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eFront is an LMS that offers modern features with a sleek design. The interface is user-friendly and helps to maintain an excellent balance between functionality and user experience. The system includes all the basic features a user could want along with a few extras like visual reports, custom portals for enterprises and much more.

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eFront LMS Review

eFront is an learning management system that offers modern features with a sleek design. The interface is user friendly and helps to maintain an excellent balance between functionality and user experience. The system includes all the basic features a user could want along with a few extras like visual reports, custom portals for enterprises and much more.

eFront: The Balanced eLearning Solution for Businesses

eFront was developed to offer a solution that balances functionality with the user experience. The system’s founders noticed a gap in the industry. Open source tools were limited and not as functional as users would like them to be. High end tools were all-encompassing but came with a hefty price tag and were often far more complicated than necessary.

eFront was designed to offer an in-between option that would provide improved functionality over open source products yet present an affordable, less complex solution compared to high end eLearning platforms. This “middle road” focus has created a solution that gives a wider range of professionals, businesses and organizations a way to improve how they teach and learn. Balance is a good thing, but has eFront truly found the sweet spot when it comes to price, functionality and design?

What to Expect with eFront

Upon first glance, eFront may seem like any other standard learning management systems. Users can build curriculums with supplemental materials like PDFs, documents, video, audio and images. The product is also SCORM and Tin Can compatible and allows users to integrate content from sites like Vimeo, Wikipedia, YouTube and Prezi. While those are handy features, it takes a little more to stand out in this industry. So what does eFront bring to the table for your organization?

Speedy Course Builder that Saves Time without Sacrificing Options

More features and options typically come with a more complicated interface. Thankfully, eFront manages to provide the options the user needs to build a course with no unnecessary fluff. Creating new courses is a quick and easy process that uses simple forms that are clean and hassle-free to navigate. Users can add all the supplemental materials they want then move on to the next task.

Manage Both Online and Offline Learning in One Convenient Place

eFront allows users to expand upon online instruction by taking it off the screen and into the real world. Blended learning features gives users a way to combine their online and offline courses. Users can add specific guidelines like seat limitations, meeting schedules or setup multiple events. Instead of restricting learning to just one setting or the other, eFront presents both managed through one user friendly platform. Students can also download lessons so they can be accessed when the student does not have an internet connection.

Clear, Readable Reports with Filtering and Improved Visualizations

Not only does eFront offer detailed reports, it does so in a way that’s pleasant and user friendly. The company recently added a new filtering system that allows users to segment reports to make the data more meaningful based on their goals or purposes. The information is presented in a sleek visualization that is much easier to digest and takes only a glance to read and understand.

Privately Branded Portals for Distribution Across an Enterprise

The focus may be on mid-size businesses, but eFront offers diverse solutions with simple tools for smaller but not quite small organizations as well as extended enterprise features for those who lean toward the large business side of the scale. Users can manage eLearning repositories from a centralized location then create privately branded portals to distribute knowledge and information. Unique skins and hand chosen features can be added to individual portals to create an experienced tailored to that group or audience.

Fully Functional eCommerce Tools

Much like other eLearning software, eFront offers ecommerce tools that allow users to monetize their knowledge. eFront’s version presents ways to track pricing, balances and discounts. Users can resell or sell licenses and accept payment through their favorite payment portals, like Stripe and Paypal. A number of ecommerce extensions are available to allow users to customize the selling experience based on their business needs.

Is eFront for You?

eFront caters to organizations and businesses that fall near the middle in terms of size. The features included do well to provide that group of users with highly effective, functional solutions that aren’t overly complicated or time consuming to setup and master. Each is designed for speed yet also manages to present valuable options and controls that customizes the platform to the individual user. Businesses that fall on the higher end of the spectrum will appreciate eFront’s enterprise features while others will love the flexibility of on and offline learning.

The Future of eFront

eFront has all bases covered with its learning management system solutions. Clients can collaborate, develop courses, manage content and handle administrative tasks in one place. The platform is user friendly yet still includes advanced features that appeal more towards bigger businesses with more employees. eFront seems to have found its niche and shows promise as it continues to offer something unique for mid-size organizations.

Diving into eFront

There are many good reasons to take a look at eFront for your business. The platform is user friendly, responsive and maintains a refreshing “open” approach to customer satisfaction. Potential clients can take advantage of an open source version for free that will introduce them to the basics of the platform and what it can do for their organization. eFront is also highly customizable and integrates with a wide range of third party solutions. Medium size businesses that are looking for a new learning management system should put eFront high on their list of potential candidates.

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