LearnDash plugin for WordPress has created a smart solution for users who want to sell and manage online courses. Create certificates and badges, build advanced quizzes, or let learners choose their learning path by earning access with a point system. Sell content as a bundle, subscription, or one class at a time. The system also offers detailed reports, group management tools, and mobile compatibility.

LearnDash Transforms Your WordPress Site into an LMS

LearnDash has harnessed the power of WordPress and transformed it into a functional LMS. WordPress is well-known in the business world. Over 74 million sites rely on it. There are over 29,000 WordPress plugins available. It’s an often-discussed topic in the sales and marketing world and is most popular among business websites. LearnDash provides another layer of functionality by giving users a way to create, manage, and distribute educational content with a number of WordPress supported features.

What Do You Get with LearnDash?

LearnDash puts together an impressive collection of features. It manages to hold its own among standalone learning management systems. Users can create content that’s accessible online with modern functionality and professional design elements. Users who install the LearnDash plugin will find:

Users can add structure to their learning material through multi-tiered courses. Add categories to make classes easier to find. Multiple lessons can be applied to each course with multiple topics. Quizzes can also be assigned to different levels, including courses lessons, or topics.

Provide learners with a better experience by scheduling content that’s coming to them. Users can “drip-feed” lessons rather than putting them in front of the learner all at once. Plan to deliver content a set number of days after enrollment or on a specific calendar date. Create a guided learning experience by gradually introducing new lessons and topics.

Quizzes help users track their progress and knowledge retention. Users can build quizzes with advanced settings. Eight question types are available including multiple choice, single answer, sorting, free text, matching, essay, survey, and fill-in-the-blanks. Apply quiz timers and use question banks. Custom messages can also be displayed based on quiz results.

Timers can also be applied to lessons. Users can set timers that force learners to slow down and spend more time on certain content. Once the timer hits zero, the user will have access to the next lesson. This prevents learners from skipping too far ahead.

Provide a place for learners to interact with dynamic forums. Users can create forums for specific courses with options to limit participation and enrollment. Create a community of users working through the same lessons or with shared interests and training goals.

The LearnDash Gradebook automatically syncs with assignments and quiz results. Users can manually submit grades or work with offline grading. Scores can be weighted and report cards can be generated to let users see how they are performing in each course.

Create a learning path by adding prerequisites to courses. Assign content that must be completed before the user can move on to the next class. The system can be setup to allow the learner to choose their path or to let the user create a sequence that must be followed.

LearnDash takes a practical approach to gamification. Learners can earn points for completing courses. Once they reach a set number of points, they can unlock the next course or courses to continue their educational journey. Having multiple unlock options lets the learner choose their next step.

Users can award certificates and badges based on course completion or quiz performance. Certificates can be generated with learner names, date stamps, average quiz score, course name, and more. Keep learners motivated by giving them an award for their achievements.

LearnDash also supports monetization with ecommerce features. Users can sell courses online as a one-time purchase or subscriptions with recurring payments. Along with a shopping cart, the plugin also includes options for selling all-access memberships, course bundles, and licenses.

Give users a centralized place to see their information and performance data. User profiles include a list of courses the user can access as well as their quiz performance, progress, and certificates earned. Profiles are editable and can be assigned to groups.

Compile relevant data with LearnDash reporting tools. The plugin covers all aspects of online learning. Users can view data related to course progress, time spent on courses, quiz performance, live activity, pending approval status, and a progress breakdown that shows how far along a learner is in a course using a graph.

Organizations that want to offer time-limited access to courses can add expiration dates. Set a number of days that the user can access a course. Once the time has passed, access is denied. This feature helps encourage renewals and re-certifications.

Users with a WordPress multi-site installed can use LearnDash across their network. It takes a single click to activate this feature. Manage all your sites with a single installation of WordPress.

LearnDash supports any modern WordPress theme. It’s also compatible with many popular page-builder plugins. Users can add content and LearnDash will adopt the necessary styling attributes for a seamless experience.

LearnDash Empowers Educational WordPress Sites

LearnDash lives up to expectations when it comes to features. The plugin does a lot of heavy lifting, from back-end course management to ecommerce, user profiles, and grading. Its functionality is on par with what many non-WordPress LMS platforms have to offer, and in some ways, it seems even better. The features are practical and include advanced settings and controls to allow users to sell or distribute content however they like. It’s a very attractive solution for any organization that already runs a WordPress site.

Who Uses LearnDash?

LearnDash is a practical LMS option for anyone who uses WordPress or plans to in the future. The plugin creates a fully equipped system that works well for a wide range of organizations and industries. Businesses can generate revenue with an economical ecommerce solution while non-profits and others can easily distribute educational content online. It’s flexible and presents many ways to create a personalized training solution for any audience.

Supported Devices & Platforms

LearnDash is available to users online and on mobile devices. Learners can access courses with smartphones and tablets. The system works on any mobile device with a seamless interface that matches the design found on the web. As long as the device has a modern browser, the user can access features and content.

LearnDash Customer Service

There are multiple ways users can request assistance from the LearnDash team. Two online forms are available. One is used to request a new password, and the other is for manual assistance (excluding product support). Users receive access to a support site after purchase. An online support ticket link is also available along with a physical address and pre-sales phone number.

The Future of LearnDash

WordPress has a strong presence on the web, which means it’s not going away anytime soon. LearnDash is sure to follow suit since it offers expanded eLearning functionality along with the power of WordPress. The features list is already extensive and covers all aspects of managing, selling, and distributing educational content. Its versatility and depth make it an appealing solution that’s already being used by a wide range of businesses including those in healthcare, real estate, academics, fitness, finance, transcription, marketing, website building, and more.

LearnDash Makes WordPress a Powerful eLearning Solution

LearnDash pushes WordPress’ boundaries deeper into the realm of eLearning. Users can earn revenue by selling courses online, position themselves as an industry authority, or offer classes to further a cause or awareness. LearnDash does a lot by itself and can be expanded with other third party plugins. It’s an affordable solution with nearly limitless possibilities.