Adobe Captivate Prime’s Adobe Captivate Prime Learning Management System Review

Review updated on 6/13/2018  

Adobe Captivate Prime gives organizations more power over eLearning. The Fluidic Player lets users compile multiple file types into one convenient interface. The system also allows for tremendous schedule flexibility with mobile tools and offline learning materials that can be downloaded for access later. Users can discover and repair skill gaps, encourage participation with gamification and save time with automation.

Modernize Learning with Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime continues to evolve with new features and improvements. The team behind the LMS has spent significant time releasing updates and fine-tuning existing tools based on user feedback. A lot has changed since its original release in 2015. New roles have been added, courses are more manageable, and users can integrate with many popular third-party apps. The system continues to get better and better thanks to a willingness to listen to users.

What Do You Get with Adobe Captivate Prime?

Users who want to teach with few limitations will appreciate Adobe Captivate Prime. The system lets users present material any way they like. Offer a self-paced class or something that’s instructor led. Courses can also be activity based and offered online or offline. That opens up the possibilities for flexible learning that works with the student and educator’s schedule and educational needs. Diversity is a great thing, as long as the accompanying features can live up to user expectations. Will Adobe Captivate Prime impress your class?

    • Skill Based Learning that Covers Gaps
      Adobe lets users find and close knowledge gaps with skill based learning. Tools are included to track the success of skill enhancements when it comes to performance on the job. Users can follow and monitor objectives to discover ways to improve course lists and material.
    • Leaderboards & Gamification Promote Participation
      Gamification is a must-have in any modern LMS. Captivate Prime offers built-in gamification that lets users earn badges. The leaderboard shows who is ahead while encouraging students to work harder to earn a better position along with unique badges. The user can choose specific objectives or milestones to reward.
    • Offer Certification Classes with Automation
      Students can earn certificates through Adobe Captivate Prime. Users can put together learning programs that include required courses. Requirements can also include completion of activities outside of the company website or LMS. Auto-reassignments can be setup to re-enroll students after their certification has expired.
    • Present Diverse Content with the Fluidic Player
      Captivate Prime’s Fluidic Player is an exciting feature that presents unified playback that works with almost any kind of content. Create an effective collection of materials that utilize PPTs, PDFs, videos and DOCX files as well as AICC and SCORM content. The viewing experience is very smooth and features high quality video as well as hassle-free distribution tools.
    • Learner Dashboard Overhaul
      Captivate’s learner role has been overhauled to include a new interface. Graphs, certifications, upcoming deadlines, learning programs, and courses can all be listed. Users can also display skills earned, upcoming live classes, points and badges, and more. The system uses the Mozilla open badge format so achievements can be displayed on social media or downloaded as a PDF.
    • Built-in Discussion Boards
      Discussion boards are available with every course. Learners can interact to discuss topics, ask questions, or chat about a course. This is also a great way to provide feedback and provide advice to fellow learners. Admins have complete control to ensure that discussion boards are used appropriately.
    • Auto Notifications and Email Templates
      Users can create auto notifications that save time and keep everyone informed. Each notification is fully editable and can be changed at any time. Create a notification for specific groups, like administrators or learners. Users can also be set to “do not disturb” so that they won’t receive emails.
    • Improved User Management
      Captivate’s user management functions have been improved. Users can be organized into groups with custom fields. Groups can be automatically created based on any criteria. The user can add unique fields to ensure that they get the information they need to manage each profile.
    • Detailed Reporting
      Reports are easily accessible and can cover any data in the system. Generate reports that display announcements, learner transcripts, course information, and more. Enter a date range or see all available data. Captivate offers a granular view of all activities performed by individual users. Also includes user audit trails to review role changes, deletions, additions, and more.
    • Take Learning Offline or While on the Go
      Material and tools can be accessed anywhere, even when the student isn’t at their computer. Captivate Prime lets learners access mobile features while on the go as well as downloadable content that can be accessed while offline. As soon as the device obtains an internet connection, progress is automatically synched.
    • Offer Training to Partners
      Adobe’s LMS reaches beyond the internal classroom to provide training to external partners. Users can create and offer training to third parties like sales affiliates and vendors. Objectives and progress are tracked separately so each organization has its own set of data.
    • Convenient Course Catalog
      The course catalog lets users delete or retire content. Retired content is not accessible to learners, but can be retrieved to use later. It’s also a helpful tool to use as a holding area before deleting content. The user can retire a course to verify that it will not be needed before deleting. Or, retired courses can be held and reintroduced as part of future training programs.
    • Live or Self-Paced Courses
      Users are not limited to a virtual space when training. Offer virtual sessions that include live content or self-paced online courses. The system includes time zone options so users can tailor each course to the needs and location of the learner. Captivate also allows users to create multi-day sessions for longer classes.
    • Accept Homework Files
      The activity module accepts file submissions from learners. Assign coursework and accept documents to review. The instructor can approve or reject a submission. Specific reviewers can be assigned.
    • Supports Web Conferencing
      Captivate supports any web conferencing system that uses a URL. Users can enter the URL and immediately connect. Integrate with BlueJeans, Adobe Connect, and more. Configure a meeting room template with instructors, add completion criteria or optional quiz score requirements. Courses can be tracked and recorded.

    Adobe Captivate Prime Does It All

    Adobe Captivate Prime lets users handle all aspects of learning with a few extra features that are very attractive to professionals. Content can be created with plug and play tools that unify multiple file formats. Students can stay up to date with personal dashboards while external partner training lets organizations offer courses to outside groups. Many other features are included, making Adobe’s LMS a strong contender for companies who want more flexibility and functionality.

    The Future of Adobe Captivate Prime

    Adobe Captivate Prime was launched in August of 2015, so it hasn’t had much time to really mingle in the market. The features list is very appealing and sure to attract organizations from a variety of industries. The development team has also proven that they care about the user experience. Many of the updates released over the past few years were a result of user feedback.
    There’s quite a lot to love, from the Fluidic Player to seamless content integration and an intuitive interface. Time will tell if users will flock to Adobe’s system.

    Create an All-in-One Learning Environment with Adobe Captivate Prime

    Users can manage all learning related tasks and data through Adobe’s powerful LMS. The system includes mobile learning with an offline option that gives students greater flexibility. The UI is easy to navigate while the Fluidic Player lets users combine multiple file types with almost no effort. Students can take notes, view progress on a dashboard and earn certificates. The third party training and web conferencing is also very appealing. Users who want an LMS that does it all should consider trying Adobe Captivate Prime.

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