Edivently LMS Plugin Review by LMS.org

Edivently is an attractive option for individuals and organizations that want to sell online courses. This WordPress plugin works with any modern theme, so users retain creative control. Build courses with tiers to organize material. Offer free courses or accept payment as a one-time fee or subscription. Users can also set class expiration dates, review stats on the dashboard, and drip feed content to learners.

Edivently Turns WordPress into an Online Course Marketplace

Edivently LMS makes it easy for anyone to sell courses online through a WordPress site. The platform has become popular among businesses because it offers an effective way to create and manage a web presence. Edivently harnesses the power of WordPress by giving users the tools they need to generate revenue without extensive knowledge of coding. Anyone can build an online academy with custom content that includes access settings, sample lessons, and more.

What Do You Get with Edivently?

Edivently promises to bring ecommerce functionality to WordPress. The plugin includes features that allow the user to manage transactions, track stats, create courses, and drip feed content to learners. The developers promise to deliver a product that will turn your WordPress site into an online academy. Does Edivently include the features the average freelancer or business needs to sell educational content online?

One of the biggest draws to Edivently is the way it enables anyone to establish an online academy without coding. Users no longer need to understand code or hire a programmer to create a functional course catalog that can be sold on the internet.

A drag and drop interface is about as easy as it gets when it comes to learning management systems. Edivently lets users visualize their work as they go.

Build categories as well as levels and languages to make it easier for learners to find what they need. Each is searchable so students can quickly narrow down their options to discover the most relevant results in the course catalog.

Organize content with multi-tiered courses. Edivently provides users with the ability to add levels by creating separate lessons. Provide in-depth information in a way that’s easy to follow.

A dashboard is provided to give users a better perspective on course and student performance. Check progress of individual learners, track sales numbers, or see which courses are popular.

Provide content all at once or a little at a time. Edivently allows users to drip feed material to learners. Create a schedule and the system will automatically deliver so that the user doesn’t have to do it manually.

Sample lessons allow the user to give potential learners a chance to experience a course before committing. It’s a great way to encourage enrollment and reach a wider audience. Learners can get a taste of what to expect that could help them decide to sign up for a one-time course or subscription.

Edivently supports multiple payment options. Users can sell courses as a one-off transaction or offer subscriptions for long-term learners. They can also create courses that are available for free.

Users can add assignments and quizzes to their online courses. Testing is a good way to gauge progress while assignments encourage learners to continue their efforts outside of class.

Users can provide temporary access to course content with expiration dates. The user chooses any end date they want. When the time comes, Edivently will prevent future access to the material until the user makes changes or the learner re-enrolls.

Keep learners up to date with email notifications. Edivently LMS will automatically send an email when learners enroll or complete a course. Users can also send emails manually to individual learners or a group.

Edivently is compatible with any modern WordPress theme. Users can create their online academy to match a brand or theme. Build a site that is memorable and unique to the company or organization.

Edivently Lets Anyone Build a Course Catalog

Edivently makes it possible for just about anyone to build a course catalog that they can distribute and sell. The plugin includes all the basic necessities a user could need. They can create courses with a variety of content and choose how and when to make that content available. Add deadlines for completion with expiration dates, layer information with lessons, and track performance and sales with the built-in dashboard. Edivently has produced a great all-in-one learning environment that simplifies setup and ongoing management.

The Edivently Environment

Edivently uses a professional, clean interface to make life easier for the user. There’s no clutter, and each feature is well-organized. The best part is that users have total creative control on the front end because the plugin works with any modern WordPress theme. Users won’t have to change the look of an existing site or can find a theme that best matches their needs and branding.

Who Uses Edivently LMS?

Edivently is an enticing option for freelancers and small businesses. The subscriptions are affordable so that anyone can create and market their knowledge online. Their current pricing structure includes one site and the ability to publish unlimited courses. Larger corporations may not find the deeper features or flexibility they need, but for a smaller organization, it’s a smart choice.

Edivently LMS Customer Service

Potential users with questions can contact the Edivently team using a hello email listed on the website. Paying users with an active subscription can access dedicated support to provide answers when they have questions or problems during setup or afterward.

The Future of Edivently LMS

Edivently currently offers an appealing collection of features for anyone in need of a functional online academy. While corporations or individuals who require advanced features may want more options, Edivently presents an effective solution for freelancers and small businesses. It’s easy to learn and implement and comes with support and updates. There’s a growing audience of potential users who want a quick and easy way to start selling courses online. Edivently promises to deliver a powerful and affordable solution that will likely continue to attract attention from that demographic.

Online Course Selling Made Easy

Edivently can significantly reduce the time needed to create and manage an online course catalog. The plugin gives users a way to build and organize courses, accept payments, and monitor progress without hiring a programmer or learning code. That gives users a huge step up in a competitive eLearning market. Edivently takes the guesswork out of setting up an online academy with WordPress.