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MindQuest Learning brings flexibility to the LMS world. Rather than provide a proprietary solution that may not meet your needs, the team at MindQuest offers a full range of development and design options that include custom learning portals and user experiences, with traditional LMS benefits. Partner with Workplace Learning experts to create a learning environment that suits your business needs, integrates with your software and engages your learners. Discover the benefits of a tailored eLearning environment with no vendor lock-in and no per user pricing to satisfy your budget.

MindQuest Learning Takes LMS Integration to a Whole New Level

MindQuest Learning brings satisfaction to learning management systems by tailoring the environment to your needs. As a full-service partner of Totara Learn, this eLearning solution is an open source software solution that caters to enterprises worldwide. Their approach emphasizes the importance of designing a system that offers the best fit with a one-time development cost. This is achieved through their high-level customization services. Users receive assistance through every phase of the process, from early development through implementation and training.

What Do You Get with MindQuest Learning?

Totara Learn is a full-featured LMS, but its User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UE) functionality is enhanced through MindQuest Learning’s platform development team. The MindQuest team discusses the needs of the client and then creates a version of Totara that matches their client’s requirements. What do you get when working with MindQuest Learning?

    • Custom Learning Portals
      Custom learning portals are one of the most appealing aspects of working with MindQuest Learning. Their team of Workplace Learning experts can create a beautifully designed interface that users can present to their trainees or customers. Every learning portal is unique and custom designed. There are no cookie-cutter designs to ensure that the experience feels authentic for the end user.
    • Robust LMS Designed for Corporations and the Extended Enterprise
      Totara Learn was created to turn Moodle LMS into a system that caters to the corporate world. The result is a robust LMS that is crafted to meet the needs of training managers and others involved in employee education. This specialized approach enhances functionality and solves business problems that Moodle doesn’t.
    • UI Made for Your Users
      Users should be able to get right to work when training. They should not have to add ‘learning a new interface’ to their to-do lists. MindQuest Learning provides a custom UI that is tailored to the needs of your users. The environment is easy to navigate and cuts out any unnecessary elements that could confuse learners and slow learning progress. Learners don’t know they are using an LMS because the user experience is integrated within your company website.

Seamless Integration with All Systems
MindQuest Learning creates an integrated system that fits seamlessly within your operation/website. It connects directly to any existing CRM, HR, or other systems you use on a daily basis.

  • No Vendor Lock-In
    There’s no vendor lock-in with MindQuest Learning’s open source learning environment. Other proprietary LMS products make it difficult to switch vendors, which can lead to headaches when service isn’t up to expectations. MindQuest Learning provides a client-centric solution with quality service. Clients are never locked in, which makes moving to a new hosting/support vendor an easy process.
  • Powerful Reports
    There’s no need to hire a coder to get the reports your organization needs. Built-in reports are available as well as easy-to-use custom reports that allow users to choose the data they need to make the best decisions for the organization.
  • Learner-focused Catalogs
    Users have total control over their training content. The system provides access to specific material on a per user group basis. This allow the users to manage their own resources while giving administrators the freedom to promote courses easily.
  • Built-in Certification
    Manage certification and compliance through MindQuest Learning’s LMS. Trainees can complete courses and earn certificates. Every step is handled through the system for optimum efficiency and convenience.
  • Custom Profile Fields
    Users choose what information is displayed on profiles with custom fields. Add details specific to the company or keep things simple with basic information only. Anything can be added or removed through customization.
  • Single Sign-on
    Single Sign-on allows users to access all the training tools they need with one set of credentials. Fewer steps makes it much easier to accomplish tasks and reach educational goals.
  • Hierarchies & Roles
    Every organization has a unique hierarchy and job roles. MindQuest Learning can build a system that matches your internal structure. Create roles with custom permissions and access to the things that a person or team needs while protecting data that is not essential to that level or position.
  • eCommerce Tools
    Users can turn their training material into revenue through ecommerce. MindQuest Learning provides a complete solution that allows users to manage course sales, webinars, calendar events, and more. Custom branding builds confidence in customers.
  • Multi-lingual Capability
    Totara’s LMS is equipped with multi-lingual capability so companies can operate across borders. Provide a localized experience that meets the needs of learners in any region.

MindQuest Learning for Enterprises

MindQuest Learning is intended for enterprises that are looking for a serious solution that meets their needs. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, and the price will reflect that. The value is evident in the day-to-day savings provided through efficient operation, less long term overhead, and an improved ability to meet learning and sales goals.
Case studies have proven the benefits of working with a custom LMS. Samsung saw a 181% improvement in course completions while Boss Paints reached its target of 80% course completion in four years for technical product training. Other well-known companies have found success using Totara including Kia, Tesco, Volvo, Toyota/Lexus, JetBlue, and Sony.

Say Goodbye to Per-User License Fees

Many LMS products come with monthly billing and per-user license fees. This can get expensive as a company grows and expands its workforce. MindQuest Learning takes Totara Learn LMS and turns it into a custom learning environment with no surprise fees. Additional employees can be added at no additional per user cost. The only thing the user has to pay for is hosting and an annual Totara Learn LMS support fee. That adds enormous versatility for organizations that plan to expand in the coming years, but still want to keep ahead of their annual budgets.

The MindQuest Learning LMS Environment

The best way to describe the training environment provided by MindQuest Learning is that it is whatever the client needs it to be. Their design and development experts produce a custom finished product based on the customer’s requirements. Each is designed to be user-friendly with optimum functionality and navigation while matching the personality and branding of the organization.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Totara by MindQuest Learning is designed for maximum accessibility. Users can sign in through the web or any mobile device. The system is fully responsive, providing an interface that adjusts to the size of the screen the user is viewing it on. Provide access to training material through:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Android devices
  • Apple devices

MindQuest Learning Customer Service

Customer service is one of the focal points for MindQuest Learning. The team works closely with clients to learn their needs throughout the development process. They also take on jobs from past clients who want to make changes to their LMS after initial development. Every project receives the full-service approach to ensure the best results for the organization, whether they are new or a return customer. The team at MindQuest Learning believes that corporations shouldn’t settle for an LMS they don’t want and work to provide a solution that learners and managers will love.

The Future of MindQuest Learning

MindQuest Learning is on to something with their effort to pull away from vendor-centric proprietary systems and push towards a customer-centric, open source solution. Totara Learn LMS has already made waves with an impressive list of past clients. MindQuest Learning sweetens the deal by offering complete customization services that put the client in control of the finished product. This approach has worked well so far, and will likely continue to do so as new clients find their way to MindQuest Learning.

Customization Adds Value to a Globally-Tested LMS

Totara Learn is a globally-tested, open source LMS that’s already well-known and preferred by many. MindQuest Learning takes it several steps further by offering full-service customization that doesn’t force the organization into any extended contracts or vendor relationships. The UI and features are tailored to the needs of the client for a streamlined training experience that is seamless. Integrate with existing systems or build something entirely new to take corporate training to the next level. MindQuest Learning is a must-try for businesses that are ready for a made-to-order LMS.

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