GoSkills Learning Management System Review

GoSkills LMS gives businesses more options. Create new course content or tap into a library of over 80 ready-to-distribute courses covering popular topics. Users can build teams, create user profiles, and recycle licenses. The platform is easy to navigate and offers a professional look with flexibility.

GoSkills LMS Jumpstarts Your Training Program

GoSkills is an LMS that was revamped to provide greater flexibility for users. The platform adopts a microlearning approach, claiming that “Bite size is the right size” on their homepage. This method has proven effective, especially when paired with other practical features. The system includes a growing catalog of pre-made courses that businesses can use to jumpstart their training programs.

What Do You Get with GoSkills LMS?

GoSkills provides an eLearning solution that helps users manage all aspects of training. The features list covers many broad areas including reports, content distribution, certification, and more. Does GoSkills provide all the tools your organization needs in its LMS?

  • Microlearning Made Easy – GoSkills favors the microlearning approach. Content is broken up into small pieces that are easier to digest. This is also helpful when training employees who may have a busy work schedule. Learners can find the time when they have a break to work on a lesson without committing to hours a day.
  • Pre-Made Course Catalog – Users can access a catalog of pre-made courses through GoSkills. This is available as an add-on feature. The library currently contains over 80 courses in nine areas including Microsoft Excel, Lean Six Sigma, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Soft Skills, Design, Development, Finance, and Office Productivity.
  • Helpful User Dashboards – Dashboards serve as a hub for users when they log into GoSkills. This area presents an overview of relevant information including courses, active courses, completions, active learners, lessons viewed, average time spent on lessons, and more.
  • Flexible Reporting Tools – GoSkills comes with reporting tools that let users track progress. Filters help drill down data based on time, team, or active courses. Users can also view an individual’s stats like test attempts, certificates, test scores, and time spent learning. Reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.
  • Upload and Track External Training – Users can rely on GoSkills to serve as a central hub for all types of learning. Users can add external training links, and the system will track them as well.
  • Manage In-Person Classrooms – A blended learning experience is also supported. Users can schedule in-person classroom training. Add custom details like an image, default banner, overview, qualifying criteria, additional remarks, availability, instructor name, date, time, location, and available number of seats.
  • Work with Unlimited Admins – An unlimited number of administrators can be added to any account. This allows users to provide top-level access to all the people who need it. Admins can access courses, team assignments, progress data, and more.
  • Build Learner Profiles – Learner profiles contain a variety of information. Users can include courses, teams the learner belongs to, and progress.
  • Organize Teams for Training – Teams allow admins to organize their learners. Create teams based on department, class, or job role. Teams can be assigned custom names. Existing users can be added instantly, or admins can create new users to invite. Invitations include an editable email message that can be changed before sending.
  • Custom Branding – The Enterprise upgrade allows users to apply custom branding to the LMS. This includes logos and custom themes. Users can create a learning space that blends seamlessly with their existing online properties.
  • Courses with Quizzes – Each course contains a list of lessons that are focused on specific topics or concepts. After watching a video, the user can view exercise files and then take a follow-up quiz. Each short quiz contains three questions to verify that the learner understands the material. A 100% score earns a green checkmark for that lesson while anything less earns a yellow checkmark.
  • Supports Standards-Based Courses – Standards-based courses can be added to the user’s curriculum. SCORM, xAPI, and other digital formats are supported. This requires the Enterprise add-on.
  • Optional Subscription Add-Ons – Users have options when choosing the level of access that they need. A basic account is available for teams. This is free forever and includes course authoring tools, gamification, reports, analytics, and social learning. Users can buy the 80+ courses as one add-on and the Enterprise level features as another.

Flexible Learning Solutions for Businesses

GoSkills gives businesses the LMS features they need with flexibility. Users can choose the amount of access they need with add-ons. The pre-made courses let users jump right in without wasting time preparing new content. Users can customize the experience by building their own courses or connecting to external training links. Users can also reuse licenses without buying new ones if someone leaves the company or no longer needs access. It’s a great all-in-one solution based on the power of microlearning.

The GoSkills Environment

The GoSkills environment is very appealing for users who want a mix of convenience and modern design. It’s easy to navigate with clearly defined menus and appealing visual elements. Users can locate most features with a few clicks or fewer. Each area is well-organized. Courses are presented with a graphic, title, and star rating. Even a novice-level user will have no trouble figuring out how to navigate the GoSkills interface.

Who Uses GoSkills LMS?

According to the GoSkills homepage, the LMS is used by over 1000 businesses that range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Many well-known names are highlighted including Intuit, Hilton, University of Otago, Mars Incorporated, Access MediQuip, RUAG, and Dalcour Maclaren. The combination of a free basic account with optional paid add-on features makes GoSkills ideal for a wide spectrum of users. It’s affordable and functional for small businesses but also offers money and time-saving conveniences for corporations.

Supported Devices & Platforms

GoSkills LMS works on modern browsers. As long as the user has an internet connection, they can access the platform and completed activities. The user won’t have to install any third-party software.

The only exception is if the user wants to teach a course related to a specific program like MS Office or Adobe Photoshop. The user will be responsible for providing a copy of the third-party software that they plan to learn (GoSkills only provides the related course content to teach methods and instruction). Their FAQ page provides links to 30-day trials of some of the popular products their courses cover.

GoSkills Customer Service

New users are given a tour of the LMS when they begin. This can be skipped if the user feels confident about their ability to navigate the system. A local phone number for the USA/Canada and another for the UK is available on the GoSkills website along with a Skype name and email address for inquiries. Users who choose the Enterprise add-on will be given access to a dedicated account manager after subscribing.

The Future of GoSkills LMS

GoSkills LMS has already received recognition and mentions. They earned accreditation and awards from the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service (CPD UK), the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), and the Project Management Institute (PMI). The platform was also featured on the BBC, CourseTalk, Business Insider, Forbes, and SkilledUp.

The developers continue to work with clients to determine what they need. This information goes into future updates and changes. Needs are prioritized so that they can effectively guide the direction of the platform.

GoSkills Makes Learning Manageable

GoSkills LMS makes life easier for all involved in the training process. The microlearning approach is a proven method that allows for better knowledge retention without a huge time commitment. Most videos are only around 5 minutes long while lessons usually take around 30 minutes to complete. The platform also assists with organization by establishing teams and managing data and course catalogs. GoSkills LMS has already earned high ratings and reviews and will likely continue to do so as they expand their course catalog and features list.

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