With an ever-increasing number of K-12 schools and college campuses making the switch to technologically-based classrooms, it’s more imperative than ever for virtual classrooms to be well-organized, content-rich, and user-friendly overall.

Brightspace LMS offers a superior portal for educators that provides the freedom and flexibility that will optimize the teacher and student user experience. Although Brightspace is a fledgling company with relatively basic capabilities, users will appreciate the dependability of its dedicated platform.

Essentially, Brightspace is a simple, fast, and highly-functional Learning Management System that will change the way teachers:

  • plan and execute lessons.
  • create interactive learning activities.
  • maintain records of what’s taking place in the classroom on a day-to-day basis.

With features that serve both K-12 and higher education classrooms, Brightspace is a versatile learning management system (LMS) that boosts student engagement. As CanadianBusiness.com reports, Brightspace is particularly unique in that it enables a better tracking of students’ overall progress. Teachers can appreciate a system that recognizes both superior and substandard student performance and participation through its convenient notifications and automated notes for students.

Brightspace offers the following unique and highly-customizable features that will help take the guesswork out of classroom management:

A Personalized Portal: With Brightspace, course branding and interface customization are at the heart of the possibilities for instruction. Educators can create exhilarating groups and discussions and develop classroom content that is rich in graphics and other media.

Extensive Editing Capabilities: Not only will teachers develop and customize their classroom content with Brightspace LMS, they will appreciate the extensive editing offered by a complete API set, countless pre-made integrations, and a system that is compliant with all LTI standards. No matter what an educator’s level of technical expertise may be, one can build and manage a classroom that is perfect for a classroom’s targeted needs.

Optimize the Classroom: Brightspace is the ideal solution for all classrooms, both traditional, hybrid, and fully online. M00C capabilities enable teachers to host a class of thousands, but the possibilities don’t stop there. With Brightspace, multiple teachers from campuses across the globe can collaborate in one or multiple sections of a class for optimal time leveraging for both teacher and student alike.

Support for Your Unique Classroom: Every student deserves a personalized learning experience, and Brightspace is pleased to accommodate a diverse range of student needs and preferences. Brightspace enables teachers to stay on top of the class with automated notifications that encourage consistent, mutual interaction between teacher and student. Teachers will also be able to generate quality content with release conditions as well as provide students with video messages that address individual concerns.

Smart Capabilities: If an educator is already teaching on a prior LMS, Brightspace will help them make a fast, seamless transition with “drag and drop” features that preserve the integrity of original content and format. Teachers can make the most of their valuable time with the convenience of automation for certain classroom tasks.

Versatility for Managing the Classroom Anytime, Anywhere: As Ryersonian.ca explains, Blackboard can be tough to use for mobile users; however, with Brightspace, both teachers and students will appreciate the flexibility of an interface that is perfectly compatible with mobile devices.

Brightspace encourages that proverbial “classroom without boundaries” for teachers and students. Teachers can sign up for a free 30-day trial at the official product website.

For more information regarding the capabilities and function of this innovative LMS, please check out the numerous resource videos on Youtube and the Brightspace website.

Author Bio: Melanie Nathan is a freelance writer for Huffington Post, a digital marketer and an education technology specialist in Edmonton, Canada. She has a healthy curiosity for all things tech, and enjoys educating and inspiring people. In her downtime she is an animal rescuer. Follow Melanie on Twitter @melanienathan



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