How to Create Effective Immersive Learning Experiences for Employee Training

Immersive learning experiences are becoming more common in employee training. The term refers to learning that uses simulated or artificial environments. Learners can immerse themselves in a realistic situation, allowing them to develop skills that they can use on the job. This is especially valuable because it gives the trainee an opportunity to gain hands-on […]

The Working Parent’s Guide to eLearning

This year has brought many unique challenges, especially in the world of academics. While eLearning isn’t a new feature in classrooms, it is one that wasn’t as widely used as it is now. Rather than having a small number of remote learners, schools suddenly had to find a way to teach all or most of […]

Texas Approves COVID-19 Educational Funding for eLearning

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our lives, including how we learn. Right now, school districts across the United States are struggling to answer tough questions. Is it worth the risk to allow students to return to in-classroom instruction? How can we protect everyone from infection, including faculty? How will the added costs of dealing […]

How the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Will Shape the Future of eLearning

eLearning was a growing industry before the coronavirus pandemic. Now, educational technology is even more important than ever before. As the world suddenly changed, we had to find new ways to learn and teach. We had to remain social while keeping our distance. It was no easy task, but it was one that eLearning was […]

Rediscovering eLearning: How COVID-19 Has Changed Education

COVID-19 forced us to face challenges in a way that most of us haven’t had to before. From learning how to keep an economy alive when people have to stay home to getting used to connecting with others at a distance, most of us have had to make changes. eLearning isn’t a new concept. It’s […]

How to Help Students Learn During the Coronavirus School Shutdown

We are living in difficult times. Could things be worse? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that the challenges we face are any less daunting. One of the biggest decisions that communities must make is whether children should continue attending regular in-person classes. The School Shut Down Begins Kansas was the first state to make the […]

PowerSchool Unifies Classroom Learning for K-12 Students

eLearning continues to expand as a powerful teaching tool. Just four years ago, Hardeep Gulati took the helm of PowerSchool. The company labels itself as the “first web-based student information system.” PowerSchool employed a staff of around 400 when Gulati took over. As of November 2019, the organization operates with a team of over 1,950 […]

The Learning Management System Market Keeps Growing In 2019 and Beyond

The learning management system market continues to grow throughout the world. Thanks to the popularity of social networking and technology, LMS products thrive in the realm of education and business training. More companies and schools are getting on board. This creates a demand for solutions that are efficient, effective, and versatile. Who knows what the […]

Investors Are Still Interested in the LMS Market – Here’s Why

Learning management systems are not a new idea. They have been around for a while. Many businesses have implemented at least one platform as part of their training programs. The popularity and demand for newer and better eLearning tools continue to grow – and with it does interest from investors. EdTech Companies Like Andela Continue […]

Travel Agents Become Destination Experts with eLearning

eLearning is proving its worth everywhere – including in the travel industry. More travel agents are getting onboard to bring their clients an even better vacation experience. Recent technology has made far away destinations more accessible with the help of virtual reality. Whether it is a local government promoting tourism or a travel agent building […]

LMS Security is a Growing Concern Among Businesses

LMS Security is a Growing Concern Among Businesses Security is moving to the forefront across the tech industry. The age of innocence on the internet is long over. Gone are the carefree days of the 1990s, replaced by worrying trends that show hackers improving their trade and getting away with more data than ever before. […]

2017 eLearning Trends That You Should Be Watching

2017 eLearning Trends That You Should Be Watching The eLearning industry has shown significant growth over the past several years. More businesses are discovering the benefits of incorporating technology into their training efforts. A solid LMS can save time, money, and create a space for growth and interaction within an organization. It’s easy to see […]