10 Reasons Why an LMS is Necessary for Business

10 Reasons Why an LMS is Necessary for Business Every business wants to use its resources wisely. While many are willing to dive right into new technology, others are reluctant. There’s always a cost associated with buying new hardware and software. Every company should weigh their options, but also keep an eye on trends and […]

How to Use Your LMS to Increase Employee Retention

Organizations understand that retaining top talent is critical to their success and longevity. Several factors threaten the ability to keep employees from leaving, among them salary, poor management, and perhaps too commonly overlooked, a lack of adequate training. When employees feel that they haven’t been properly trained, their confidence in their ability to perform their […]

5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Engage Learners After They Finish eLearning Classes

eLearning can be a good way to generate revenue for your business. Some companies focus entirely on producing educational content to sell while others try to monetize their internal training material. In either situation, it can be very profitable to have a plan in place to engage learners after they finish a course. You want […]

6 Trendy Corporate Training Website Themes

6 Trendy Corporate Training Website Themes Are you looking for an ideal theme for your Corporate Training Website? Hundreds, literally hundreds, of WordPress themes are floating around in the ocean of themes for website building. If a Corporate Training Website theme is the demand of the day, then the options may narrow down to a […]

Is Your LMS Safe?

Is Your LMS Safe?: eLearning Security Concerns & What You Can Do About Them Security is a big concern in every facet of modern technology. That is especially true when it comes to learning management systems. eLearning is rapidly expanding. More business and educational institutions have implemented an LMS as part of their operation. Research […]

How Brightspace by D2L is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada

One LMS is Changing the Way Children Learn in Canada One of the most appealing aspects of using an LMS is the versatility that comes with it. Many systems are adaptable, which means they are effective whether you’re training hundreds of new hires or a classroom of young students. The District School Board of Niagara […]

Why Professional Development is the “Perk” Your Employees Really Want

A few years ago, employee perks meant that once a month you could ditch your sad cubicle lunch for a tray of lukewarm deli sandwiches catered by the local grocery store. Today the employee perk game is a whole new story. Now companies are trying to top one another with ever-more outlandish additions to their […]

LMS Security is a Growing Concern Among Businesses

LMS Security is a Growing Concern Among Businesses Security is moving to the forefront across the tech industry. The age of innocence on the internet is long over. Gone are the carefree days of the 1990s, replaced by worrying trends that show hackers improving their trade and getting away with more data than ever before. […]

2017 eLearning Trends That You Should Be Watching

2017 eLearning Trends That You Should Be Watching The eLearning industry has shown significant growth over the past several years. More businesses are discovering the benefits of incorporating technology into their training efforts. A solid LMS can save time, money, and create a space for growth and interaction within an organization. It’s easy to see […]

What’s in store for eLearning & edTech in the coming year?

What’s in Store for eLearning & edTech in the Coming Year? There’s no denying the impact that eLearning has had on students, employees and organizations. Today we can attend classes from anywhere at any time. Even oceans can no longer stand in the way of a student getting to a virtual classroom. As eLearning expands so […]