10 Reasons You Should Invest in an LMS Now

Companies that do not use a learning management system are missing out on opportunities to optimize their training programs. Today’s platforms offer a broad range of time and money-saving features. Many also employ teaching methods that are proven to increase knowledge retention and training success. In 2021, businesses have to be careful about how they […]

7 Employee Training Metrics That You Should Be Tracking

Employee training metrics are essential to any business. Metrics provide a measurement that can be used to show progress. How will you know if your training efforts are effective if you have no way to review performance? Training metrics are data points that quantify and validate your program. This information helps you see what works […]

Virtual Training Strategies That Your Business Needs to Use in 2021

Employee training has come a long way in the last decade. We have more options and technology to improve the experience for all involved. That’s great news, but it can also be overwhelming. Each new year brings new trends and innovations. Businesses who want to stay on the cutting edge may struggle to keep up. […]