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Learnways takes the made-to-order approach to eLearning. The team carefully chooses projects and works closely with clients to come up with a solution that works. They offer award-winning features like their innovative Five Fingers repetition tool. Their designs are visually stunning and present better ways to engage learners with interactivity.

Learnways Supports Innovative Learning with Digital Media

Learnways is an LMS developed by an employee-owned Swedish company that’s been in the business since 1997. It’s a small operation of 17 people based out of Phuket, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. While the company may be small, it has managed to create a powerful platform that works in a wide range of industries. Does Learnways provide the answers your organization needs when it comes to eLearning?

What Do You Get with Learnways?

When you first visit the Learnways website, you’ll notice its fluid, modern appearance that draws the eye. While visuals are important, functionality is a necessity. The system promises innovation through digital media, but does its features list deliver on that promise?

    • Measure Progress with Evaluations & Surveys

Learnways lets users create custom surveys and evaluations. Test learners to find out how much information they are retaining. Measure individual progress or look for weak areas in the training material.

    • Self-Assessment & Feedback

Along with tests, Learnways’ evaluations can also be used for self-assessment and feedback. Find out how a class felt about a topic, tool, or course. Ask for suggestions for improvement to offer a better experience to learners. The system allows participants to respond anonymously at their own pace. Results can be viewed on an individual basis or with all responses compiled together.

    • User-Driven Interactive Learning

Learnways emphasizes the user experience. The system supports interactive learning to give users more reasons to participate in activities. Engage learners while nurturing a sense of curiosity. Interactivity makes training fun while encouraging all involved to improve their skills.

    •  Build Content Around Videos

Users can create video-based training materials that lets learners see concepts and instructions in action. Video content is presented with an easy-to-use player and basic details. Demonstrate ideas that inspire thought and conversation.

    • SCORM-Friendly LMS

Learnways is SCORM-friendly so organizations can continue benefitting from older material. Integrate legacy training content then round it out by incorporating new resources.

    • Use a Lot or a Little

Learnways is very flexible when it comes to functionality. Organizations that are looking for everything can find what they need while others can use the LMS to fill in the gaps. Use it as a platform to introduce SCORM content or other features.

    • See Results & Manage Risks

See data compiled into well-organized bar graphs. Learnways lets users monitor progress and success across an organization. Look for areas that are lacking and make changes to get the most out of your training efforts. Data can be presented on an individual or operational basis.

    • Award-Winning Five Fingers Tool

Learnways is the creator of the award-winning Five Fingers tool. This feature uses repetition to improve knowledge retention. Learners independently repeat key insights using a simple digital activity.

    • Put a Plan into Action

Action plans allow users to build a bridge between what they want to accomplish and reality. Learnways provides a clear way to establish a plan of action. Users can manage progress and make changes as needed.

    • A System That Works for Healthcare

Learnways has proven to be a valuable asset for businesses in the healthcare industry. The system has been implemented for internal and public use by multiple medical organizations. Their customized health projects include Antibiotics Smart, an educational tool for prescribing physicians as well as Sarsmart which was designed for wound diagnosis and care instruction.

    • Original Concepts for Education

Learnways offers custom development based on the needs of each client. The material is tailor-made and can include videos, text, animation, and interactivity to address the training requirements of any organization.

LMS Innovation at Its Finest

Learnways has turned quite a few heads in the LMS world. The system’s Five Fingers repetition tool earned a 2016 Swedish Learning Award. The team has proven their adaptability by presenting beautifully designed training content that caters to the unique needs of each client. Features are developed with both educational quality and visual appeal in mind.

The Learnways Environment

Learnways has proven that it can be whatever the user wants it to be. Each area features modern elements and a user-friendly interface. By incorporating an artistic touch to each project, the team builds solutions that are just as memorable as they are functional. From professional to colorful, it seems that there is nothing that the creative minds at Learnways can’t do.

Who Uses Learnways?

Thanks to custom development and an innovative team, Learnways is a system that works well for anyone. Personalized tools are available that are designed for medical professionals, energy companies, and equality and diversity training. World School was developed for the Swedish UN Federation and earned a 2014 Swedish Learning Award. A supply chain feature with animated scenarios was built for the Swedish National Collaboration for Social Responsibility in Supply Chain. A harmful substances program was introduced for the city of Stockholm that became a finalist in the 2106 Swedish Learning Awards.

Learnways Customer Service

The Learnways website lists a physical address, email address, and contact phone numbers for three key individuals. The team works closely with clients to ensure personalized service. Rather than take everything and everyone, Learnways focuses on carefully selected projects to ensure that they can supply a finished product that fully satisfies the client’s requirements. They provide ongoing assistance that emphasizes innovation and sustainability.

The Future of Learnways

Learnways has made a name for itself in the Swedish eLearning community. Through custom development, the team has created a versatile list of tools tailored to specific audiences. They have earned multiple awards and honorable mentions for their innovative creations and have provided solutions to some large and well-known organizations within their home country. There’s enormous potential for the Learnways team as they continue to innovate.

A Platform That Goes Above and Beyond

Learnways presents a collection of custom made tools that focus on very specific tasks. The team has produced some impressive award-winning solutions that enhance the way businesses train. They go above and beyond with customer-focused service and 100% commitment to the project. Users who are looking for an effective solution that meets very specific needs should consider contacting Learnways.

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