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iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS that lets users build effective course content and create a virtual learning environment that matches their corporate brand. Award certificates, track progress with reports and localize the eLearning experience. The system is responsive and features an appealing look that’s both modern and practical. Find out more about how iSpring Learn can help train employees and students.

iSpring Learn LMS Combines Practical Features & Pretty Design

iSpring Learn LMS is a system designed to manage employee and student training online. Users will find a lengthy list of features that span all the core functions you’d expect from an LMS with a few refreshing extras. The developers also managed to create an attractive interface that helps the user along whether they are an admin managing back-end tasks or a student taking a class online.

What Do You Get with iSpring Learn LMS?

A long features list is a good thing, but only if those features are designed to be responsive and flexible. With many companies opting for eLearning over classroom training, a solid system is essential to success. iSpring Learn claims to provide everything the user needs to manage online courses in professional and academic settings. Does the system deliver as promised?

  • Custom Content & Unlimited Storage Space
    iSpring Learn supports a wide range of file types, including FLV, MP4, SWF, MP4, WAV, PDF, DOC, XLS, and PPT. It’s also SCORM-friendly, so users have nearly limitless options when building courses. The added benefit of unlimited storage space is very appealing, especially for users who plan to host multiple classes for a larger audience.
  • Complimentary Desktop Authoring Tool
    Create eLearning content right on your desktop with iSpring’s complimentary authoring tool. Add quizzes, surveys and more. PowerPoint content can also be added, complete with all triggers, hyperlinks, and animations. Other desktop features include screen recordings, dialogue simulations, and a character library.
  • iSpring Mobile App
    iSpring is also available in a mobile format. Students can download the app for free and work on course assignments, even when offline. Progress is recorded and tracked then uploaded once an internet connection is detected.
  • Simple User Management Tools
    User and learner management tools are included and make it easy to provide the proper level of access for every profile. Roles can be assigned and include administrator, author, and user. Each account can create unlimited administrators and can add custom user fields for better control over access and data. A self-registration option is also included.
  • 18 Reports for Easier Tracking
    Rather than lump all data into one report, iSpring Learn offers 18 types. Users can view content reports to see which course materials are working and which are not. People reports focus on learner activity while quiz and simulation reports share data on assessment scores. The ecommerce features include a fourth report that covers revenue and general sales data.
  • Manage & Sell Courses Online
    iSpring Learn brings its own collection of ecommerce tools. Users can sell courses on the web with custom prices. Payment can be accepted using Paypal or Authorize. Access rules are also available so the user can apply limits to display time, number of attempts and more.
  • Automatic Certificate PDFs
    Reward successful students with certificates of completion. Users can choose a pre-made template to make a certificate or upload a custom design. After setup, the certificate will be automatically awarded as a printable PDF once a student has completed the course.
  • Make iSpring Learn Your Own
    Users can transform iSpring Learn into an extension of their organization with custom branding. Add logos, favicons and unique colors to match your established brand. Account branding creates a seamless experience for students and trainees. Localization features are also available that allow users to work with different languages.
  • Integration & Domain Aliases
    Integration is made easy with the iSpring Learn REST/SOAP API. Users can continue using other systems with content produced in the LMS. Domain aliases can also be applied, so they appear as the URL.
  • Learning Paths
    Learning paths make it easy to guide students through the course material they need to meet their educational goals. Customize the learning experience to create an effective course catalog that allows students to work through content in a logical order.

iSpring Learn Offers Everything in One Handsome Package

iSpring Learn LMS has created a powerful system that does everything a user could want when it comes to training or teaching online. Integration features allow users to take the customizations further to maximize functionality and
convenience. Unlimited content hosting and administrator roles is also a nice touch.

The Future of iSpring Learn

Many companies are already aware of the benefits of using iSpring Learn LMS. The system took 3rd place on the Top 25 Enterprise Software Products list for 2016 created by G2 Crowd. The team also made an appearance at the Core4 Conference in New Orleans. While reaching out to the industry, iSpring Learn’s developers continued to improve the system with new language options for German, Spanish and French added October of 2016. With over 40,000 clients across the globe, including names like IBM, Microsoft, Sony and AT&T, the future is bright for iSpring Learn and its users.

Train Better with iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn LMS offers a comprehensive list of features that continue to draw attention. The system is highly customizable, sets fewer limitations than some competitors, and offers an attractive interface that’s user-friendly. Anyone who wants a versatile, professional grade LMS should consider switching to iSpring Learn.

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