Understanding Accessibility in eLearning and Why You Need It

Accessibility refers to how accommodating your eLearning content is for people with different needs. While it is traditionally thought of in reference to users with physical or mental conditions, it isn’t just meant for those with disabilities. Consider other parts of society that are adjusted to be more accommodating for everyone. A good example are […]

Do I Need Off-the-Shelf eLearning or Custom Employee Training Courses?

Organizations have many options when it comes to employee training. There are different formats available, catering to different learning styles. However, all training falls into one of two categories: off-the-shelf courses and custom eLearning. Both have pros and cons that may work for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, either. What is important is […]

How to Optimize Employee Training for a Multigenerational Workforce

One of the interesting things about working in the 21st century is diversity. Right now, many companies employ teams that are multigenerational. People born in the 1940s through the 2000s may work at the same business. Age isn’t the only difference between employees. Different generations bring a different set of experiences. People born before the […]

How to Use Storytelling in Your Employee Training

Humans have used storytelling to teach lessons for generations. Cautionary tales were used to discourage children from doing dangerous things. Events were retold to pass information along before we had so many ways to record and distribute content. Storytelling works well because it has a way of sticking with us. A well-told tale will have […]

8 Things You Can Do to Lower Your Employee Training Costs

Employee training is a necessary part of doing business. You need skilled workers who are knowledgeable and confident. Education is the best way to achieve that goal. However, that training will come at a cost. While in training, your new hires likely won’t be producing. And you may have to pull employees away from their […]

Why is Upskilling Employees the Best Way to Close Skill Gaps?

Skill gaps can become a serious problem for an organization. When a team lacks specific knowledge, productivity will suffer. Workers may be unable to fulfill their duties or may do so using less-than-best practices. There also may be other concerns to worry about, like compliance. Once you know what skills are missing from your team, […]

How to Optimize Your LMS for a Hybrid Work Environment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have had to adopt hybrid work models to stay afloat. This means that employees are working both in-office and remotely, with varying degrees of success. To ensure that this new work model is successful, it’s important to utilize the right tools and technologies. One of these […]

Creating a Positive Learning Environment with eLearning

eLearning is revolutionizing the way we interact with educational content. With the advent of technology, eLearning has become a popular way to access information, allowing learners to work own pace. It’s convenient, scalable, and versatile. Businesses that want to get the most out of eLearning should take a positive approach. It’s one of the best […]

Do You Need a Customer Education Program?

When we think of education for businesses, most people focus on employee training. A knowledgeable workforce is important, but there are other ways that a solid training program can benefit your organization. One of those is through customer education. Customers want to work with businesses that know what they want. According to a SalesForce report, […]

How to Increase Compliance Training Engagement

Compliance training is a necessity in many industries. For some companies, falling behind on compliance can have legal ramifications like fines and penalties. For others, it has more to do with maintaining consistency and quality. Compliance training ensures that all employees understand the regulations, internal policies, and laws that apply to your business. Some government […]

8 Tips for Building Role-Specific Employee Training

Employees want better training experiences today. One of the biggest expectations is customization. Younger talent is searching for opportunities to expand their skill set and develop their careers. They want more than the basic onboarding and introduction many workers receive when they start working for a company. One way to help make this happen is […]

How to Motivate Your Team for Learning and Development in 2023

Learning and development are two of the biggest assets your company has at its disposal. A workforce that is willing to expand its skillset will be more productive and adaptable than one that stagnates. Training doesn’t end with onboarding. While you should have solid instruction for the basics, you also need ongoing learning opportunities. Workers […]

Are You Watching These Key Corporate Culture Trends for 2023?

Attitudes in the workplace are changing. Years ago, the employer’s needs always came first. Many businesses paid little attention to the employee experience. Now, workers have the upper hand in the job market. Many companies are struggling to fill positions. Professionals have discovered that they don’t have to accept the bare minimum anymore. That means […]

How to Prevent Cognitive Overload in Employee Training

Continuous learning is a common thread among current employee training trends. Companies benefit from a workforce that wants to keep bettering itself. That’s a great thing, but it’s also important to make sure you aren’t pushing your team too hard. Human beings can learn amazing things, but we have limitations. Trying to do too much […]

7 Psychological Principles to Use in Your Online Training Program

According to psychologist John B. Watson’s 1913 paper Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It, all behaviors come from a learning process. It is important to understand the psychological elements that apply to learning when developing educational courses. By creating content that works with the way humans behave and think, you will build a training program […]

7 Employee Training Topics That Are Better with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) training continues to grow in popularity. The technology is versatile and more accessible than ever before. Businesses that add VR segments to their training programs gain several advantages, including: Access to real time training data Realistic training without risk Enhanced creativity in training Training that can be done remotely VR can also […]

How to Generate Revenue with Your Employee Training Content

Employee training is an essential part of any business. Good content will give you more value out of your training budget. Many organizations focus on the internal benefits of quality training. You can use it to develop skilled, knowledgeable workers that are efficient, innovative, and motivated. A strong workforce will give you a leg up […]

How to Effectively Plan Your Employee Training Budget

If you want top-notch employees, then you need to invest in their knowledge and skill sets. Even people who already have training can benefit from continuous learning. Making education a part of your corporate culture will make your workforce stronger and more adaptable. A solid employee training program offers many benefits beyond the initial knowledge […]

7 Top eLearning Trends to Watch in 2022

The past few years placed an emphasis on eLearning. More businesses are using online training to close skill gaps and cope with limitations caused by the pandemic. Increased demand has led to a lot of innovation and expansion in the eLearning niche. Anyone with employees to train should be paying attention to those industry developments. […]

How to Manage Group Projects in Online Training Courses

Online training is more popular than ever before, but it isn’t without its challenges. One of the most common complaints people have about eLearning has to do with isolation. Students sometimes report feeling alone or out of touch with their instructors and fellow learners. The internet makes it possible to participate in classes from anywhere. […]