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Pathshala takes the LearnDash WordPress plugin and makes it even better. The theme is specifically designed for LearnDash and features a simple drag and drop page builder so users can get right to work without learning code. See the pages as you build them and apply custom colors and more. Student feedback, dynamic sidebars, and a responsive design are a few of the many reasons to give Pathshala a try.

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Pathshala’s Pathshala Review

Give your WordPress page a beautiful look with Pathshala! The theme is specifically designed for the LearnDash WordPress plugin, so you’ll get all the functionality you need with an appealing design. Drag and drop images, text, and more and add unique colors to make your site stand out. Read more to learn about Pathshala’s dynamic sidebars, automatic course archives, and more.

Pathshala Streamlines Course Management for LearnDash

Pathshala is a theme built specifically for the LearnDash WordPress plugin. It is designed for users who want to simplify course management without sacrificing navigation and visual appeal. The theme includes a number of customization options as well as a clean, modern look that makes any course catalog much easier to browse.

Why Use Pathshala for LearnDash?

WordPress with the LearnDash plugin provides a variety of functions that allow users to build and sell courses easily. While the tools available are appealing, Pathshala helps polish the experience with a theme that’s both practical and reliable. So what should you expect when installing the Pathshala theme on your WordPress site?

  • Simple Drag & Drop Webpage Builder
    It doesn’t get any easier than drag and drop. Pathshala allows users to design their pages by placing items where they want them to go. See what the finished layout will look like as you build. SEO fields and breadcrumb navigation are also included so site owners can maximize the search engine and user appeal of their page.
  • Layouts That are Dynamic
    Adaptability is very important on the internet today. Pathshala was created with many different internet-accessible devices in mind. The layout is responsive, so it always looks good no matter what size screen the user is viewing. The theme includes dynamic sidebars that shift as needed to prevent overlapping.
  • Custom Colors to Match your Page
    Pathshala provides access to built-in color options so users can instantly change the look of their WordPress pages. Select a color that matches your brand or try out different hues to change the tone of your website. Users can also design custom color schemes to match their brand or purpose.
  • Auto-generate Course Archive Pages
    Save time and stay up to date with Pathshala’s automatic archive feature. The theme will update course category archives using LearnDash Course Category support. Maintain your archives with just a click!
  • Grid Layout for Easy Browsing
    Give users more to choose from with an organized grid layout. Pathshala makes it possible to present more course options in the same space without crowding. Each course appears with an image and title so users can explore your catalog at a glance.
  • BuddyPress Support
    BuddyPress support is included for seamless integration. Get all the benefits of the Pathshala theme while providing a way to build student groups to encourage user collaboration.
  • Compatible with BBPress & WooCommerce
    Use your favorite plugins with the Pathshala theme. Enjoy the benefits and convenience of BBPress and WooCommerce while creating a visually appealing page that is easy to navigate with Pathshala.
  • Get & Display Course Feedback
    Find out what students thought about your courses with built-in feedback features. Feedback can be displayed to entice new users to register. Reviews are also a great way to figure out which courses are performing well and which could use improvement.
  • Contact Page Template
    Stay in touch with users through Pathshala’s contact page template. Provide a way for users to ask questions without leaving your page. Your contact details blend with the rest of the theme to add a professional touch that users will appreciate.
  • Demo Content Included
    Demo content is included to provide users with a way to see Pathshala in action. Discover how to utilize features and find inspiration for creating unique content and design elements to match your organization.
  • Created Just for LearnDash
    Pathshala was designed specifically for the LearnDash WordPress plugin. It offers optimum functionality to enhance LearnDash and gives users more tools to build effective eLearning resources.

Let Pathshala Beautify Your Course Catalog

Pathshala was made to allow anyone to create a beautiful course catalog and corresponding pages quickly and easily. The theme does that well by providing customization options combined with simple functions and features. Skip the coding and go straight to building an eye-catching page that looks professionally designed. The interface looks clean and attractive yet makes it possible to display many courses at once without overwhelming the user.

Update Your WordPress Page with Pathshala

Users who appreciate simplicity will really love what Pathshala has to offer. The theme is user-friendly yet offers a number of features and options to customize pages. The drag and drop builder eliminates the need to learn how to code while allowing the user to see their work as they go. With so many different devices being used for eLearning today, the responsive design is a big plus. FAQ support is also included. Pathshala presents a great way to enhance your LearnDash experience.


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