5 Innovative Ways That eLearning is Used to Teach Hands-on Skills

eLearning is a powerful tool in business training. Many companies rely on it to onboard new hires and expand the skills of workers in IT, customer service, HR, and other key departments. Most of these job roles involve working with a computer daily. While eLearning works exceptionally well in an office setting, it is also […]

10 Ways to Make Learning a Part of Your Corporate Culture

Making learning a part of your corporate culture requires more than an LMS. Having the tools to train is important, but you also need workers who are interested and motivated. You need people who want to develop their careers with a desire to continue learning. Education has always been important in professional settings, but there […]

Does Your eLearning Program Align with Your Business Goals?

Your eLearning program should be engaging and interesting. It’s important to provide enriching and even entertaining experiences for your learners. This keeps them motivated and can help the new information they learn stick. However, it is also vital to keep your business goals in focus. A great training program is wonderful, but it won’t be […]