ConductExam eLearning Software Review

ConductExam strengthens your curriculum with online testing. The system focuses on assessments. Build a shareable study library. Make exams more detailed and engaging by uploading images and videos or presenting formulas. Check performance with analytics and distribute tests easily to groups of all sizes.

Take Your Tests Anywhere with ConductExam

ConductExam focuses on one key part of the learning experience: taking tests. Assessments have been used for years to gauge a learner’s ability and progress. Long ago, paper and pencil were the way of the educational world. Whether writing short answers or filling in bubbles on Scantron sheets, these were limited to those who were physically present to take the test.

Today, eLearning has created many tools that allow trainers and educators to assess learners from afar. ConductExam is one of the latest additions. The platform strives to improve the way tests are taken, graded, and managed through the internet.

Users who want to oversee exams online or are interested in improving their current methods can see what ConductExam has to offer. It is used independently but can be included alongside other eLearning tools to create a well-rounded collection of resources for trainers and learners.

What Do You Get with ConductExam?

Many full-sized LMS platforms include some type of assessment feature. That means it’s going to be difficult to convince some users to add another product to their collection. ConductExam supplies a list of features that streamline the testing process from start to finish. What will you find when you try ConductExam?

  • Detailed Dashboards to Keep Users Informed

Dashboards are provided for admins and learners. The admin version includes stats like the number of tests completed or remaining, number of questions, number of users, and more. Data can be filtered to give the user what they need. A similar feature is available for the learner, with stats related to the number of tests completed, incomplete tests, scores, remaining tests, and missed tests.

  • Versatile Question Banks with Format Options

Trainers can build question banks to use on tests. Questions can be supplied using Word or Excel formats like multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blank, matrix match, essay, and matching. Videos, formulas, and images can also be uploaded. Questions can be sorted into subjects, lessons, and sub-lessons.

  • Easily Add New Tests with Custom Settings

Users can add new tests with unique questions and more. Choose settings like question randomization or shuffle. Preview tests before deploying them or export to distribute elsewhere.

  • Make Money By Selling Tests Online

Generate revenue from your tests by selling them online. ConductExam lets users create seller accounts. The user chooses the price for their tests and can limit the number of available attempts per student. Payment gateways CCAvenue, PayUMoney, and PayU are supported.

  • Assign Tests to Specific Users or Groups

Trainers can make sure that the right people access the tests they need to complete courses by assigning them. Tests can be assigned to individuals or groups of users. The process is easy and much quicker than handing out hard copies.

  • Convenient User Management with Bulk Options

User management features are included with ConductExam. Create new users or import them in bulk. Email or SMS notifications can be sent out for forgotten passwords or account creation.

  • Built-in Analytics That Reveal Performance

See how classes are progressing with ConductExam’s analytics. Different report types are available so that trainers and admins can see performance stats. View data by test, series, tests sold, student registration, and more.

  • Establish Custom Roles with Access Levels

Most organizations have multiple people who handle different aspects of training. ConductExam helps maintain this hierarchy with profile settings. Users can be assigned roles and responsibilities based on their day to day needs. User account access can also be limited to protect resources and personal information.

  • Fully Encrypted Passwords and Data Backup

ConductExam uses encrypted passwords to prevent unauthorized access. The system stores data 24-hours a day with incremental back-ups. This reduces the risk of losing data during an on-site emergency.

  • Support for Testing in Multiple Languages

Tests and study materials can be supplied in multiple languages through ConductExam. The current language list includes English, Gujarati, and Hindi. Give users a localized experience in their native language.

  • Share Study Material Among Users

Study materials can be uploaded to the system and shared with other learners. ConductExam helps students and trainees prepare for tests as well as take them. Documents can be added in multiple formats and are made easily accessible online.

  • News and Notification Feeds

ConductExam users can view news and notifications. These are automatically sent when a new test, series of tests, or study resource is made available. Admins and trainers can also create custom notifications to keep users aware of changes, events, or other important information. Notifications are viewable on web and mobile apps.

  • Messaging and Feedback for Registered Accounts

Emails can be sent and received through ConductExam for all registered accounts. Stay in touch with learners or allow them to message administrators or faculty with questions. It’s also a good way to request and receive feedback on tests and study materials.

ConductExam Makes Online Testing Easy

ConductExam gives businesses and schools a way to conduct tests without all the paper waste. Users can access examinations from anywhere. The system includes several convenient features that make it appealing as a standalone solution or one that is used along with a larger LMS. Users can add test questions in different languages, create question banks, and monitor progress with analytics.

ConductExam Accessibility

At the time of this writing, June 29th, 2020, no information regarding accessibility was found on

The ConductExam Environment

ConductExam maintains a clean, professional interface that works well in a variety of settings. Navigation is easy with clearly marked features and links. Users can increase engagement by incorporating custom visual aids to their study materials or tests, including video, images, or formulas.

Who Uses ConductExam?

ConductExam is ideal for academic organizations and businesses that need a better way to test a large group or audience. The system is easy to use and can add flexibility to a training program. Price is determined by the number of users, tests, and questions as well as the duration of testing, making ConductExam affordable for a range of budgets.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Users can access study materials and tests through just about any modern device. Web access is supported for laptops and desktop PCs. Users can also download the ConductExam mobile app for Android or Apple. The native apps synchronize with the web-based version to ensure that all information is accurate and current.

ConductExam Customer Service

Newcomers who want to learn more can visit the ConductExam contact page to find a phone number and email address for sales and info. There are separate local numbers for technical support plus an online contact form.

The website also includes an FAQ page that answers general questions as well as those related to security and system configuration.

Users should contact the ConductExam team to learn more about support options for subscribers.

The Future of ConductExam

ConductExam boasts a userbase that includes many well-known brands like Zenith, New Light Institute, IMRT, EduNova Classes, Career Online Exam, Master Brain Academy, Kish Academy, and AO Smith. Their clients include corporations, schools, colleges, and international organizations.

The system has a lot to offer those who want to improve their testing options or who need a solid tool specifically for assessments. As full-service LMS platforms improve, it will be difficult to maintain the edge needed to justify using another application. So far, ConductExam has managed to do well in its niche.

The service encourages customer feedback to allow it to continue to evolve and improve. Being willing to adapt is a good way to thrive in the highly competitive eLearning industry.

The Testing Solution

ConductExam may focus on just one area of eLearning, but it does it well. The system gives users ways to customize the trainee’s experience. Create questions using different formats with videos, formulas, and images. Supply study material to help learners perform better.

The system also includes easy user management tools as well as ways to generate revenue using tests. Overall, it’s an appealing option for anyone who needs testing only or who wants to round out their existing tools with advanced assessments.

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