Is Your LMS Safe?

Is Your LMS Safe?: eLearning Security Concerns & What You Can Do About Them Security is a big concern in every facet of modern technology. That is especially true when it comes to learning management systems. eLearning is rapidly expanding. More business and educational institutions have implemented an LMS as part of their operation. Research […]

How Brightspace by D2L is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada

One LMS is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada One of the most appealing aspects of using an LMS is the versatility that comes with it. Many systems are adaptable, which means they are effective whether you’re training hundreds of new hires or a classroom of young students. The District School Board of Niagara […]

Why Professional Development is the “Perk” Your Employees Really Want

A few years ago, employee perks meant that once a month you could ditch your sad cubicle lunch for a tray of lukewarm deli sandwiches catered by the local grocery store. Today the employee perk game is a whole new story. Now companies are trying to top one another with ever-more outlandish additions to their […]