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Brightspace learning environment will help educators engage students on an individual level. The LMS presents smart tools that intuitively change and adjust as needed to meet the needs of the learner. Teachers remain in control while providing students with a learning experience that caters to their needs. Features like the Degree Compass, ePorfolios, Adaptive Learning Paths and more allow Brightspace to break new ground in the eLearning industry.

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LMS.org’s Brightspace Review

Brightspace offers the future of eLearning. Users can make classes more engaging through adaptive tools that grow and change along with the student. Educators can create a dynamic learning path that keeps them in control while taking on the heavy lifting of course planning. Two convenient mobile apps are also available: one for the student and one for the teacher. The Brightspace learning environment has created an exciting collection of tools that can help students exceed expectations and reach their full potential.

Brightspace Presents the Next Generation of eLearning

Brightspace offers a cutting edge learning environment that allows users to accommodate a wide range of age groups. This all-in-one solution is convenient to access and provides an intuitive interface with advanced tools that help educators improve the way they teach. Nurture success by meeting each individual learner’s needs through unique evaluation methods. Users can also measure progress through performance dashboards which presents data for individual students as well as entire classes. Brightspace also offers a Degree Compass, Student Success System, Insights, Course Catalog, ePortfolio, Open Courses and more through its Learning Analytics and Adaptive Learning tools.

What Do You Get with Brightspace?

Brightspace focuses on all parties involved in the learning equation. The tools included can help educators and administrators save time on the back end while students get a better experience through well-polished courses with the help of the environment’s features. A newcomer might be intimidated at first glance because Brightspace covers many areas. The good news is that the LMS includes a user friendly design that makes it easy to dive right in. What can you expect when adding Brightspace to your organization?

  • Design Wizard & Course Builder Allows for Custom Learning
    A design wizard and course builder are included in the Brightspace learning environment. Users can create courses that are in line with specific educational objectives. Content and assessments can be managed quickly and easily. Courses use Brightspace’s Insert Stuff Framework which allows for a more immersive and engaging learning experience.
  • Access Resources & Classes from Anywhere with HTML 5
    Brightspace’s learning environment was developed with a responsive HTML 5 layout that allows users to access it from mobile devices. Users can connect and review content and more whenever they need to no matter where they go.
  • Save Files in a Safe, Secure Place
    Vital files can be uploaded and stored in a secure locker within the Brightspace learning environment. Users can easily transfer materials from one person to another. There’s no need to use a third party service that may or may not be secure.
  • Adaptive Learning Paths for a Personal Experience
    Brightspace LeaP grows along with each student. This adaptive tool creates a dynamic path that guides students to their goals. By choosing learning objectives, content and questions, users can generate a custom learning path with unique content. Users can go back and make change as needed so the educator remains in control.
  • Real Time Advisement with Degree Compass
    The Degree Compass is a very exciting feature that works in real time. This web based tool recommends the courses that will help each student obtain their desired degree. A predictive algorithm is used to generate a personalized course list which is ranked based on the needs and goals of the individual.
  • Create a Personal Space for Students
    Students can access a personal space called an ePortfolio. This virtual profile tracks the learner’s progress, which is monitored through objectives. Learners can also share knowledge and collaborate with other students. ePortfolios encourage participation and action so students are more involved and aware of where they are and what they need to do to reach their educational goals.
  • Android & Apple App Keeps Learners Updated
    Students can stay connected with Brightspace Pulse. This mobile app is available on the Google Play and Apple stores and lets learners carry the classroom in their pocket. Course calendars, grades, assignments and class related news is all updated through the app in real time. Educators can quickly inform students of class cancellations or schedule changes and provide instant results when grades are updated.
  • Assignment Grader Lets Educators Work Anywhere
    Brightspace also offers a downloadable D2L Assignment Grader that lets educators review student work from anywhere – even when they aren’t in the office. The mobile app includes comment bubbles, synchronization with class files and the ability to save graded papers as PDFs.

Brightspace Offers Complete Flexibility to eLearners

Brightspace provides a unique blend of features that cut down on prep time and housekeeping while allowing for maximum customization for learners. Educators can build a powerful curriculum that meets their organization’s expectations and keeps students interested and engaged. Many tools are included across the three core components, which include the learning environment, analytics and adaptive learning.

The Future of Brightspace

Brightspace was developed by D2L (Design2Learn), a company committed to helping people reach their full potential through education. This learning management system has already reached over 1,100 clients and an impressive 15 million learners in a wide range of age groups and industries. From grade school students to government and healthcare employees, Brightspace has proven its ability to adapt in the most diverse environments. That flexibility proves that this advanced, cutting edge eLearning platform will likely continue to thrive in the years to come.

Brightspace Adds Dimension to the Classroom

Brightspace has managed to create a fascinating collection of features that seem to focus on one main goal: to create an adaptive experience that allows students to realize and reach their full potential. Many of the tools included are designed to “grow” along with the class and individual learners. The addition of mobile apps for both teachers and students is also a nice touch. Brightspace offers an environment that treats students like humans and individuals rather than numbers in a virtual classroom.

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