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Rallyware takes the hands-on approach when it comes to helping its clients achieve their goals. The system was made for businesses. The features list can be applied in different ways across each department or team. Users can connect with an account manager to develop an engagement strategy. Gamification is included, and lets users earn points and rewards for completion of tasks. The system also includes features for upline management.

Rallyware LMS Specializes Training for Enterprises

Many companies use learning management systems that are geared toward a general audience. This can provide a broader spectrum of features and options. It works well for some, but others need a more specialized approach. That’s where Rallyware comes in. The LMS was designed to provide answers to eLearning questions asked by specific groups or teams within an organization. Does the platform manage to supply the functionality specialized groups need without sacrificing versatility?

What Do You Get with Rallyware?

What you get out of Rallyware depends on what department is using the LMS. In order to understand the features and how they benefit your employees, you have to review the different variations that are available and how they apply to the organization or a team. The current features list includes:

    • Social Gaming

Encourage distributors, sales people, and others to achieve goals and take actions with gamification. The process is fun and provides rewards at each stage. Motivate employees or distributors to increase key factors like sales, customer engagement, and more.

    • Predefined Engagement Programs

Rallyware is equipped with predefined solutions that help organizations achieve goals at every level. Users work with an account manager to customize their engagement program for maximum results. The guidelines and incentives will vary based on the needs of the company.

    • Rewards and Recognition

Points are awarded for completing activities and engaging in competitions. Once a milestone is reached, Rallyware will provide a real or virtual reward. Point values can be determined for a wide range of actions like making sales, retaining customers, and recruiting.

    • Community Grouping

Rallyware groups communities together based on the company’s genealogy. Users can easily connect with the people they need.  Groups can be determined by region, rank, team, and other criteria.

    • Management and Upline Analytics

The system comes with real time analytics that track management and upline data. Information is presented in dashboards and on reports so leaders can easily track status. Critical insights are provided to improve performance.

An LMS That Takes the Hands-On Approach

Rallyware offers a set of features that are customizable and designed to meet the user’s requirements. They take a hands-on approach by creating each program on a one-on-one basis. Users can define objectives and build engagement programs with a Rallyware account manager. The program is configured then reviewed by the customer before being deployed. It’s a step up from the one-size-fits-all approach many eLearning platforms use.

The Rallyware Environment

The interface connects the user to the LMS’ features, which is why it’s so important to have an effective design. Rallyware offers a professional look with a logical layout. There’s no clutter so users can easily find the functions they need. The system also leaves room for visual customization.

Who Uses Rallyware?

Rallyware caters to a professional audience. It manages to cover many core areas that most enterprises need. The LMS is broken down into six solutions. They include Rallyware for:

  • Direct sales
  • Sales enablement
  • Franchise management
  • Human resources
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Brand ambassadorship

The LMS is intended for enterprise level organizations. It may be more than a startup or independent professional would need. The tools provided would be ideal for just about any industry.

Rallyware Customer Service

The Rallyware team takes ownership of each new client’s satisfaction with their product. Potential users can contact them by using one of the email addresses provided on their website. There’s also a phone number to speak to a representative as well as a physical address. Once the process begins, the user is assigned an account manager who will discuss their requirements and help them build a system with programs that work for their organization.

The Future of Rallyware

Rallyware was founded in 2012 and is still going strong today. The system is less known than other popular LMS products, but that is due in part to its clientele. The LMS serves larger companies, providing effective solutions that are customized to their needs. They may not be as appealing to a small startup, but there’s a lot there for an enterprise. They will likely continue to draw attention among larger organizations that want to improve their training methods.

Rallyware Helps Businesses Reach Goals

Rallyware comes with many features, but its biggest benefit is its ability to help users reach their goals. The system is set up with those goals in mind. Users have reported success when training representatives and others. The system helps each employee or distributor determine the steps to take to meet or exceed the expectations of managers. The system also shines thanks to its customizable nature and ability to address the requirements of core areas within an enterprise. Rallyware is an appealing option for companies that want more out of their LMS.

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