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Learning Management System

Welcome to our website all about Learning Management Systems, or LMS.  A LMS is a piece of software that manages learning and training for organizations.  They can be very efficient if properly implemented and reduce costs for the organizations that use them and increase the learning of its users.  LMS’s are used to administer, track, record, and provide reports on the delivery of the organizations e-learning initiative.

Corporations and higher education institutions are the two major consumers of LMS software.

Overall the learning management system market is extremely fragmented.  There are only a few companies that command more than a 4% market share, these being SumTotal, Oracle, OnDemand, Cornerstone, Saba, and SAP.  These six providers account for about 50% of the total market.  The remaining  market share is split between over 500 various providers.  This could be a sign there is a potential for a lot of consolidation or acquisitions.

According to Bersin & Associates, organizations spend approximately $2 Billion dollars a year on learning management systems, making this a major market in online learning.  There was approximately a 14% growth rate from the previous year.

Corporate Education now called Taleo – Oracle company Blackboard
Outstart – IBM company Moodle – open source
Plateau – SAP company Haiku
Saba Canvas – open source
Meridian Desire2Learn
SumTotal Connexus / PowerSchool – Pearson companies

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