Udutu Learning Management System Review

Udutu LMS is a strong contender in the eLearning niche. The system is user-friendly, with a straightforward interface and no distractions. Pay by the active user and get your system set up within one day. Multiple support packages are offered along with a free course authoring tool. Users can also import content to this SCORM-friendly system. Award-winning Udutu LMS is scalable, flexible, and can save your trainers time.

Udutu LMS is the Speedy Solution for Business eLearning

Udutu LMS combines power and speed to bring businesses the eLearning solutions they need. The SAAS platform combines several core elements to help companies train new hires, remain in compliance and build an informed customer base. It’s SCORM-friendly and works with other third-party tools, like PowerPoint.

The LMS serves as a centralized hub that works for local and global organizations. Their pricing system is also appealing, with no setup fees and a structure that charges based on active users. Businesses that want flexibility in an LMS that’s ready to go will really appreciate what Udutu has to offer.

What Do You Get with Udutu LMS?

Speed is great, but only if it’s paired with reliability and a strong list of features. Users who are uncertain about switching to or trying Udutu for the first time should browse the LMS’s features list. What can you expect when trying Udutu for your business?

  • Easy Monetization That’s Built In

Start earning revenue from your curriculum with Udutu LMS’s built-in ecommerce tools. Courses can be sold to learners around the world as well as partners or vendors. The user sets the price and manages transactions through Paypal. Promo codes can be created to give free tuition as a special offer with options to choose a set number of available promo codes or applicable credits.

  • Branding Controls for an Authentic Experience

Users can make the LMS feel like a genuine part of their business with custom branding. Build a unique landing page to control the user experience from the moment they try to log in. Branding can be applied throughout for a consistent appearance that doesn’t require knowledge of coding to edit.

  • Automated Course Renewals for Compliance

Udutu LMS helps businesses remain compliant with real-time reports. Courses can be created with automated renewals so that administrators, HR, and trainers don’t have to keep track of manually. Avoid potential penalties and fines and keep your workforce at the top of their game with refreshers and recertification courses.

  • Integration with GoToMeeting and GoToTraining

Users can integrate Udutu with Citrix’s GoToMeeting or GoToTraining Apps. The system does not integrate with WebEx, but users can still track related learning events in the LMS as a task or face-to-face activity.

  • Convenient Activity Tracking for Blended Learning

Udutu supports blended learning with activity tracking. Users can enter all the things they do into the system, even if they don’t take place digitally. Tracking can include documents, videos, and in-person sessions.

  • Course Authoring with PowerPoint Support

Udutu LMS includes a separate course authoring tool that can be accessed for free. The app doesn’t require any coding experience to master. Users can add a variety of multimedia or upload PowerPoint presentations. Course content is accessible on any type of device.

  • Build Custom Learning Paths

Help learners work through the content in the correct order with learning paths. Users can create custom paths to reach specific goals or job role needs. Each path can contain a variety of content, including tests, online courses, GoToMeeting/GoToTraining sessions, face-to-face classes, and more.

  • Access Pre-made Course Templates

Pre-made templates are available in the course authoring app. Users can build engaging online courses with media, branching simulations, quizzes, case studies, and more. Gamification style-scenarios are also included. Build a well-rounded class that keeps learners interested and increases knowledge retention.

  • SCORM Compliant LMS Platform

Courses built in the authoring tool can be extracted into a SCORM-compliant format. Users can get more mileage out of their content and remain in line with industry standards. Classes can be uploaded to any SCORM-compliant platform or directly into Udutu LMS.

  • Upload Courses from Storyline, Captivate, and More

Udutu LMS expands options with the ability to upload courses from other marketplaces including Storyline and Captivate. Create a high performing curriculum by incorporating course content from multiple sources.

  • Fast One-Day LMS Deployment

Busy users will appreciate Udutu LMS’s fast implementation. The system can be deployed within one-day. Users won’t have to deal with lengthy downtime when switching to the system.

  • Administrator Training Included for All

Udutu LMS comes with four support package options. Each includes training for administrators to help businesses get started. Admins who know what they are doing are important for a smooth transition to a new system. They also help an organization get more value out of their eLearning investment.

  • Add Images, Video, and More to Courses

Course content can be enhanced with images, videos, and more. Material is optimized for web viewing to maintain quality for all learners. No technical or production experience is needed to incorporate web-friendly media.

