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Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme by WisdmLabs that changes the way people use Moodle. It offers beautiful aesthetics and navigation options with a large scope for customizations. RemUI rises above other Moodle themes because they not only provide a brilliant user experience for the front end, but they also have an amazing user interface for the back-end. Its USP is what sets it above any other Moodle theme.
Edwiser RemUI overcomes the age old monochromatic user interface of Moodle and is packed with custom layouts, simplified navigation, dashboard customization options, quick access buttons on the menu and much more. Edwiser RemUI is a UI game changer for Moodle in our opinion.

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Edwiser RemUI

LMS.org’s Edwiser RemUI Review

Users who want simplicity and beauty in their LMS should take a look at Edwiser RemUI. This Moodle theme was created to meet the needs of users. Features are easier to find, and users can make adjustments with collapsible sidebar menus, custom page layouts and more. Change colors, add logos and improve your Moodle experience with Edwiser RemUI.

Edwiser RemUI Gives Moodle a User-Friendly Makeover

Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme that caters to the needs of the user. The vanilla version of Moodle is functional, but it isn’t as smooth and intuitive as it could be. Edwiser RemUI was designed to change all that by creating an environment that streamlines activities, improves navigability and adds modern visual appeal to this open source LMS.

Why Use Edwiser RemUI?

It’s easy to become accustomed to something without realizing that there is a better way, especially when it comes to interfaces. Edwiser RemUI has a lot to offer both new and seasoned Moodle users. Applying the theme is simple and can really change the way you navigate for the better. Why should you consider switching to the Edwiser RemUI Moodle theme?

  • Custom Layouts for Optimized Viewing
    Users can access layout customization options when using Edwiser RemUI. The theme allows the user to design templates in a way that improves productivity. Users can see what they need at a glance without searching through unnecessary text or menus.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface
    Edwiser RemUI looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. The theme works well on smaller screens, so the user doesn’t have to change settings or develop a separate plugin to provide mobile access. Functionality is seamless across all devices.
  • Color & Brand Customizations
    Users can personalize the Moodle experience with Edwiser RemUI. Choose different color settings or upload a logo to add branding to the LMS. This is great news for small businesses who want white label features with open source flexibility.
  • Collapsible Sidebars & Quick Notifications
    Collapsible sidebars are added to the left and right of the screen while a quick notification tray appears on top. Users can adjust the view accordingly to create a comfortable work environment that’s also accommodating.
  • Graphical Widgets Make Data Easier to Read
    Graphical widgets can be employed to display information in chart form. Users can see reports for quizzes, course progress and more. Bright colors make it easier to single out specific data while you work.
  • A Design That’s Easy on the Eyes
    Along with excellent functionality, Edwiser RemUI also brings elegance to Moodle’s interface. No matter what color the user chooses, the layout and menus are sleek and well-organized. The result is a professional looking eLearning environment that’s user-friendly.
  • Simplified Navigation Saves Time
    Edwiser RemUI increases productivity with simplified navigation. Easy-to-use buttons are provided to complete tasks and access data. Quickly enroll users or view grade reports with just a click.
  • Helper Bar Made for Admins
    Easily manage learners and tasks with the convenient admin helper bar. Users can access one menu to find content creation, navigation and student tracking tools. Edwiser RemUI provides many ways for all users to save time and still get everything done.
  • Course Archive Pages That Work
    Edwiser RemUI includes a course archive page that’s just as functional as it is navigable. Users can view course names with a short overview and a series of quick links under each entry. View reports, enroll learners or check out assignments within the course archive.

Simplify Moodle LMS with Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI is a theme built with the user in mind, and it really shows. The visual elements are very appealing and add a much needed modern touch to the system. The design is practical because it presents features and data in a simplified way that can improve productivity. The user can easily gain insight with graphical widgets or find the tools they need with Edwiser RemUI’s smart layout. Users can also further customize the experience by choosing different fonts and colors, changing the front page display or by applying a logo.

Change the Way You Use Moodle LMS with Edwiser RemUI

The Edwiser RemUI  Moodle theme is highly versatile and offers versatility in an interface that’s customizable and responsive. While Moodle is a good tool as it is, Edwiser RemUI makes it even better with improved aesthetics and a user-friendly design. The theme caters to all user types and adds another layer of personalization to this popular open source LMS.

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