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EduWave comes packed with teacher and student-friendly features that are made for education. Users can manage lesson plans within one convenient system. Students can provide feedback on courses and instructors. Assessments can be administered online and automatically graded. The system also includes digital textbooks, resource libraries, third-party content support, and Copyscape plagiarism protection.

EduWave Helps Students Reach Their Academic Goals

Eduwave is an LMS created by Integrated Technology Group. The system offers features designed for educational institutions and the students they serve. All age groups are covered, including children in grades K-12 as well as those going to college or university. The platform promises to provide end-to-end management with powerful tools and advanced reporting. Does EduWave give teachers and schools the functionality they need to meet educational goals?

What Do You Get with EduWave?

EduWave provides features that are geared toward students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The platform makes information more accessible and gives each group the ability to complete tasks more efficiently. It takes traditional learning a step further by incorporating modern technology to form a strong foundation for student success. Users who try EduWave for the first time will find:

    • BookZero and EduWave Author

BookZero is EduWave’s trademarked digital smart textbook format. Users can link to or embed media learning objects to engage students. The platform’s authoring tools include a WYSIWYG editor that eliminates the need for educators to learn how to code.

    • Assessment Suite

Most LMS products include an assessment feature. EduWave offers their own version with a wizard that lets users build tests and quizzes that incorporate media-rich questions and answers. Assessments can be classified into different sections, years, or categories, then accessed through the Assessment Management System.

    • Built-in Gradebook

A gradebook is included in the LMS. The system will automatically grade assessments so teachers save time and get accurate results. Educators can also add teacher comments to provide feedback and enhance student performance.

    • Learning Plan Manager

The learning plan manager gives educators a convenient way to manage lessons and student ability. View progress status for each learner and compare to the plan created at the beginning of the school year.

    • Teacher Reports

Teachers can generate statistical reports at any point to see class progress. All the information is presented accurately and with details that can help educators improve their methods.

    • Course Evaluation

Students can provide valuable insight into how effective a class is when it comes to their success. EduWave includes course evaluation tools that let educators conduct surveys. Students can provide suggestions that could help schools and teachers improve what they do.

    • SmartTeacher Adaptive Tool

SmartTeacher is another trademarked feature that comes with EduWave. This adaptive tool takes the self-educated approach and recommends ways to optimize the learning process on an individual basis. Suggestions are provided based on past assessment results.

    • Easily Manage Content

EduWave includes a content management system with intuitive text editor. Users can build new content or edit existing material then share between instructors or with students.

    • User-Friendly Course Management

Educators can manage all courses through EduWave. The system is designed to reduce the time spent handling back-end tasks. Teachers can manage their courses while students enroll in or drop elective courses.

    • Teaching Paths

Along with lesson plans, educators can also create teaching paths. This feature gives instructors and students the ability to monitor overall progress. Problems or knowledge gaps can be addressed quickly.

    • Student Assignments

Teachers can issue and manage assignments with EduWave. Create new tasks and assign to a specific class, section, or student. Learners can complete assignments then submit them online for review.

    • Plagiarism Protection

Plagiarism is a serious concern at schools, especially institutions of higher learning. EduWave is equipped with plagiarism detection tools that are integrated with Copyscape. These features monitor unethical behaviors during assessments.

    • Social Media Education

EduWave encourages interaction by integrating with social media. Connect to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn and encourage students to collaborate and participate as they seek knowledge.

    • Integrated Learning Content

Users can integrate third-party learning content into EduWave. The system is currently partnered with organizations like Rosetta Stone. This gives users a way to expand learning material without a large time investment.

An LMS That Thrives in the Classroom

EduWave covers significant ground in the realm of education. Schools and the educators that work within them will appreciate the streamlined approach the platform takes. Users can cut down on time spent performing common tasks like grading tests and homework. The system also encourages participation through social media and surveys. Statistics and progress reports are accurate, and the LMS includes anti-plagiarism measures to help maintain the integrity of the course and organization offering it.

The EduWave Environment

A user-friendly interface is essential for teachers and students. EduWave provides both with a navigable environment. The overall layout is organized and offers plenty of space for a variety of learning material. Users can add unique touches and functions to make the experience more memorable.

Who Uses EduWave?

If you are looking for a business-focused LMS, then you should try another product. EduWave is committed to assisting students and educators. There are many ways that both groups can save time and still get the most out of each lesson. The features list makes it easy to build new content or import existing content then present it to a whole class or individual students. Progress and stats are readily available, giving educators more agility when deciding how to improve the classroom experience.

EduWave Customer Service

The EduWave website includes a searchable database of how-to videos that users can access. There are three guides available, one for parents, another for students, and a third for teachers. Users can also visit the Contact Us page to find addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses for the main ITG offices.

The Future of EduWave

EduWave has built a powerful tool that can help many educators and students grow. There are a number of time-saving features as well as some that nurture participation and engagement. Their user base will likely continue to expand as more educators discover the benefits of applying technology to their classrooms.

EduWave is the Complete Package for Teachers

EduWave provides a well-rounded LMS product that teachers and those they work with will love. The system saves time, improves accuracy, and helps protect against plagiarism. It also allows educators to connect with students without being in the same physical space. There are a number of detailed features like instructor feedback and digital textbooks. EduWave can help teachers and students achieve their educational goals.

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