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Academy of Mine has put together a platform that empowers those who want to sell courses online. The user is given more freedom when it comes to choosing how to set up and display courses. Add custom visual elements, create dynamic quizzes, and manage all marketing data in one dashboard. Academy of Mine is secure, reliable, and provides an affordable solution for organizations that want to monetize their training content.

Academy of Mine Makes It Easy to Sell Online Courses

Anyone with expertise or a library of knowledge has the potential to earn income from their information or skill. Academy of Mine taps into that potential by making it easier for users to make their material available for sale online. Users can handle all aspects of the transaction and maintenance with one platform. The system is equipped with security features to protect user data. Organizations and individuals who are looking for a way to generate revenue should consider giving Academy of Mine a try.

What Do You Get with Academy of Mine?

While ecommerce is considered a small part of a larger features list with other LMS platforms, Academy of Mine focuses on this aspect almost entirely. The system allows users to create attractive course catalogs and offers their content for sale on the web. What should you expect when selling with Academy of Mine?

    • Custom Pages & Catalogs

Users can customize almost any aspect of their Academy of Mine site. Create a unique online shop that matches your industry, theme, or branding. The interface is user-friendly, so you don’t need extensive tech knowledge to change settings.

    • Reliable Security with Encryption

Content and customer information is protected using TLS 2.0 encryption and SSL. These protections are provided out-of-the-box, so the user doesn’t have to invest in additional infrastructure to lockdown their data.

    • Save Time with Pre-Build Layouts

Academy of Mine offers pre-made layouts that let users get started quicker. Choose a layout, apply it, and add content. Users never have to build from scratch to create an attractive selling platform.

    •  Integrated Dashboard for All Courses

Users can easily complete back-end tasks and track sales with integrated dashboards. All courses are managed in one convenient place. Spend less time on management and more time building quality training content.

    • Train in Multiple Languages

Academy of Mine appeals to a wider audience with translations. Users can offer content in multiple languages then sell it on a site that matches. The available list currently includes French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Brazilian, and English.

    • Automate Course Enrollment & Access

Users can setup courses that let learners automatically purchase, enroll, and start training. Choose prices, course name, and sections and the system will automatically track gradebook data and activity for the learner.

    • Incorporate Exams & Quizzes

Make sure learners are on the right track with exams and quizzes. Users can add descriptions and custom questions. Choose from true or false, multiple choice, and multiple correct answer types. Users can also choose to make a test dynamic which will allow it to pull questions randomly from one or more categories.

    • Award Success with Certificates

Users can create custom certificates to recognize successful completion of training content. Users can choose images, text, and more. A dropdown box enables users to add fields for student’s first, last, or full name as well as course name, date of issue, instructor name, and certificate code. Users can also set a minimum passing percentage to earn a certificate.

    • Embed SCORM & HTML5 Content

Continue using existing content by incorporating SCORM or HTML5 compatible material into courses. The system works with Articulate Storylines and Adobe Captivate. Simply upload the file, add a title, and insert it as an iFrame, link that opens in a new window, or link that opens in the current window.

    • All-in-One Marketing & Analytics Dashboard

View all relevant marketing data form one dashboard. Users can review data for SEO, marketing, and social campaigns. A large collection of data is available with just a click. Information is presented as stats and line charts. The dashboard integrates with Google Analytics.

    • Built-in Gradebook for Ongoing Progress Tracking

Academy of Mine includes a built-in gradebook feature that records learner progress and generates an overview. Users can see progress and marks to evaluate how individuals are doing and areas that may need improvement.

    • Build Unlimited Pages with No Coding

No programmer is required to build landing pages. Academy of Mine includes a drag-and-drop page builder with no limitations. It’s all visual, so it’s easy to see how the page will look to potential customers.

    • Instructor & Student Dashboards

Dashboards are also available for students and instructors. Instructors can track all their students’ progress while learners can see their available courses and status.

The Easiest Way to Sell Courses Online

Academy of Mine makes it easy for businesses, organizations, and serious entrepreneurs to sell courses online. Users can customize their storefronts and work with unlimited classes and students. The system includes everything from course catalogs to reporting tools, marketing resources, and blogs. Almost all tasks related to selling can be handled on the platform without the need of third party services.

The Academy of Mine Environment

Along with a user-friendly design, Academy of Mine also gives users the power to create beautiful pages to sell their content. Choose from pre-made layouts and incorporate photos, text, custom colors, and more. Courses are presented in logical lists with headers and sub-sections so learners can follow the material in the correct order.

Who Uses Academy of Mine?

Academy of Mine has created a platform that works whether the user is part of a business, organization, or is an ambitious entrepreneur. The service is reasonably priced with three options based on storage space and the size of the user’s marketing campaign. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who wants to sell courses online but doesn’t have the funds or resources to build a platform from the ground up.

Supported Devices & Platforms

Academy of Mine is 100% responsive. Users can access course material and more from any device including tablets, desktop PCs, and mobile phones. All known devices are currently supported, which is great for growing businesses that want to reach a broader audience. The user’s landing pages will always look good no matter how large or small the screen they are viewed on is.

Academy of Mine Customer Service

Users can find instructions and answers through Academy of Mine’s tutorial videos, FAQs, and How-To documents. The team also offers additional support to new customers during the first couple months to ensure that they get a strong start as they build their site and begin selling courses. Ongoing support is provided while the user has an active subscription.

The Future of Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine offers a list of appealing features as well as the benefit of an established set of tools. There’s a lot of appeal for users who want to create a custom course catalog but need something more affordable than enterprise-level solutions can offer. A long features list, lots of customizations, and the appeal of building an online eLearning store with no coding required is sure to attract more users.

Academy of Mine Empowers Online Educators

Many people and organizations possess a wealth of knowledge that could be shared and monetized. Academy of Mine was designed just for that purpose. The system goes deeper than a basic course catalog, allowing users to build unlimited landing pages, add custom visual elements, and construct curriculum however they like. The user gets all the power while Academy of Mine provides the means to make it happen.

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