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Docebo offers a full suite of eLearning solutions that cover collaboration, administration, course development, knowledge libraries and much more. The included tools are geared towards a wide range of business sizes, making this a flexible choice that works for any industry. Clients and industry professionals have ranked Docebo among the top 10 SaaS options on the market today.  View Company Profile Page

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TalentLMS offers a user friendly solution that provides powerful tools without the hassle of a confusing interface. Businesses and organizations can streamline everything from course registration to user management. This learning management system excels when it comes to administration and supports a wide range of course material types including videos, documents, presentations and SCORM/TinCan files.  View Company Profile Page

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Grovo presents all the basic LMS tools a user could want along with a unique micro approach to education. Students are given access to short “microlearning” segments that run approximately one minute long. This information-rich, bite-sized approach can improve retention and overall learning success. Users can also access a wide range of helpful course creation tools for better control over the curriculum.  View Company Profile Page

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eFront is a versatile LMS solution intended for users in the finance industry. The tools included cater to small to medium size businesses who want to provide instruction online and on-site. Users can build comprehensive curriculum using detailed course tools. eFront excels in the areas of Risk Management and Alternative Investments.  View Company Profile Page

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Edvance360 offers an LMS that goes the extra mile with cutting edge features that engage students. Organizations can create courses with searchable wikis, groups and “gamification” that lets users earn badges for reaching goals. Instruction can be provided via built-in video conferences with supplemental files and more. Edvance360 is compliant with Common Cartridge and SCORM.

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KMI Learning has created an all-encompassing, highly customizable learning management system that caters to the unique needs of individual users. Users can build an organized course catalog with overview, reviews and more. Each system is designed to meet the requirements of the business or organization that will be using it. Along with excellent functionality on the desktop, KMI also offers a sleek and user friendly mobile interface.   View Company Profile Page

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TOPYX LMS is an award-winning learning management system that offers a straightforward solution with no surprises. Users receive complete access with no extra fees for implementation, bandwidth usage or class size. Users can take advantage of a variety of highly advanced educational tools that give them more power when presenting instruction to learners.

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Edtek is a hosted learning management system that provides unlimited instructor training, 24 hour support, dedicated consultants and free upgrades. Knowledge is shared rather than given, creating an environment that nurtures growth through collaboration. The included tools allow users to develop courses, manage compliance related tasks, work with different training types and much more.

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Intuo offers an excellent balance of visual appeal and functionality that its users can count on. The application is easy to navigate with organized menus and no distractions. The features list covers all bases, from course building to issuing certificates and more. Users can apply gamification with badges that feature their company branding. Intuo continues to promise reliable eLearning services to companies that plan to grow.View Company Profile Page


Learning Management Systems – LMS is here to help you find the best LMS software for your organization.  We are a FREE service and are happy to hear from you with your questions! A LMS is a piece of software that manages learning and training for organizations.  They can be very efficient if properly implemented and reduce costs for the organizations that use them.  LMS’s are used to administer, track, record, and provide reports on the delivery of the organizations e-learning initiative. The learning management system market is extremely fragmented. There are only a few companies that command more than a 4% market share, these being SumTotal, Oracle, OnDemand, Cornerstone, Saba, and SAP. These six providers account for about 50% of the total market. The remaining market share is split between over 500 various providers so there is a lot of considerations when choosing the best lms system.  Call us today at (888) 854-5901 and we can ask you a few basic questions and connect you with the best LMS vendors for your situation.

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