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Knolyx LMS combines detailed features with a modern interface. It’s all done with an emphasis on the user’s experience. Create courses with audio, video, and more. Present learner dashboards with recommended courses, current progress, and experience earned. The system also allows users to create roles and issue challenges. Offer live streaming content with functions like raise hand and talk to the instructor. The system covers just about anything most organizations need to train.

Knolyx LMS Puts the User Experience in the Forefront of eLearning

Knolyx emphasizes the importance of the user experience. The system combines practical features with a user-friendly design. There are numerous ways to cut down on time spent on common tasks. Other functions are meant to provide options that let the user tailor the platform to their organization’s needs. The LMS includes course building tools, quizzes, overviews, roles, and much more. All are packaged with a dedicated customer support team. Does Knolyx provide the solutions your organization needs to be successful?

What Do You Get with Knolyx?

At first glance, Knolyx seems to cover all the main areas that most businesses need to train. Along with broader features, the LMS allows users to drill down further with different options and settings. The Knolyx website claims to offer a “complete eLearning experience.” Does it deliver on that promise?

    • Diverse Course Content

Users can apply a variety of content to each course they author. Upload audio, video, PDFs, and more. The system also allows users to add quizzes, certificates, or issue challenges to students.

    • Create Unique Roles

Knolyx lets users assign roles to users. Add students and trainers as well as creators, global vendors, department managers, client managers, or partner managers. Make sure everyone has access to the tools they need without unauthorized access to the thing they do not.

    • Comprehensive Student Dashboards

The student dashboard gives learners a complete overview of their status, activities, and more. View current courses, experience earned for the day, learning paths, popular resources, recommended courses, and what’s new on the platform. These items can be controlled by the user to ensure that content is presented the way they want it to be.

    •  Learners Earn Experience

Encourage learners to do more on the platform with experience. The dashboard will show the learner’s experience for the day. It is presented along with the total number of minutes spent on the platform on a daily or weekly basis.

    • Well-Organized Course Content

When working through a course, learners will notice sections. These allow for convenient viewing. Each section can include a lecture and displays the total runtime, so the user knows how long it will take before they begin. A notes tab is also provided so that the learner can jot down any notes they would like to save. No pen and paper needed. It’s all housed within the system.

    • Supports Multiple Class Types

Organizations that prefer the blended learning approach will appreciate Knolyx’s support of different class types. Offer self-paced courses or live instructor-led sessions. Streaming is available with functions like raise hand and the ability to talk to fellow students or the instructor.

    • Structured Learning Paths

Learning paths are presented in a visual manner so that they are easy to navigate and understand. Content creators can allow students to complete courses in any order they like or set prerequisites that require content completion in a predetermined order. This is essential for topics that will build on previous learning.

    • Convenient Creator Dashboards

The creators also get a dashboard that provides them with relevant information. See how many courses are on the platform, all resources, quizzes, and more. Creators can also see their courses and assessments.

    • Set Difficulty Level

When building a new course, the creator can assign a difficulty level. The system allows for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. This will help students determine which courses are appropriate based on their existing knowledge and experience.

    • Communicate within the LMS

Users can communicate with learners within the LMS. Send emails and invitations to new courses, issue notifications, or receive reviews and feedback. Back and forth communication is important to make sure the learner is getting everything they need out of the course.

    • Complete LMS Analytics

Knolyx comes equipped with analytics. This allows users to track progress across the system or specific activities or areas. An overview is provided that shows new employees, new enrollment, popular courses, logins, most active students, top resources, and time spent on the app. Data is visible on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and can be broken down by department.

    • Powerful Admin Controls

Admins can easily manage their duties within Knolyx. The system lets users add employees to departments to match the organization of the company. They can also assign jobs and more.

    • Habit-Building with Microlearning

Microlearning is supported along with a counter that encourages students to turn activities into a habit. The counter shows the student the number of times they completed content. This helps learners form good habits that lead to better information retention.

    • Upload Custom Certificates

Users can upload custom certificate designs that are awarded upon completion of content. This provides additional incentive and helps learners know when they need to re-certify. It can also be used to recognize academic achievements.

  • Form Study Groups

Form study groups for students to encourage collaboration and improve informal communication skills. This helps learners connect and discuss ideas, provide advice, or ask questions.

Give Users What They Need In An LMS

Knolyx manages to go above and beyond when it comes to giving users what they need in an LMS. The system provides a great list of core features, with course authoring, analytics, assessments, and more. It also lets users customize most aspects of the platform, so each matches their needs and goals. Upload custom certificates, assign roles, receive feedback, and organize users in a way that corresponds with their positions within the company.

The Knolyx Environment

Continuing its focus on the user experience, Knolyx presents a clean, modern environment that nurtures participation. The system incorporates simple menus with colorful headers that direct the eyes to vital functions and data. Courses are displayed with thumbnail images, titles, difficulty level, and duration so that the user has all the information they need before beginning. Knolyx offers an organized, user-friendly interface that goes well with its features and focus.

Who Uses Knolyx?

Knolyx can work for just about anyone. The system is flexible, allowing it to cater to a wide range of industries. Their website also provides suggestions for training in specific areas or applications like finance, IT, retail, education, and call centers. Subscriptions have no minimum user count with options for 0 to 100 users at the lowest or over 1,000 users at the highest.

Supported Devices & Platforms

All modern browsers are supported as well as mobile devices. Users can take their training anywhere. The system also supports offline training. It’s about as flexible as you can get when it comes to eLearning.

Knolyx Customer Service

Customer service is very important to the Knolyx team. They provide dedicated support to guide new clients through implementation. Training and demos are also available. Users can request help with course creation, initial data import, and more. They offer quick response times, so users get what they need with minimal waiting. They also provide a contact form on their website along with a local phone number, mailing address in Romania, and email address for the parent company Gentlab.

The Future of Knolyx

Knolyx has already earned recognition from several websites. They received a place on the Top 20 Customer Experience list compiled by eLearning Industry as well as badges for consistently high ratings from customers. Overall, users were satisfied with the platform and found it useful and customer-friendly. The LMS will likely continue to attract new users as more businesses explore its features list and customer support options.

Knolyx Combines Convenience and Features with a User Focus

Knolyx manages to provide an attractive list of features that are convenient and customizable. They do so with a focus on the user’s experience. Everything is designed to be easy and manageable without watering down what users can do. Create courses with a variety of content, administer assessments, assign challenges, and monitor progress with analytics and dashboard statistics. Knolyx presents a strong contender that caters to organizations of all sizes.

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