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Aktiv Mind LMS combines effective eLearning tools with a clean, user-friendly interface. The scalable system can support small to large size businesses. Users can manage trainees, build courses, create quizzes, generate reports, and much more with just a few clicks from the dashboard. Keep users up to date with news feeds and the bulletin board. Aktiv Mind provides a practical platform designed for users of all tech levels.

Aktiv Mind Offers Quick Course Creation & More on the Cloud

Aktiv Mind LMS offers a collection of tools that allow users to create and manage course content, trainees, and more. The system presents a professional environment that gives users all the tools needed in one straightforward features list. The basics are important, but what else does Aktiv Mind offer to make life easier for administrators, trainers, and learners?

What Do You Get with Aktiv Mind LMS?

Users will discover a number of convenient features that are built into the LMS. The system skips flashy graphics and visual elements to allow users to focus on functionality. There’s something for every step in the process, from creating new course content to managing ongoing stats for learners. What can you expect when trying Aktiv Mind LMS?

  • Course Material Library
    The Material area provides a space to upload files for courses and quizzes. Users can add any type of material then manage it with edit and delete functions. Everything is presented in a readable list that includes the file name, date created, status, downloadable file, and available actions.
  • Course Manager
    Users can manage all their courses within one system. The Courses area provides access to available content. User can view tabs for course material and quizzes, similar to those found in the material library. Courses are listed with number, name, description, start date, end date, set order, status, and available actions.
  • Add & Import Trainees
    Managing trainees is easy thanks to the Trainees area. Users can click the “Add Trainee” tab to manually create a new entry. A form appears asking for a first and last name, email address, password, and work phone number with optional fields for address, mobile number, role, and courses. Users can import employees with a couple of clicks.
  • Create Quizzes
    Users can create custom quizzes within Aktiv Mind LMS. Just visit the Quiz area, enter a new quiz name, and click the button to get started. A description, video or image, time limit, pass score percentage, number of attempts limit, and more can be chosen along with the option of allowing employees to see results or view solutions. Available question types include multiple choice, true/false, multiple answer, sequencing, labelling pictures, and short answer.
  • Organized User Groups
    Organize trainees by adding them to groups. Groups can be created with a name and description. Users can view the full list of groups or manage trainees within individual groups. It’s a good way to sort trainees by field of study, department, or job role.
  • Invite New Employees
    Aktiv Mind LMS makes it easy to bring new employees into the fold. The Invitation area allows users to choose a new or existing employee to invite. Users can add a new employee name and email address then choose a course to invite the trainee to join. All sent invitations are listed so the user can follow up if needed.
  • Custom & Automated Reports

    Users can manage data for trainees and courses with Aktiv Mind’s Reports area. The user can choose to create a custom report or setup an automated report. Dropdown boxes let the user to choose the type of report, frequency, and recipient for auto generation. Custom reports allow users to choose from existing data fields or create their own.


  • Trainee Bulletin Board
    Aktiv Mind LMS is equipped with a trainee bulletin board. This area provides a space for admins and instructors to send a message to all trainees. A course name can be associated with the post along with an option to allow trainees to comment. It’s a fast way to send a message to a large audience of learners.
  • Guide Trainees with Learning Paths
    Learning paths are also included in Aktiv Mind LMS. Admins can create a learning path that lists all courses a trainee needs to complete. They can be arranged anyway the user wants to create specialized paths for specific job roles, trainees, or groups. The trainee is required to complete each item in order as they work through their learning path.
  • Custom Certificates
    Reward success with custom certificates. Users can create a certificate using HTML or text. Each can display logos, signatures, and more using the built-in toolbar. Users can also apply a wildcard text field to insert trainee and course names. New certificates can be built with a template and associated with a learning path or course.
  • News Feed
    Keep everyone updated with the news feed feature. Admins can post news that includes a description, title, and posted date on the feed. The “details” button allows trainees to click to see individual posts in detail.
  • User-Friendly Design
    Navigating Aktiv Mind LMS is easy, even for novices. The system includes a collection of boxes with graphics as well as a toolbar across the top for quick access to key areas. Switching from one task to another is simple and, in most cases, only takes a click.
  • Overview Stats
    Aktiv Mind LMS gives users a quick overview of basic stats on the dashboard, including number of users and groups created as well as registration date, current plan type, and the date their plan ends.

The LMS for Practical People

Aktiv Mind LMS has created a professional environment that includes core tools and features with no distractions. The no-nonsense design is very appealing for anyone who wants a practical solution that they can dive right into. The system doesn’t feel as deep as some of its competitors, but that can be a great thing for users who want to find what they need without digging. The dashboard provides quick access to everything the user needs on a daily basis.

The Aktiv Mind LMS Environment

One of the first things new users will notice about Aktiv Mind LMS is its lack of clutter and distractions. The interface favors open space, with modern icons that appear in titled boxes that the user can identify at a glance. Each area is just as clean, with all the necessities found in tabs and basic buttons. It may not be a work of art, but it certainly gets the job done and offers a product with professionalism.

Who Uses Aktiv Mind LMS?

Aktiv Mind LMS caters to a very diverse client base. The system can handle organizations of any size, from small businesses with 10 employees to sprawling corporations with over 2,000. The LMS is scalable and offers a solid platform that works with all business sizes within just about any industry.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Aktiv Mind LMS provides multi-platform functionality. Users can access all available tools and features on their PC or Mac as well as:
• iPads
• iPhones
• Android devices
• Other modern mobile platforms

Aktiv Mind LMS Customer Service

New users who sign up for the free trial can access a simple tutorial feature. This feature creates tooltip style pop-ups that point to each box on the dashboard with a short explanation of what that area has to offer. It’s a good way for newcomers to get acquainted with the system. Users can contact Aktiv Mind by email or phone. The website includes a contact form that allows users to submit inquiries with their name and email address.

The Future of Aktiv Mind LMS

Aktiv Mind LMS has already received praise from a number of experts in the industry. The system earned a Great User Experience certificate and 2016 Rising Star award from FinancesOnline. User testimonials point to the cost effectiveness of the LMS. Aktiv Mind’s user base will likely continue to grow as more businesses search for a simple, efficient eLearning solution.

Hassle-Free Training for Every Business

Aktiv Mind LMS is a hassle-free platform that can support training for just about any business. The system is very easy to navigate, so users spend less time adapting and more time building course content and getting things done. The features may appear simple, but they offer a number of ways to customize the experience with custom fields, user-made certificates, and more. Overall, Aktiv Mind LMS offers a smart eLearning option for businesses that want to train effectively.

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