  • Advanced Security and Encryption Protection

Udutu LMS uses bank-level security measures and encryption protection. Courses and user content are safe to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. This is especially important during a time when many users are concerned about the privacy of their personal information. Build trust and keep your business protected with advanced security features.

  • Organized Reports with Custom Options

New users can instantly access a set of pre-made reports that include activity, incomplete courses, learning path status, learning path details, compliance, percentage completion, and meta tag reports. A custom report option is also available so that users can filter data based on their business needs.

  • Custom Roles to Control Accessibility

User management features include the ability to establish custom roles. Users can set active or inactive, add new users manually, or bulk import new users. An email option is also available so that trainers or administrators can send emails to groups of users.

Udutu LMS Provides Straightforward Solutions That Are Scalable

Udutu LMS gets right to the point when it comes to features and functionality. Users can dive right in and start adding learners, building courses, or managing reports. The system is quick to deploy and comes with advanced security. Its streamlined design saves time while still providing the flexibility and customizations businesses want.

It’s also highly scalable, so users can stick with it as their operation expands. Pricing is based on active users, so companies can supply access to everyone without overbuying licenses. The number of active users can be changed on a month-to-month basis, preventing the need to make a long commitment when the user base may increase or decrease.

Udutu LMS Accessibility

The Udutu LMS knowledgebase includes screenshots and descriptions for 508 accessibility. All 508 accessible screens display a symbol on the course authoring tool. Users are advised to provide a description for all images that can be read aloud by a text reader. This information was available as described at the time of this writing on June 29th, 2020.

The Udutu LMS Environment

Udutu LMS presents a very professional interface. It takes a more subdued approach with minimal visual elements. This method works well because it gives the user what they need with no distractions. Navigating the menu is easy and users can get right to work without wading through unnecessary screens. If you want a learning management system that’s streamlined, this is a great choice.

Who Uses Udutu LMS?

Businesses and organizations that need to train groups of people will get the most use out of Udutu LMS. The system is ideal for employee and compliance training. It can also be used to create classes for customers or affiliates. The platform boasted more than 88,000 active users and 200,000 user-generated courses as of 2019.

The subscription options start at just six users and go up to over 500, making it an ideal choice for most business sizes.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Udutu LMS supports all modern devices and platforms. Users can access course content on laptops, mobile phones, and tablet PCs. The knowledgebase recommends generating Flash and HTML5 versions of courses when serving users who are on iPads or devices with IE9 to ensure optimum accessibility and user experience.

Udutu LMS Customer Service

An informative knowledgebase is available on the official Udutu LMS website. Users who require more assistance can opt for one of four support packages. All include training for administrators and LMS branding.

The Pro package upgrades to include LMS setup. Enterprise is the next step and adds integration support with the user’s CRM, HRIS, or other systems to customize their workflow.

The most inclusive support package is the Turnkey. This one adds six branded courses titled Respectful Workplace, Information Governance, Ethics in the Workplace, Bullying in the Workplace, Standards of Conduct, and WHMIS.

Udutu LMS’s website includes a mailing address in Victoria, BC and a local phone number for users who want to get in touch.

The Future of Udutu LMS

Udutu LMS has already established itself as an appealing choice in the eLearning industry. The platform earned a 2017 VIATEC Technology Award, a BC Innovation Council award, and was listed as 87% likely to recommend by eLearning Industry and a 4.5-star LMS by Capterra.

Their website also lists glowing testimonials from real customers. The praise highlighted the team’s reliable customer service, as well as the platform’s ease of use, and SCORM capability as a few of its strong points.

The Udutu LMS user base includes several recognizable names including the United Nations, iRobot, Delek US, Krystal, IBM, Pacific Blue Cross, Work Safe BC, and British Columbia. It’s already a top pick for many and will likely continue to hold that position in the coming years.

A User-Friendly LMS That’s Scalable and Professional

Udutu LMS offers an attractive mix of scalability, features, and professionalism. It’s easy to learn and includes a flexible pricing system that lets users get what they need without paying for more. It’s SCORM-friendly and allows users to choose from more ways to integrate content. Create new courses with the authoring tool or upload from a third-party marketplace.

Maintain compliance, apply custom branding, and sell courses online through one centralized system. Udutu LMS has a lot to offer small to medium size businesses that want to streamline their customer or employee training programs.

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