eLearning is the use of technology and tools in learning. The tools could include but are not limited to: media, machines, networking, computers, hardware, etc as well as other technologies which are not yet created.

eLearning or Educational technology can be used with both high-tech or low-tech. eLearning has become such an important part of society today that it cannot be overlooked.  There are many approaches that can take place such as components, delivery methods and more.

The different types of technology include: text, audio, images, animation & streaming video (tape, satellite TV, CD-ROM, web).

Different theories and perspectives will have influenced different teaching methods and preferences. eLearning doesn’t have to happen in the classroom. It can happen anywhere with the advent of mobile phones. You can literally learn anything on the go with your mobile.

You can do a self-paced method or you can do a instructor-led method of learning. Distance learning in conjunction with face-to-face teaching which is called blended learning, may provide the student with the most flexibility and benefits.

eLearning technology is used by teachers, educators, homes, schools, businesses, and other settings that we are not yet familiar with.