Are You Leveraging Your Blended Learning Opportunities?

Blended learning presents a unique opportunity to improve the way you train. The term refers to using both online and traditional educational methods. On one end of the spectrum, you have traditional in-person classroom training where students go to the same location with a teacher. Everyone must be there, which can be difficult for long-distance […]

LMS for Non-Profits: How eLearning Cuts Costs and Increases Volunteer Engagement

There are many charitable organizations out there that do important things with the help of volunteers. Some still have paid positions to ensure that core activities and tasks are completed. Others, however, operate solely on the good graces of volunteers. Managing volunteers can be a juggling act. Non-profits need cost-effective ways to provide adequate training […]

Animation in eLearning: Does This Visual Medium Improve the Learner Experience?

When most people hear the word “animation,” they think of cartoons and Disney movies. While these qualify, they aren’t the only type of animation out there. Educators have found that animated content can be a valuable tool for students of all ages. Many LMS platforms offer features related to animation and similar visual content. Users […]