How to Build Consistency into Your Employee Training Program

Consistency is important in an employee training program – or really any part of a business. Your team should be able to rely on one another to provide consistent quality and results. Customers want to know that they will always get the best product or service when they hire or buy from you. Unfortunately, some […]

Why is Microlearning an Effective Employee Training Method?

If you spend any time in the eLearning world, then you have likely heard the word “microlearning.” The term was originally used back in 1963 in Hector Correa’s book The Economics of Human Resources. It was more frequently used about three decades later in the mid-90s. eLearning has grown significantly in recent years, especially after […]

How to Personalize Employee Training and Development

In the past, employee training was usually one-size-fits-all. Everyone went through the same material in the same format. And while consistency is good, it doesn’t address the needs of all learners. Content that may work for some, may not work for others. For some, reading pages on a topic may be enough. For others, it […]