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Schoology provides a better way to manage education. The system was built for both businesses and schools. Users can author courses that include media and embedded content. Grading tools are provided so trainers or educators can save time and instantly record learner progress. Other features include analytics, improved communication, and support for popular third-party apps.

Schoology Fuels Education with LMS Technology

Schoology promises to deliver a learning management system that connects “all the people, content, and systems that fuel education.” They offer services to a diverse audience that includes K-12 students, higher education, and corporations. The emphasis appears to be on connecting people, whether they are students and faculty members or trainees and trainers. Does Schoology deliver the features needed to satisfy the needs of all of its users?

What Do You Get with Schoology?

Schoology simplifies many processes by allowing educators to create and share content without technical knowledge. The system centralizes the entire process to save time and increase efficiency. Some one-size-fits-all solutions end up watered down because they must be everything to everyone. Schoology manages to offer an appealing collection of features that work well in many settings without limiting its functionality.

    • Quickly Design Courses

Trainers and teachers can easily design courses with no coding or technical knowledge. A course builder is included and lets educators incorporate different types of media into each lesson. Users can also reuse existing courses and embed content from Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and YouTube.

    • Individualized Learning

Every student is unique and learns in different ways. Schoology addresses this by offering many methods to track students and meet their needs. Educators can provide specialized instruction and guide learners as needed to reach academic or training goals. Set student completion rules to customize the experience.

    • Fast Grading & Annotation

Save hours by grading classwork with Schoology. The system lets educators access student work easily. Quickly switch between assignments and provide feedback in the form of a written message or video. Grades are instantly recorded so you can check progress at any time.

    • Course and Student Analytics

Educators, administrators, managers, and others can gather data on courses or students with Schoology’s analytics. Track performance and engagement and compare to pre-loaded standards like NGSS or Common Core. Users can also set custom learning objectives.

    • Familiar Technology

Schoology uses technology that looks and feels much like apps students or trainees utilize outside of the classroom. They can participate in online discussions that look much like a forum or social network. They can also upload videos or images in a moderated environment.

    • System-Wide Communication

Send mass messages or updates to large groups within an organization. Users can write a note that is sent to faculty, parents, students, shareholders, or others. This can be done through notifications, in-platform messages, or as a mass update.

    • Share Resources with Staff

Faculty or trainers can support one another by connecting on Schoology. Employees can discuss concerns, ask questions, or provide advice. The can also share resources or collaborate on the platform.

    • Professional Learning Community

Schoology includes a built-in professional learning community (PLC). Users can create a global network that’s available every day. Establish public groups and resource libraries that are accessible to users all over the world.

    • Manage Assessment Teams

Schoology includes assessment tools that combine learning and testing. Users can ensure that the material used to develop curriculum and assessments utilize the same standards to ensure consistency and quality.

    • Shared Assessment Repository

Supply educators or trainers with one repository for assessments. Everyone can access the same information and questions. Questions and answers can be automatically updated within the system.

    •  Connect to Third-Party Apps

Schoology allows users to connect to their favorite third-party apps. Expand functionality or continue using the services you already trust. The system integrates with BigBlueButton, Google Drive, TurnItIn, Dropbox, YouTube, and OneDrive.

Create a Standard for Education

Schoology contains features that empower educators in any industry. The system includes flexible options, like the ability to incorporate a media into lessons. Users can also stay connected a number of ways, like internal messaging or community-wide updates. Many features make it easier to maintain standards across the board. Users can ensure that their course material matches the assessments students or trainees must complete to prove their abilities or knowledge retention.

The Schoology Environment

Schoology is very clean and user-friendly. Certain elements are inspired by resources many users are already familiar with, like message boards and social networks. This makes it easier for learners of all ages to adapt. The design is professional and keeps the focus on the learning material.

Who Uses Schoology?

Schoology is an LMS product that can work in just about any setting. It’s available to businesses who need a corporate training solution. It’s versatile enough to serve as the backbone of a training program, but also offers features that appeal to K-12 teachers and college professors. Educators can teach any material using different methods without incorporating additional systems.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Schoology is accessible on just about any device with an internet connection. Users can work on a traditional PC or tablet. The LMS is also available as a native Apple or Android app. The developers took things one step farther by offering a download for Kindle Fire available through Amazon.

Schoology Customer Service

Schoology provides multiple ways for users to get in touch. The website lists a New York, NY mailing address as well as a 1-800 phone number. Users can also complete a form to submit an online inquiry. Anyone who is on the fence about switching to the LMS can visit the website and request a demo.

The Future of Schoology

Schoology gives schools and businesses a better way to share knowledge and develop skills. The system has already built a following and earned awards. It is a nine-time CODiE winner and a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award winner. Client stories are shared on the website, including spotlights from Wheaton College, Montverde Academy, Fairview School District, Palo Alto Unified School District, and North Canton City Schools.

The team is also participating in the construction of a free library of digital citizenship resources. Visitors are invited to join the Global Digital Citizenship Challenge to help crowdsource solutions for better digital citizens. Schoology is going strong and will likely continue to do so as they continue to invest in the eLearning community.

A Strong Support System for eLearning

Schoology provides a strong support system for eLearning. There are many appealing features for educators, like grading tools and assessment repositories. There are also benefits for corporate users, like analytics and simplified communication. A combination of detail and all-in-one functionality makes Schoology a strong competitor in the LMS world.

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