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Geenio is one of the most visually appealing LMS solutions out there. The service is reliable and very easy to implement. An interface with clean boxes, images and labels makes building and managing courses so much easier. Along with an engaging design, Geenio also provides detailed features that allow the user to easily organize courses and track progress. Users gain more insight into individual and overall success so they make better decisions when editing or compiling course content.

Geenio Covers the Full Cycle of eLearning

Geenio is an LMS that covers the full cycle of eLearning, from the conception of a course to its implementation and beyond. Users can compile all their educational needs into one system to simplify the entire process and work as effectively as possible. The more effective an organization is at building and maintaining courses, the better chances its students or employees will have at being successful in their training. Geenio promises to deliver all the features needed to handle the process the whole way through. Will Geenio make good on its promise and impress users at all stages of course creation and implementation?

What Do You Get with Geenio?

Geenio takes a modern approach to eLearning. New and traditional tools are presented in a clean, eye-catching interface that’s responsive and user-friendly. Instead of long text lists or outlines, users can create and organize courses with visual charts to form a learning tree that expands as the material diversifies.

What else can you expect when using Geenio?

  • Pre and Post Testing for Better Overall Assessments
    Most learning management systems focus more on tests and quizzes taken during or after the completion of a course. Geenio does one better by providing tools for pre and post testing. Students can take a pre-test so instructors or teachers can gauge their current abilities. Tests can be taken during the course with a final test after to track progress and determine the level of improvement. Students know where they stand and the educator can gain insight into how effective their courses are.
  • Leaderboards & Group Stats Provide a Better Perspective
    Geenio pairs its individual-level progress tracking tools with broader features that monitor groups and entire courses. Group stats can be compiled and reviewed using clean charts that feature simple colors for quick identification. Observing how whole classes are performing can help the organization refine its catalog by identifying strong and weak points in the curriculum.
  • News Feeds & Notifications
    Improved news feeds allow users to easily communicate with a large audience. Admins and managers can send notifications that are directed at everyone or a specific group of users within the organization. Notifications appear in the news feed and email.
  • Easy Course Authoring for Any Device  
    Geenio provides a convenient page editor that allows the user to build interactive courses that work on any device. Flexibility is very important with students accessing material and classes on more than just desktop PCs and laptops. Geenio works on any modern device with a recent web browser.
  • Homework & More
    The homework feature allows users to build assignments through the LMS. Schools can create traditional homework assignments while businesses can use this feature to create tasks for employees or learners. Upload a report then assign the task to an employee who can download it, complete the work, then upload for review.
  • Human Assignment Checkers
    Geenio’s homework feature adds a human touch to assignments with inspectors. One or more inspectors can be assigned to a homework task to check the work once the learner or employee turns it in. They can provide a pass or fail result or a grade score from 1 to 100. Learners can appeal the results while inspectors can send work back without a grade to request clarification or additional work.
  • Leaderboards & Group Stats Provide a Better Perspective
    Geenio pairs its individual-level progress tracking tools with broader features that monitor groups and entire courses. Group stats can be compiled and reviewed using clean charts that feature simple colors for quick identification. Observing how whole classes are performing can help the organization refine its catalog by identifying strong and weak points in the curriculum.
  • Surveys & Questionnaires
    Request feedback from students with Geenio’s surveys and questionnaires. Users can build a survey to ask questions that include a 1 to 5 rating scale response. Learners provide feedback that can help users improve their course offerings. Responses can be submitted anonymously to encourage honest feedback.
  • Customize with iFrame
    Geenio’s iFrame feature provides more flexibility for users. This tool allows the user to add any content that can be embedded. Just copy the link into the iFrame element to add. Users can expand their course content by incorporating Google Drive docs, Flash games, or beautiful 360-degree panoramic images that learners can scroll across.
  • Search from the LMS
    In an effort to remain as convenient as possible, Geenio provides a built-in search function for Google and YouTube. The user can search for images using Google from within the system. The results only include publicly available images so the user doesn’t have to worry about accidentally using content that is owned by someone else. A similar function is available for YouTube videos.
  • Course Collaboration
    A collaborators tab is included to allow users to collaborate when authoring courses. Add employees or users who are responsible for building different aspects of the course so everyone can work together. Collaborators can post comments, approve work, and apply changes.
  • Manage Course Builder in Extended or Simple Modes
    Geenio’s course builder provides two view types: simple and extended. Simple mode is more compact and presents each lesson in a visually appealing box positioned in a numbered list with drag and drop capability. Users can select extended mode to open up the course as a flow chart to see each part and how it relates to the rest.
  • In-Depth Reporting with Tags & More
    Student success and failure hints at the effectiveness of an eLearning course. Geenio provides many ways to track the learning process, including analysis tools. Users can compile student stats then tag questions to track results within specific categories. The organization can monitor progress within specific fields of expertise. Reports can be exported as a CSV file.
  • Manage Individuals as Custom Groups
    Users can create custom groups which appear in easy to navigate boxes with images and labels. The user can see a basic overview that shows how many individuals are found within that group. Organizations can create groups for specific departments, job roles or students of different skill levels or within different fields of study.
  • Advanced Groups
    After receiving customer requests, the team at Geenio added group hierarchies to the system. This allows organizations to create groups that match their corporate structure. Sub-groups can be nested within larger groups with custom field options. Groups also include built-in messaging systems. Chats can be created for a group or individual courses.

Geenio Offers a Visual Approach to LMS

Geenio offers an attractive visual approach that adds a modern touch that’s also highly functional. Each feature feels seamless and is easy to navigate thanks to this unique visually-based layout. The ability to create custom groups and report tags can be used many ways, making Geenio very versatile for any industry or learning situation.

The Geenio Environment

Geenio is designed for convenience. Users can get right to work with no distractions. The environment is welcoming yet professional. Even novices will have no trouble learning how to navigate the LMS. The interface was developed to allow users to manage all tasks within the system, so there’s no need to use a third party product to build content or manage data and users. An API is available so users can seamlessly integrate any third party tools they already use.

Who Uses Geenio?

The Geenio user base includes a variety of organizations. Users from educational institutions and language schools utilize the system along with corporations. The features are versatile, making it possible for any type of organization to benefit from the many features included with Geenio.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Flexibility is a must when it comes to the needs of learners and businesses. Geenio is cloud based so users can access the platform from any device with an internet connection. Login from a Mac or PC or use a tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device.

Geenio Customer Service

The team behind Geenio prides itself on offering excellent customer service that doesn’t discriminate between paying and potential customers. Users can access help videos and a knowledge base or contact the support team directly by phone or email. The Geenio site includes a live chat function that allows any visitor to get in touch with a representative and ask questions. The team pays attention to the needs of clients, which shows through the LMS’s development. Many of the most recently added features were implemented as a result of requests from users.

The Future with Geenio

Geenio boasts five core principals, which include innovation, experience, creativity, efficiency and synergy. Their LMS lives up to those principals by providing a unique, innovative solution for the modern organization. The system works whether the user wants to educate students, train employees or test job candidates. The simple editing mode was added earlier in 2015 with a few other updates that improved the overall experience. Continued versatility and functionality promises to make Geenio a popular choice among organizations and businesses in the years to come.

Visualize LMS with Geenio

A visually-focused interface is just one of the things that makes Geenio so appealing to users. Whether the user is developing courses or participating as a student, the overall experience remains pleasant. Geenio is more than just a pretty face, the LMS also offers functional tools that can save time and provide a better perspective on progress and overall course success. Geenio offers a no-risk free trial so users can test out the tools before committing.

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