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Absorb inspires learning and fuels business productivity. Absorb's cloud-based learning management system (LMS) empowers companies around the world to effectively deliver training. Built to facilitate engaging learning experiences, tap Absorb LMS to train internal employees, customers, partners and more. Whether you have 100 or 100,000+ learners, Absorb LMS delivers consistent, on-brand training—regardless of location, device or learning requirements.

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LMS.org’s Absorb Learning Management System Review

Absorb LMS offers up a collection of appealing features that bring more flexibility into the eLearning market. Users can work with SCORM content as well as multiple file types and web based content like YouTube videos. The system is highly customizable and has a very modern appearance that improves the overall user experience. Access ecommerce tools, automated workflows and more in a versatile HTML5 design that looks good on any screen.

Absorb LMS Makes eLearning More Flexible

Absorb LMS was created to offer a user friendly system that gives organizations more power over their classes, courses and data. Users can configure the platform to meet their organization’s unique needs. Make Absorb work with other technology using the RESTful API. The system is built with HTML5 to provide a seamless experience on PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

What Do You Get with Absorb LMS?

Users can work the way they want to and get more done with Absorb LMS features. The system is responsive and offers enhance mobile support. Versatility is a good thing, but not at the expensive of usability. Absorb manages to present an appealing balance that puts the user experience first with functional tools that are easy to access and utilize. What can you expect when implementing Absorb LMS?

  • A Display That Matches Your Brand
    Just like other eLearning solutions, Absorb offers a collection of customization features. The system goes above and beyond some of its competitors with a number of customization options that allow the finished product to look and feel like an authentic part of the organization. Users can add logos, colors, images, icons, wordmarks and company-specific terminology.
  • One eLearning System with Many Interfaces
    Users aren’t restricted to one system makeover. Absorb LMS allows organizations to build multiple custom interfaces that can be designed to meet the needs of specific groups. Create different interfaces for learners in specific locations, departments or teams.
  • Scalability That Works for Any Business
    Some products are better for small to medium size businesses while others cater to large enterprises. Absorb has chosen the middle ground by offering a highly scalable product that works with businesses of all sizes. Users can stay at their current size or easily grow with Absorb LMS.
  • Train Anywhere on Any Device with HTML5
    An HTML5 design gives Absorb an edge in the modern eLearning market. Users can access course content and tools from anywhere on any device. That also includes different platforms. All the popular platforms are supported including Mac, iOS, Windows and Android as well as Linux and Blackberry.
  • An eLearning Platform with Integrated eCommerce
    Users can keep their course material internal or offer classes for sale online. Absorb LMS is equipped with built-in ecommerce tools that include an integrated shopping cart, reconciliation reports and multiple payment gateway options. Users can also offer bulk purchasing to accommodate organizations and business clients. Receipts are emailed so everything stays conveniently digital.
  • Offer Self-Guided or Trainer Led Courses
    Organizations can work with courses that are self-guided and/or trainer led. The system allows users to setup courses with multiple sessions, supports time zones and lets users manage class maximums and waiting lists. Schedule and track instructor led training or let users work on their own with self-guided instruction.
  • More Materials for Improved Learning
    Absorb LMS lets users create courses featuring almost any type of material. Present documents, videos and SCORM-friendly content or embed content directly from websites like YouTube. More options allows users to create a well-rounded curriculum that will engage learners.
  • Automated Workflow for Faster Course Management
    Automation is a good way to save time. Absorb LMS lets users automate many common activities like registration, reporting, enrollment and certification. The learning workflow can be completely automated from the time a student registers until they finish their training.

Absorb LMS Empowers Users Who Want to Do More

Absorb LMS gives users the power to do more with their eLearning software. Create engaging courses with a variety of file and content types, automate enrollment and tracking, sell classes online and organize learners based on business needs. The system also supports online meeting applications like Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and more.

The Future of Absorb LMS

So far Absorb LMS has turned quite a few heads in the tech industry. The system earned an Editor’s Choice award from PCMAG.com as well as a Best in Class rating and silver and gold Excellence in Technology awards from Brandon Hall. Absorb has also appeared on the Top 20 Learning Portal Companies list created by TrainingIndustry.com every year since 2010. That notoriety combined with the new Dublin operations hub established in July 2015 indicates a high potential for steady growth in Absorb’s future.

Absorb LMS is Powerful Features in a Versatile Package

Absorb LMS brings all the tools modern businesses and organizations need neatly packaged with a slick interface. The system works on just about any device learners are likely to use. Sell courses online and engage users with the Mercury Module which allows users to incorporate web content into the training portal. From polls and contests to unlimited admin roles and SCORM support, Absorb LMS brings a lot to the eLearning table.

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