Teamfluent LMS’s Teamfluent Learning Management System Review

Teamfluent offers a combination of powerful eLearning tools and a user-friendly interface. The system includes everything a business needs to manage onboarding, remain compliant, and provide training for workers moving on to leadership roles. Access real-time data through reports and activity feeds, form virtual classrooms, and create custom learning modules while protecting your resources with bank-level security.

Teamfluent Cultivates Growth & Education through Technology

Teamfluent focuses on the idea that knowledge is power in the workplace. The LMS has brought together a collection of tools that give businesses more ways to manage employee training, compliance, onboarding, and more. The system promises to deliver a wide range of features geared towards cultivating growth and learning through technology.

What Do You Get with Teamfluent LMS?

Teamfluent includes a variety of features that are dedicated to the training aspect of hiring and retaining employees. Users will find a number of tools, but do they offer the flexibility and functionality required to sustain a growing workforce and meet training goals?

  • Learning Boards
    Learning boards allow users to easily explore available courses to find the training they need to reach goals and remain compliant. The board displays classes based on the user’s learning plan so each is tailored to the individual needs of the employee. It’s an easy way to guide trainees through courses with less hand holding.
  • Course Management Tools
    Teamfluent simplifies the course management process. Users can organize courses by topic to create a structured learning plan for a specific department, job role, or team. Users can also share learning plans through the system.
  • Effective Evaluations
    Make sure courses are successful by administering evaluations. Users can supply an evaluation that allows trainees to prove that they understand the course material before moving on to more complex topics. Make sure employees are well trained before letting them take on a job role.
  • Collaborate with Activity Feeds
    Activity fees provide a centralized location for all recent events and activity. Users can view feeds in real time to see what’s going in within the
    organization. Make sure tasks are completed or collaborate with others.
  • Accurate Reports
    Reports are a necessity when it comes to managing a company. Teamfluent includes built-in reports that let users monitor the status of courses, employees, and more. Check trainee performance and track goals to ensure that everyone is keeping up.
  • Built-in Wikis
    Wikis are one of the most versatile tools an LMS can offer. Teamfluent includes wikis that allow users to create detailed knowledge repositories and resources that employees can access. It’s the easiest way to gather and share information with a large group.
  • Onboarding Benefits
    Teamfluent gives users an easy way to provide instant access to everything a new hire needs during the onboarding process. Allow employees to find information on their own without waiting for assistance and automate many common tasks for streamlined onboarding.
  • Cloud Compliance
    The cloud makes it much easier to maintain compliance throughout an organization. Ensure that everyone is completing mandatory training by making courses available from anywhere. Users can update compliance material at any time, so the most recent version is instantly available to everyone.
  • Track & Measure Goals
    Teamfluent makes goal setting and tracking much simpler. Users can create goals on an individual basis or company-wide goals that everyone works towards. Data is accessible so users can monitor progress and make changes as they need to.
  • Learning Modules
    Learning needs vary at different levels. Teamfluent caters to every level within an organization. Users can create basic training modules for new hires or more advanced modules for existing employees who need compliance courses or who are ready to move on to leadership roles.
  • Create Classrooms
    Create a space for employees to learn and grow together with classrooms. These virtual gathering places serve as study groups that allow trainees to collaborate, discuss topics, and ask questions. Businesses can promote a sense of community by encouraging employees to interact and help one another.
  • Gamification
    Gamification makes the learning experience more interesting. Teamfluent includes gamification features like leaderboards, badges, and more. Bring a sense of competition to the learning process to encourage employees to work hard and improve through positive reinforcement.
  • Bring In Outside Content
    Teamfluent allows users to share content from outside of the LMS. Expand your knowledge pool and provide more information by tapping into third party resources.

Teamfluent Offers Versatility

There are many things that Teamfluent got right, including versatility and scalability. The LMS provides access to a wide range of tools that allow an organization to grow and evolve as it needs to. Train employees at all stages, from new hires to long time workers who are ready to move up. The system provides access to real-time data through built-in reports, activity feeds, and more.

The Teamfluent Environment

Teamfluent has created a modern, professional environment that is clean and user-friendly. The design is a little different from what you expect from most LMS products. Using a combination of basic text, boxes, and sidebar menus, the system provides access to all the tools needed with minimal clicks. It’s a great design for users at all tech skill levels, which is a big plus for those who are just discovering the world of LMSs as well as the seasoned user who doesn’t want to waste a lot of time learning a system just to use it.

Who Uses Teamfluent?

Teamfluent offers tools that are meant for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. The system provides features that work well whether you’re training 10 employees or 500. The current subscription system caps at 500. Users should contact Teamfluent for organizations with a workforce of over 500.

Teamfluent Security

Many companies are very concerned with security when using the internet. Teamfluent addresses these concerns with a number of technical and procedural policies. The system utilizes bank-level encryption. Users are also given the option of storing data on their own system, so they remain in control of security and privacy.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Teamfluent covers the main platforms most businesses use, including support for:
• Cloud/web access
• Android mobile
• Apple mobile
• Windows OS
• Mac OS
• Linux OS

Teamfluent Customer Service

Teamfluent provides users with online support. Users can send an email with questions. A free live demo is also available for organizations that want to learn more or are on the fence about switching to Teamfluent. A one-time onboarding service is also available for an additional fee. This service includes an assessment, bi-monthly one-on-one sessions for three months, guided implementation, and more. Additional resources include FAQs and knowledge base.

The Future of Teamfluent

Teamfluent has positioned itself to serve as an all-in-one eLearning solution for small to medium size businesses. The system covers all major areas and employee levels, with tools that work for onboarding, compliance, and leadership training. Teamfluent may be a newer LMS, but it has a lot of potential to gain momentum in the industry.

Manage All Your Training with Teamfluent

Users who want a comprehensive LMS should consider what Teamfluent has to offer. The system presents diverse tools that manage all aspects of training in a way that’s user-friendly. The interface is appealing with a logical layout and just enough icons and graphics to make it pleasant without distracting from the end-goal: to create an efficient learning environment that works at every level within an organization.

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