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Eurekos is an LMS that covers a lot of ground. The system focuses on the importance of content. Users can build a curriculum for any topic or industry. Classes are well-structured with multiple layers and a variety of media types. Create quizzes, give interactive presentations, and train natively in Arabic or English. The platform has a lot to offer and does it in a way that’s user-friendly and inviting.

Eurekos LMS Brings Powerful Tools for Learners, Teachers, & Administrators

Eurekos is an LMS that emphasizes the importance of impactful content. The system is equipped with features that range from basic to advanced. It manages to deliver all its functionality within a professional, user-friendly platform. Administrators can save time with back-end tools while trainers and managers gather insight through analytics. Learners can be presented with a variety of information-rich content that’s engaging and organized. Eurekos presents a powerful eLearning solution, but does it offer what your organization needs to train effectively?

What Do You Get with Eurekos?

Eurekos comes with several must-have features as well as more in-depth solutions that work well in any industry. The system lets users organize and educate in a way that fits their business model or needs. What can you expect when test driving Eurekos for the first time?

    • Integrated Storefront

Eurekos comes equipped with an integrated storefront. Users can make courses available online. Learners can sign up and begin browsing the course catalog before they make a purchase. Enrollment can be handled directly from the main page to speed up the registration process.

    • Detailed Learner Dashboard

Built-in calendars and more help students stay on top of their classwork. Eurekos displays important dates, announcements, enrolled courses, teams, communities, conversations, and recommended courses to give learners a detailed overview of their status.

    • Self-Organized Teams

Teams are groups that users can setup to be more or less controlled. They are available as self-organized out of the box but can be adjusted to meet the organization’s needs. Teams create smaller spaces for multiple learners to collaborate and share ideas on a specific topic.

    •  Community Building Tools

Communities are broader and can span the entire company. These are not self-organized and are defined by the platform administrator. They provide another layer of organization for users.

    • Assignments with Peer Review

Assign activities that students must complete as part of their coursework. Assignments can be setup with a peer review requirement. Trainers can also add videos that students must watch and comment on before progressing.

    • Convenient Statistics

Eurekos supplies a variety of statistics to monitor progress and more. Users can see test scores, number of attempts, how long a test took to complete, and average time needed. Highest and lowest scores can be compared to look for gaps in knowledge or training opportunities.

    • Comprehensive Course Builder

The course builder takes a logical approach by starting with the main page and working down. A chart shows the user each level within the course. Users can go to a main page, then topic, followed by individual segments. Courses can be visible or hidden until they are ready to publish. Layers can be restricted until the learner takes a test or completes a task.

    • Combined Courses

Existing content can be combined to create a new course within the LMS. Users can choose two or more courses and automatically merge them within the system. Micro content can also be pulled and customized to meet a specific training goal.

    • Add a Course Code

Users can add a unique code when setting up their courses. The course code can be integrated into the admin system. This allows users to associate a course with a specific job role, category, language, title, description, or level of importance.

    • Native Arabic & Ten Other Languages

Eurekos is currently the only platform that natively supports Arabic. Users can also choose English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Dutch, French, Russian & Greenlandic. Support is available in English, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Danish, and Greenlandic.

    • Flexible Quiz Module

Test learners with the flexible quiz module. Choose from a variety of formats including multiple choice and image hotspots. Users can also integrate flash cards, interactive presentations, and more. Every H5P element is visible and can be applied.

    • Course Archives

The archive records all LMS content. Users can create and associate folders using the course code. Content like images, videos, and documents can be uploaded. Each archive is designed for an individual course, making it much easier to expand or manage training resources.

    • SCORM-Friendly LMS

Eurekos is SCORM-friendly, so users can continue training with older content. Import courses from one instance of the platform to another or as a SCORM package.

    • Admin Dashboard

Admin roles are available on the course or platform level. Both can access analytics and details about enrollment, assessments, and other stats. They can also define activities to determine how learners are connected to the content. Learner profiles can be manually entered or imported from Excel.

Better Content Means Better Results

No matter how great an LMS is, the success of training will rely heavily on the quality of the content it contains. Eurekos helps set users up for success by providing many ways to diversify, expand, and manage content. Users can create unique courses or combine existing courses to cover a broader topic. The system also includes a number of convenient tools to help manage learners and more. It’s a great all-in-one system for professionals who want a better training experience.

The Eurekos Environment

Eurekos presents a clean, friendly environment that manages to be both professional and personable. Users can apply different elements to match the learner’s experience with their brand or goals. The interface makes it easy to navigate to necessary features and build content with minimal system training.

Who Uses Eurekos?

Eurekos has already grabbed the attention of organizations in a range of industries. Their current customer success stories include Hogeschool Utrecht, Coop, Tekniq, Carey Institute for Global Good, Devoteam, and the government of Greenland. The system has proven that it works and will likely continue to attract new users as more discover its versatility when it comes to onboarding and training.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Eurekos is accessible from any modern device with an internet connection. Users can take features with them while out of the office or classroom. Mobility opens many doors when training a busy workforce.

Eurekos Customer Service

Eurekos provides customers with many ways to get support when they need it. Consultants are available during implementation so users can ease into the system with the guidance of an expert. The platform can be integrated with every other piece of software on the market right now. So far, the team has not found a product that wasn’t integrate-able and will work with clients to connect their systems or apps.

Users can also access on-demand presentations, demos, webinars, and groups for additional assistance. Additional hours of ongoing support can be included in the contract. Support options include live chat, phone, and email available from 8 am to 5 pm CET.

The Future of Eurekos

Eurekos was founded in 2009 and has since grown significantly. The team formed a partnership with Hogeschool Ultrect in 2014 to produce 600 course with a total of 1,700 created over the following three years. Version 4.0 was launched in 2015 after 80,000 production hours and 4,000 improvements. This year, it earned a place among the top 25 LMSs compiled by influential eLearning expert and analyst Craig Weiss. The platform keeps getting better and better and will likely see more success in the years to come.

Eurekos Empowers Learners, Trainers, and Admins

Eurekos empowers all users by giving them a solid platform with time-saving features. Users can build courses faster and with better content that isn’t restricted to certain media types. Admins have a wealth of information and actions at their fingertips. Learners can access a quick overview through the dashboard and work through structured content. Eurekos has created an inviting space that nurtures professional growth through eLearning.

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