed for anyone who wants to create an educational or training website. It’s adaptable enough to work with just about any industry or subject. Individual professionals, schools, and businesses can offer classes on anything imaginable. It can only be used on WordPress sites, so naturally, that’s a requirement.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Tutor LMS takes much of the guesswork out of building an eLearning webpage. The plugin is responsive so that it will work on any size screen. Learners can access coursework while on the go with a tablet or smartphone or while sitting at their desktop or laptop PC. The experience remains the same to ensure optimum performance, functionality, and access to features no matter which device the learner prefers to use.Tutor LMS.org Review Image

Tutor LMS Customer Service

A live chat box is accessible on the Tutor LMS website. If someone is available, the user can have a conversation right away. If no one is online, a button is there to send an email to support. Online documentation is provided as well as a support forum with office hours and a search bar. Users can also review quick FAQs to find answers to common questions. Each license option includes one year of priority support.

The Future of Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a newer addition to the WordPress plugin catalog. It’s already earned high marks from users who appreciate it’s features and compatibility with WooCommerce. Considering that there are an estimated 172 million WordPress websites online, Tutor LMS has enormous potential. The plugin gives users the ability to transform their pages into a functional learning management system that’s highly scalable and adaptable. The potential is there and will likely continue to grow the Tutor LMS userbase as more people discover it.

Tutor LMS Lets Users Teach with WordPress

WordPress plugins can do many things. Tutor LMS further expands functionality to create a fully featured eLearning platform. The design is attractive and modern, with great usability. Everything the user needs to train or teach is there, from basics like student dashboard and enrollment to forums, certificates, and file attachments. Even the quiz builder brings something extra to the table with its image matching and answering option. Tutor LMS is available to purchase with one, five, or unlimited licenses. Users can try a live demo before they buy. If you have a WordPress site or plan to build one, the Tutor LMS plugin is well worth a test run.