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InnTier LMS gives users an all-in-one solution that can handle training, certification, and consultation. Bring a workforce together with an all-in-one education platform. Provide in-person instruction or let employees work through activities that prepare them for day-to-day tasks. All development, support, and hosting are U.S.-based. InnTier is designed to provide a hub for training with unlimited scalability.

InnTier Brings Innovation to the World of Corporate eLearning

InnTier LMS offers an innovative take on eLearning for businesses. The system operates under the philosophy that “Knowledge Breeds Strategic Action.” It was created to provide full service solutions for corporate education, training, and consultation. The website promises a collection of cutting-edge tools that will meet business needs and develop leadership among workers. Does InnTier offer all the features and benefits it claims?

What Do You Get with InnTier LMS?

InnTier provides users with access to innovative features that can save time and provide a better learning experience for trainees and trainers. It’s flexible and versatile to give companies more ways to improve their educational resources. What should you expect to find when using InnTier LMS?

  • Tiered Management & Training

A tiered management and training approach is used that allows employees to immediately begin utilizing their knowledge and skills. Course material that covers daily tasks is provided that can be used on the job right away. Employees see results faster and are brought up to speed with their training sooner.

  • True White Labeling

The system is fully customizable, giving users the ability to apply almost any element they like. Upload logos or images, add text, new content, and background colors. The system also allows users to rename fields and buttons or apply headers and footers. There’s no need to contact the development team to request changes because user can do it on their own instantly.

  • Dynamic Classes

InnTier does away with the old idea of lectures and boring classroom style training. Instead, the system provides a dynamic experience with customizable courses that engage learners while working towards the company’s objectives and goals. Users can apply lesson timers and countdowns and manage all course content within the system.

  • Multi-Lingual for Localization

Businesses can create a localized training program with multi-lingual capability. Provide training to employees from other countries or tailor the content to one geographic region. Multiple languages make it possible to educate workers without communication barriers.

  • Continuing Education Manager

InnTier LMS also works as a continuing education manager. Users can provide learning opportunities for long-term employees to make sure everyone has the best chance at success. Manage certification to keep employees up-to-date while improving confidence and job satisfaction.

  • A Secure LMS

Security is a big concern for modern businesses. InnTier provides secure encryption, so users’ data is protected. The system can become the company’s go-to resource for all training needs without exposing sensitive information.

  • Build Your Action Plan

Custom planning tools are included so that users can create goals and map out a way to reach them. Rather than follow a cookie cutter plan designed for business in general, companies can compile steps that match their needs and requirements.

  • Real-Time Analytics & Dashboards

Accuracy is very important in the professional world. InnTier LMS provides users with real-time analytics and dashboards that allow them to see the most recent stats and information. It’s a valuable tool when making quick decisions or changes to training or other aspects of your operation.

  • Integrated System

InnTier provides integration services so that users can continue using the third-party apps they already have in place. It can make implementation easier and allow businesses to diversify functionality by tapping into the power of InnTier combined with other products.

  • Social Learning Environment

Social learning is a big deal these days, and it’s easy to see why. InnTier provides a platform where employees can collaborate and help one another with training. Connect with fellow workers to discuss course material or provide advice and answers without pulling everyone into a time-consuming in-person meeting.

  • Gradebook & Skills Tracking

Progress tracking is very important when it comes to measuring success. Trainers, managers, and supervisors can follow the status of a course or employee. Make sure everyone is completing the content, so you know who needs additional assistance and who is excelling.

  • Student Portals

Student portals make it easy to centralize each employee’s training. Learners can access InnTier by visiting the portal and logging in. It’s easy, quick, and available from any device with an internet connection.

  • Content Management & Organization

All content can be managed through the LMS. Users can make changes to classes and distribute them easily and quickly. Save time and make it easier for employees to do the same by providing instant access to the training material they need.

  • Automated Calendars

Automated calendars can be used for personal and professional planning. Schedule events or populate available and expiring courses. Check attendance and capture payments upon check-in.

  • 100% U.S.-Based LMS

Customers located in the United States may appreciate the fact that InnTier works entirely within the country. That includes development, hosting, maintenance, and support.

InnTier is a Full Service eLearning Solution

InnTier offers an attractive option for corporate clients. The platform is equipped with the tools needed to manage all aspects of training, from onboarding new hires to maintaining valid certifications. The developers describe a concept called Fusion which blends two or more platforms. The idea is that users benefit by applying multiple training methods with a variety of tools. Fusion brings together live presentations, active feedback, interactive displays, surveys, follow-up tools, consultative advising, and more. This allows the user to create a system that caters to all types of learners.

Who Uses InnTier LMS?

InnTier provides a list of valuable tools for businesses. They have a strong corporate focus that appeals to organizations that manage training and personal development of employees. They offer personalized service to customize the platform for each client. A combination of features, price, and no minimum user requirement make InnTier ideal for organizations of any size. The platform is completely scalable so that fast-growing businesses can stick with the same platform throughout each stage of expansion.

Supported Devices & Platforms

InnTier has everything covered when it comes to access. Users can login from a computer or use their phone for on-the-go training. The system works with all current Android and iOS devices, which adds flexibility to the experience. Users don’t have to be sitting at their desk or workstation to access their training materials.

InnTier LMS Customer Service

The InnTier team take a hands-on approach to customer support. They offer onsite training during initial setup for new customers. Contacting InnTier is very easy, with three options available through the website. Users can fill out a contact form or use the email address provided. There’s also a telephone number. Clients are supplied with a list of training resources that includes documentation, in-person training, and live online training options.

The Future of InnTier LMS

InnTier offers an appealing service for organizations that want a hands-on approach. The Professional Tennis Registry, which is the world’s largest tennis coaching organization, recently implemented the LMS. Full succession planning was announced as an upcoming feature. The need for eLearning continues to grow in the business world, which means InnTier will likely have a bright future ahead of it.

A Professional Solution for All eLearning

InnTier hits all the high notes when it comes to corporate training. Users can implement the system as their core go-to resource or integrate with third-party systems to keep the functionality they are accustomed to using. The proactive approach can give businesses an edge in competitive markets by training good leaders and knowledgeable workers. What’s even better is that InnTier keeps costs down so that users can save money or have more to invest in custom development. The system is also customizable, so users get what they want out of it.

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