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SkillBuilder LMS is a competency-based system that empowers users while simplifying many common eLearning tasks. Automate training or offer learners self-registration options. The system can be setup with custom colors and branding as well as unique groups that match the organization’s hierarchy. Multiple support options are included along with custom certificates, blended learning, and a responsive mobile design.

SkillBuilder LMS Introduces Easy-to-Use eLearning Tools for Businesses

The business world has adopted eLearning in a big way. Companies of all sizes are turning to online classes and technology to train their workforce. SkillBuilder LMS taps into the needs of professionals by supplying a fully featured system designed with usability in mind. The website claims to offer an “easy-to-use, cloud LMS” that can manage learning in online and offline settings. Does the LMS deliver something that’s more efficient than its competitors without sacrificing functionality?

What Do You Get with SkillBuilder LMS?

The more features a learning management system has, the more complex it can get for the user. SkillBuilder LMS promises to provide a platform that works for businesses without complicated designs or steep learning curves. What should you expect to find when giving SkillBuilder LMS a try?

    • Create Meaningful Learning Paths

Guide learners in the right direction by creating learning paths. Users can arrange courses and other training content however they like and present it in a coherent way. The student can follow each learning path to reach training goals and earn certificates.

    • Test Learners with Evaluations & Assessments

Administer and review tests with SkillBuilder LMS’s evaluations and assessments. The system can be used to manage and track secure online tests as well as on-the-job evaluations.

    • SCORM & Tin Can Content Supported

SkillBuilder LMS is compatible with SCORM and Tin Can content. Incorporate all learning resources into one system, including existing courses.

    •  Blended Learning Opportunity

Blended learning is supported so that users can manage training online and offline. This adds flexibility for organizations that want to offer a well-rounded curriculum that includes in-person sessions or other offline activities.

    • Supports Multiple Languages

SkillBuilder LMS includes multi-lingual support for a localized experience. Remove language barriers and allow customers or employees to access the courses they need or want to buy.

    • Automated Training Options

Streamline back-end tasks with automated training. The system can be setup to automatically assign training based on role or department. Self-registration is also available so that learners can get registered without assistance.

    • Create & Assign User Roles

Make sure the right people have access to the tools they need by creating and assigning roles. Protect sensitive data while providing administrators with everything required to do their jobs. The system allows users to assign unlimited administrators.

    • Organize Learners into Groups

Users can organize learners into custom groups. The system can be setup to match the company’s hierarchy. Arrange learners by department, team, or however you want based on training and business needs.

    • Four Main Report Types

SkillBuilder LMS provides access to four built-in report types. Users can review exam reports to see how tests are performing. They can also look at ecommerce reports for sales and revenue data. Learning item reports show the completion of specific learning components. Learning path reports track progress through each course.

    • Build a Course Catalog

Compile all available courses into one browse-able catalog. Learners can explore their options and learn more about what you have to offer. Enrollment and payment for a class can be done through the catalog.

    • Sell Courses & Accept Payments

Sell online courses and accept payment by credit card or through PayPal. The system can also be setup to provide personalized recommendations for an enhanced shopping experience.

    • Entice New Learners with Discounts

Encourage new learners to enroll in courses by offering discount codes. SkillBuilder LMS allows users to create a variety of discount codes that can be used to reach marketing goals.

    • White Label LMS

Make SkillBuilder LMS your own by utilizing the white label features. Users can customize the appearance of the interface and incorporate their brand colors and logo.

Everything a Business Needs in One LMS

SkillBuilder LMS has covered all the core areas a business needs when it comes to training and education. The system allows users to compile reports, organize user groups, incorporate existing content, and build learning paths. There are ecommerce tools for companies that want to generate revenue and become an authority in their industry. The white label features are a nice touch that lets users create a training portal that matches their message and brand.

The SkillBuilder LMS Environment

SkillBuilder LMS was created with businesses in mind, and it really shows in the interface. The design is professional and clean. There are unique elements that make it welcoming, yet nothing that slows the user down or distracts from the task at hand. The menus are easy to navigate, and hints of vibrant color are used to keep things interesting. Users can also apply unique color schemes and logos to match their brand.

Who Uses SkillBuilder LMS?

SkillBuilder LMS caters to a business crowd. They offer features that are effective in corporate settings with few limitations. Accounts include unlimited admins, unlimited courses, and premium level support that would appeal to larger companies. The system can also be scaled down to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Supported Devices & Platforms

A responsive interface makes SkillBuilder LMS highly adaptable on any screen. Users can access the system and complete tasks on Apple and Android devices as well as laptops, tablets, and traditional PCs. Users can also utilize features while in offline mode.

SkillBuilder LMS Customer Service

SkillBuilder LMS provides a number of ways to get assistance when users have questions or problems. A phone number and documentation is available along with email and FAQ page. Once subscribed, users can access premium support. Potential users who sign up for the 14 day free trial can also access support plus two hours of free LMS implementation services.

The Future of SkillBuilder LMS

SkillBuilder LMS has received rave reviews from users. It’s also earned mentions on popular eLearning blogs and websites. The system promises a lengthy features list that covers all the main areas a business needs. It’s professional and user-friendly in terms of functionality and design. There’s a lot to love when using SkillBuilder LMS. As more users discover its benefits, its popularity will likely continue to expand.

SkillBuilder LMS Helps Businesses Grow

SkillBuilder LMS provides many opportunities for improving the way a business manages its eLearning resources. Users can begin selling courses online, create a blended learning experience, and handle all back-end tasks in one place. Automation and a centralized system will save employees time and allow them to do their jobs better. Users can add their branding and build custom groups to match their operation. The free trial is just one more reason to give SkillBuilder LMS a try.

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